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Silver Age September – Cap, Black Panther and Agent 13 Versus a Death Ray

After a month of spotlighting the strange (if endearingly strange) history of comic books (and especially the Silver Age), I think it is worthwhile to show the comic books of the Silver Age that are simply great stories period. Here is an archive of all the Silver Age comics features so far!

Today we look at a classic (although not quite as well known) Captain America storyline starring Captain America, Black Panther and Sharon Carter against…Baron Zemo!?!? The story took place in Tales of Suspense #97-99 and Captain America #100, written by Stan Lee, penciled by Jack Kirby and inked by Joe Sinnott (the first two parts) and Syd Shores (the last two parts).


Our tale begins in ToS #97, as Sharon Carter goes undercover…

See! Superman was telling us the truth all the time! Glasses make you look totally different!

The issue ends with Cap being called to action by Black Panther…

I love the characterization of Panther through Cap’s thoughts.

So Cap travels to Wakanda in #98, where Panther tells him what the deal is…

Awesome set-up, right?

Cap and Panther are taken out by some bad guys and are about to be finished, when Sharon shows up and surreptitiously saves them.

Really well handled.

But the captured heroes learn that the bad guy behind it all is apparently Baron Zemo!!!! This leads to an awesome sequence in #99….

Classic Cap and classic Kirby awesomeness!

At the end of the issue, Sharon is charged with killing Cap. What will she do?!?!

#100 shows us…

They go on the run, trying to escape. They each get multiple chances to act really noble.

Amazing stuff.

What is the Destructon!? Pick up the Essential Captain America Volume 1 for the whole story! Including the twist ending!


There’s some ridiculous energy to this story. I love it when Cap and the Panther team up.


This is so good, it causes my mind to reel!

This is my personal favorite Kirby era, late 60’s Cap.

It’s especvially cool that Sharon Carter got to save the day from time to time in some of these late 1960s Cap stories — IIRC, she’s also the one most responsible for beating the Fourth Sleeper and the Trapster in later Lee/Kirby issues.

The Destructon also turns up in Thunderbolts v.1 #50, for those who follow the continuity paths of obscure 1960s menaces. As for what it is, it’s… *is tranq-gassed into unconsciousness by the stalwarts of SHIELD, er, CSBG*

Another great one

They don’t make ‘em like that any more!

Yo, Brian Bendis, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, etc.! Look and learn!

I’ve been collecting Captain America for 37 years and this story continues to be my favourite Cap story of all time. You have to follow this up with the following Kirby/ Lee arc in which Cap storms the Red Skull’s stronghold and comes face to face with the Sleeper. Pure brilliance!!

i only had Cap #100 to read in the form of a reprint [Marvel Super Action, i think], so i didn’t get the set up, but man is this awesome comics. The dialogue is overblown compared to most books today, but i still love it. Cap noticing that “Irma” isn’t really out to get the Panther & him, the last ditch attemps they make to destroy Zemo’s weapon, even at the cost of their own lives.

My favorite lines are when Cap & the Panther are trying to stop Zemo from using his death ray.

Cap: No matter how hopeless it seems…we have to stop him. Are you ready?
Panther: Yes! I’ll await your signal. If..we don’t make it…There is no man I will be prouder…to die with!

As Nigel W said, i would really like current comic book writers to take notice. This is what i would want to see more of in comics. Great stories, twists & turns, snappy dialogue, and real emotions.

Great stuff!

Oh, i would also LOVE to see when Cap beats the Red Skull, even tho’ Skull has the Cosmic Cube & is all powerful. How does an acrobat with a shield beat a man with the power of a God? You’ll have to see!

I really hate the current trend of “decompressed” stories, because it’s mostly just a huge excuse for sloppy writing and lousy pacing. Nothing happens in an issue anymore. There were more story beats even in these half-issue Tales To Astonish stories than the current big-name writers (Yo, Brian Bendis, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, etc.!) could fit in six issues written their way. Yeah, “done-in one”‘s are harder to write, especially with a larger story arc that connects them all together, but ask any good writer from the 60’s thru the 80’s, it can be done! Roger Stern, Walt or Louise Simonson, Len Wein, Lee/Kirby, all very good at this.

MOST of the DC new 52 1st issues I’ve seen this month do not contain a story. There is not a beginning, middle, and end. That’s the definition of a story that the submissions departments used to demand of every potential writer. You can have growth, advancement, action and the advancement of a larger story, but each issue should tell some kind of story.

For example, Justice League #1: Batman is fighting a guy, and here’s Green Lantern, and they talk some and chase an alien around. Oh, and here’s a guy playing football, and then Batman and GL meet Superman, the end. That’s not a story. I completely lost patience with Cap when he got shot, waiting for him to return, lots of issues of people running around, then a Steve-Is-Cap miniseries set in the past, then he was restored some months ago and I just don’t care anymore.

I know, I know, the current market is skewed toward trade paperback collections and that’s why so many of the new #1’s feel like a prologue or a first chapter, but I’ve been enjoying the Omnibus collection of Simonson Thor stories, some 13 hundred pages or so which all hang together very well as a single long story, but each issue does tell a complete story in itself.

Is this a lost art today?

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