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2011 Top Marvel Characters #3-1

After nearly 1,400 ballots were cast, YOU the reader ranked your favorite comic book characters of all-time from 1-10. I assigned point totals to each ranking and then tabulated it all into a Top 50 list. We’re now revealing that list throughout September. Here is the master list of all the characters revealed so far. The Marvel part of the countdown concludes here…

3. Thor – 2736 points (40 first place votes)

Created by Stan Lee, his brother Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby, Thor is the Norse god of thunder, who was banished to Earth by his father to teach him humility, trapped in the frail human form of Dr. Donald Blake.

However, soon, Blake found an enchanted cane which allowed him to transform into Thor, and Thor was a hero on Earth, using his god-like powers and his powerful magic hammer, Mjolnir, to fight the good fight.

Thor often visited his home in Asgard, and had adventures there, as well, mostly due to his evil half-brother, Loki.

Thor was a founding member of the Avengers, where he served for many years.

Eventually, the Don Blake aspect of Thor’s personality went away, although Thor did bond for a time with an Midgardian named Eric Masterson (who even filled in for Thor for awhile).

Thor and all of Asgard were seemed destroyed a few years back, but eventually they all slowly returned, except now the Donald Blake personality was back. In addition, Asgard was now floating about a small town in Oklahoma!

The villainous Loki concocted a scheme to take down Asgard, and the floating city did, indeed, fall to the ground in an assault by a group of villains led by Norman Osborn.

Thor and his fellow Asgardians had hardly had time to grieve for their losses when Odin’s long lost brother, the evil Serpent, returned from exile and began his march towards conquering Midgard AND Asgard!

Thor wishes to make a stand with the humans, but what will happen? Will Thor’s return to life be a brief one?

2. Captain America (Steve Rogers) – 4062 points (106 first place votes)

Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Steve Rogers was not accepted into the Army, so the next best thing he could do was volunteer as a test subject for a new Super Soldier Serum. The serum transformed the weak Rogers into a lean, mean fighting machine.

As Captain America, Rogers was the great Super Soldier for America against the Nazis, along with his partner, Bucky Barnes. His main enemy was the Nazi Red Skull. Tragically, towards the end of the war, an explosion seemingly killed both of the men, although in reality, Captain America was just placed into a state of suspended animation.

He was revived years later by the Avengers, of whom he soon became first a member, then a leader, and soon a symbol of the very team itself.

He fought alongside SHIELD, which was headed up by his former World War II buddy, Nick Fury. There he met Agent 13, Sharon Carter, who would be his companion for quite awhile.

Soon, he met up with a new superhero named the Falcon. The two would become partners for quite awhile (even having Cap’s book retitled Captain America and the Falcon).

A few years back, Captain America sided against the US Government over a Superhero Registration Act. He ultimately decided he was in the wrong, and gave himself up for arrest. While in custody, he was assassinated by Sharon Carter, who was brainwashed by his arch-nemesis, the Red Skull.

As it turned out, though, he was actually lost in time, all part of a plan that would result in the Red Skull (who at this point in time was without a body of his own) taking over his body. Cap managed to fight him off, though, and returned to the land of the living.

Now back, though, Steve decided to let his old partner Bucky remain Captain America (Bucky had filled in while Cap was thought dead). This was partially because he saw a vision of the future of what would happen if he became Captain America again.

Now just Steve Rogers, he was given control over all the superheroes in the United States. Recently, though, he was forced to return to the Captain America name and costume when Bucky was killed in action.

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1. Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) – 181 points (1 first place vote)

Oops, sorry, easy mistake. They look so much alike!

1. Spider-Man (Peter Parker) – 5519 points (277 first place votes)

Created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, Peter Parker was a typical high school nerd who was bitten by a radioactive spider, which gave him superpowers. He used his powers first to gain glory, but when he allowed a crook to get away because he couldn’t be bothered to stop him, he soon learned a hard lesson in responsibility when the crook he let escape went on to kill his beloved Uncle Ben.

Parker then decided he would be a hero, no matter what befell him, and a lot of tragedy has happened to him since then.

He began taking pictures of himself as Spider-Man, and selling them to the Daily Bugle, where J. Jonah Jameson used the pictures to cast Spider-Man in a bad light. Eventually, Peter became a science teacher.

As for the tragedy thing mentioned before, his beloved Aunt May has been sick many times. His first love, Gwen Stacy, was murdered by an enemy. The enemy turned out to be the father of a friend of his, Norman Osborn. His friend, Harry Osborn, then was turned against Peter, as well.

Peter did have his wife, Mary Jane Watson. However, a few years back Peter was caught up in the fight over the Superhero Registration Act. He believed in the cause, so he actually revealed his identity! But when he decided that the Act was NOT a good thing, he was basically screwed, since the government wanted to arrest him so he could not have their protection. Thus, this led to he, Mary Jane and Aunt May being in danger, as Kingpin put out a hit on his life. A sniper took a shot at Peter and he instinctively moved, leaving Aunt May mortally wounded instead. Distraught with guilt, the devil Mephisto struck up a bargain with Peter and Mary Jane. If they would agree to make it so that they would never have married, Mephisto would bring Aunt May back. They agreed, and so now in the Marvel timeline, Peter and Mary Jane never married. They just lived together for a long time before eventually breaking up.

Currently, Peter is continuing to fight crime as Spider-Man, just as a single guy again (he IS dating someone, though, a police scientist named Carlie Cooper).


Am I the only one shocked by Thor?

It was a good year for Thor.

Spiderman’s predictble lol

Totally had me with the Ben Reily trick. I was about to swear off the internet forever.

I think the coolest part of this post might be that someone voted Ben Reilly as their number one. Whet’s my appetite for seeing more of the lower ranking characters, if that happens!

Wolverine and Thor seemed to be pretty close to each other in points, #1 and #2 positions were pretty clear. But yeah, I am a bit surprised on Thor getting this high.

love me some Cap!

care far less for the others.

They don’t get any more iconic than these three guys. Nuff said.

And it’s good to know they’re getting back to Spider-Man’s essense: the eternat loner, who may team up a lot but will never join a team.

Thor rocks! And he deserved this spot!

Spider-Man leaving the Avengers and FF now?

Batman is my favorite superhero, but Spider-Man is the BEST superhero, and I think there’s a clear distinction. If superheroes are power fantasies, then Spidey is second the none in capturing the “hero that could be you” essence. His every day problems, very human mistakes, and non-super powered supporting cast has grounded him in a relatable way to readers of all ages, and his humor and the enthusiastic tone to his adventures make the average Spidey comic more fun to read then say, the average Batman one. Plus, Spider-Man is just COOL, with an incredibly awesome costume and a wonderful power set that’s adaptable for all kinds of combat situations, whether it be common crooks or doomsday megalomaniacs.

Damn, all I wanna do is go read Spider-Man comics now.

Eh, buttler? He’s on two Avengers teams right now.

Buttler was being sarcastic.

I’ve always thought Spider-Man had the best origin of any superhero, hands down. The fact that he didn’t immediately think “well I should fight crime” upon getting his powers, always made the character more real to me. Peter Parker’s first instinct is to break out of his shell a little and just cut loose. His self centered actions end up costing his uncle’s life, however, and he learns a hard lesson about a person’s responsibility to their community at large. The only thing that really makes sense at that point is to become a hero. Not to atone, so much as just because “with great power comes great responsibility.”

It’s cliche now, but man is it a good line. Superheroes in a nutshell.


Meanwhile, Brian, you know I love you, but that dangling modifier left me in stitches. Mephisto was so distraught over all the evil he’s done, he decided to make up for it by erasing the Parkers’ marriage. What a guy!

I knew these three were gonna be the top three.

Not Wolverine? That’s surprising.

I’m also surprised by Thor. But, Cap and Thor both had movies this year.

I don’t get how Spidey can be on the Avengers and the Fantastic Four and still have time for his solo career. The dude must get no rest. I always figured the FF and the Avengers would take turns saving the world. When the FF was having downtime the Avengers would be saving the world and vice versa. Early in his career he considered joining both teams, but declined both of them. (Who can forget his reflexive dislike of the Wasp because “spiders and wasps are natural enemies?”) I think Spidey shouldn’t be on any teams; he can team up with characters and teams but it shouldn’t be permanent.

It just wouldn’t be Marvel comics without Spider-man.

I’m really shocked by how well Thor did. This was the guy who had so many problems maintaining a series in recent years that Marvel didn’t even give him a Heroes Reborn title, and dragged their feet in giving him a Heroes Return title too if I remember correctly (didn’t he get one later on but not right away?) Plus they allowed him to languish in Limbo for quite a while too presumed dead around Civil War time, didn’t they?

That movie must have really created a popularity resurgence.

I voted for Thor but was thinking of The Mighty Avenger Thor. I just couldn’t leave him off, a genius piece of characterisation.

Wow. I figured that Spidey and Cap would be in the top two, but assumed that Wolverine would be No. 3. Totally NOT expecting Thor.

T. He needed it. In the 15 years before the relaunch only the first half of the Jurgens run was any good. Roy Thomas fracked up the Thor/Donald dynamic and he had an awful costume after awful costume. He needed a break and a new start. It wasn’t the perfect new start. JMS got the Thor/Donald dynamic a bit off again with ghost Donald with his own character but it was OK enough. I still prefer the basics of Thor as Donald, in the surgery with his girl Jane, the love/hate relationship with Loki, feuding with his father and having epic, hilarious adventures with the Warriors Three.

Excellent list. These truly are the best of the best of the best of Marvels characters. :)

Time-less icons, eternal archetypes, that fill that position in our imagination we so desperately need.

@T: I would think that the push Thor started getting with JMS, wherein his title finally became a top 10-er for pretty much the duration of the run, had something to do with it…

The long break that he was in was handled really well too, with a lot of teases and build-up, which may well have helped to stoke the fires a bit. When JMS then brings him back and essentially catches lightning in a bottle, the deal is pretty much set.

I voted for Ben, and not Peter. I was happy to see my boy make the list even if it was just a joke.

When I saw Ben Reilly, I almost thought, “Wow, that’s almost unsurprising.” XD

Thor is now more popular than he EVER was, I’d wager. It’s a good time to be a Thor fan.

Thor a big surprise. He’s a character who’s widely identified as having just 2 standout runs – Lee/Kirby & Simonson – and has bobbled along in B-list status for much of the last 30 years. Just goes to show how a movie can boost your profile.
But that doesn’t explain Wolvie’s inability to break the top 3 – three X-Men & solo films, recently plus huge comic fanbase. Was it because his solo movie sucked (I haven’t seen it; commonly-held view) & Thor’s didn’t (I did see it – not as good as 1st Class, but decent)?
Or has overexposure caused a backlash?
Does most recent film = suck also explain why Iron Man’s further down the list?

Recent decent film would mean Cap a probable No.2, whereas Spidey’s nailed on for No.1.

Thor also has a really good ongoing comic, and he had multiple comics going for a while there… (Two on goings plus the occasional mini) and was on the Avengers. Thor’s had a lot of exposure recently.

I think disliking Wolverine has actually become a bit of a trend. He’s the biggest breakout star in comics of the last 30 years, hands down, but I do think all his appearances in such a relatively small period of time has caused a backlash against the character.

Plus in the last 5 years, the Simonson trades which everyone recommends anytime someone asks what to get from Marvel or Thor.

Since Thor is more popular then Wolverine now does this mean Thor will appear in EVERY comic book series and join every comic book team Marvel has?

Probably not.

Since Wolverine had more first place votes than Thor, I guess this means that despite his popularity, Wolvie had enough detractors that just completely left him off their list.

The Crazed Spruce

September 30, 2011 at 2:57 pm

Thor has had some truly epic runs (Walt Simonson’s run and the last Ragnaroc story before his hiatus, for instance), but he’s also been in some horrible,horrible stories (I’m sorry but I never bought Eric Masterson as Thor). In the end, he finished just short of my list.

I had Cap at #7 on my list. Sure, The Shield was the first hero in a patriotic costume, but Cap was definitely the greatest. (Though, bear in mind, this is coming from a Canadian…..)

Spidey, of course, was #1 with a bullet on my list. He’s the archetype everyman hero, with easily the best origin ever written. (And I agree, he belongs in the FF even less than he belongs in the Avengers, but that’s a rant for another day….)

“Am I the only one shocked by Thor?”

I figured Thor would be high when I remembered that Thor won that “Who would win in a fight?” showdown (at least on the Marvel side). That was when I noticed he was really popular around here.

Thor beating out Iron Man and Wolverine is surprising… Helluva year for the guy, I guess.

I got most of my top 10 in this top 50: Vision, Moon Knight, Beast, Punisher, Thing, Daredevil (my #1) and Wolverine.

Just missing Falcon, Wonder Man and Adam Warlock (which is a shame, ’cause Adam Warlock is pretty great).

…the big green HULK!

I don’t think I buy this “recent movie = instant popularity” argument. I like to think we comic fans aren’t THAT sheepish. Speaking for myself, I voted for Thor because he’s an awesome character, not because I liked his movie.

And Wolverine was #4. That’s not what you’d call “backlash”

fiigured thor would be in the top three. but thought cap would be number one and spider man peter the original version would be number two for did not think ben the spider clone would even rank on this list.

I think Wolverine elicits feelings of either love or hate with little in between.

Yesterday, Cass said:

I suspect that Thor will show up with as many first place votes as Steve Rogers, even if Steve wins the point total, which I presume he will. Seems like everybody at least kind of likes Captain America, whereas readers either love Thor or they don’t care for him.

Today, Cass read:

Thor – 2736 points (40 first place votes)

Captain America (Steve Rogers) – 4062 points (106 first place votes)

That is some expert prognostication right there. Excuse me, garcon, can you add some more seasoning to my crow? It tastes a bit bitter.

“1. Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) – 181 points (1 first place vote)”

I LOLed.

But the picture of that hologram cover gave me an instant headache.

Marvel should thank JMS for helping revive the big man prior to his movie.

darn it, I was hoping it would be like the DC one and the main guy didn’t make it. Spider-man’s great and all but he’s gotten screwed the last few years. Captain should have made it.

what not wolverine (or deadpool)….somewhat shocked (but happy) @ thor

So yeah, I’d missed updates to this since they were only up to #5. I fully expected Wolverine to be #2… and maybe even take the #1 spot from Spider-Man. I’m surprised he ended up only #4, but also pleased. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if a contributing factor was that Wolverine’s movie was less recent and sucked, and Cap and Thor’s movies are less recent and were awesome.

I find it interesting that no supporting characters made either list. Every character was either a hero or a villain (except for vertigo). I think I had Gwen Stacy and J. Jonah Jameson on my list.

But the picture of that hologram cover gave me an instant headache.

Hehe, it’s funny, I initially went to go find a good-looking cover to use but then I thought it was funnier if I used the goofiest looking cover.

Thor was my #1, just like he was last time, all on the basis of the Kirby/Lee 60s work. I haven’t even seen the movie yet, but suppose I will eventually. Anybody who loves Silver Age Marvel and hasn’t read the Journey Into Mystery/Thor issues from 1965-67 is missing something very special.
I started reading Marvels when I was twelve in 1972, and felt that Thor was nothing that special.
Then they started “Marvel Spectacular” reprinting the Hercules/Pluto/Thunder in the Netherworld/Living Planet issues and I’ve never seen him the same since.

Is there seriously any Marvel hero you would rather have on your side? Is there really any Marvel hero you would rather be??

Mind you, Spidey’s pretty cool…

If this vote took place ten years ago Thor wouldn’t be in the top three–neither would Cap. In a year when they had movies on the big screen — it was a safe bet. Why this shocks anybody is the biggest mystery.

I’m surprised people are surprised by Cap’s placement or think he’s higher than usual. In terms of popularity, Captain America has basically the same strengths and weakness as Superman (extremely well known, long running characters who are symbols of America, but also seen as a bit out of touch and old fashioned at times), and you should expect them to get the similar amount of votes.

I would guess that Wolverine’s lower than expected ranking may be that there hasn’t really been anything new or exciting done with the character in a long time. He’s been chugging along with essentially the same conception for decades – any attempts to reinvent him (ugh – James Howlett) hasn’t really created excitement about the character. But maybe that’s just my experience with him.

Brian, will there be a comparison between this list and the last time you did it? Thor and Cap would be big movers up the list, while, iirc, Rogue dropped hugely.

Stephen Eldridge

October 1, 2011 at 7:03 am

Well, count me in as someone who neither loves nor hates Wolverine. I like him a lot, actually, but he’d be lucky to break my top 5 X-Men characters; top 10 Marvel characters wasn’t happening.

As predicted, everyone on my top 10 made it onto the list except Bullseye. The Marvel list seems a bit lighter on Villains than the DC list–maybe because so many of the popular Marvel villains tend to reform, or at least become protagonists (Deadpool, Emma Frost, The Punisher, etc. all made the list).

Other things I notice:

If you look at the vote *by number of first-place votes*, you see a kind of interesting phenomenon:
Here’s DC (their real rank in parentheses):

10. Booster Gold (13)
9. Flash (Barry Allen) (9)
8. Tim Drake (Robin/Red Robin) (8)
7. Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) (12)
6. Wonder Woman (7)
5. Flash (Wally West) (6)
4. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (5)
3. Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing/Batman) (3)
2. Superman (2)
1. Batman (Bruce Wayne) (1)

There’s not a lot of change here. Joker drops off the list, pushing everyone else up. Kyle jumps up onto the list, and Booster Gold edges out Oracle for the ten-spot. But other than that, everything’s exactly the same! Kind of remarkable.

In Marvel, however:
10. Nightcrawler (13)
9. Cyclops (9)
8. Jean Grey (20)
7. Thor (3)
6. Hulk (Bruce Banner) (5)
5. The Thing (Ben Grimm) (11)
4. Wolverine (4)
3. Daredevil (6)
2. Captain America (2)
1. Spider-Man (1)

You get a *huge* jump for Jean Grey, as well as a smaller one for Nightcrawler–suddenly the X-Men take 4 of the top 10. You also get a big jump for the Thing, and Daredevil vaults up, too, while Thor and the Hulk get pushed down.

This seems to me like a result of how much more team-based the Marvel Universe is than the DC universe. It’s entirely possible to be an X-Men fan without caring about the rest of the Marvel Universe, of course. And Marvel’s “Premier” team–the Avengers–by nature doesn’t really take into account the huge number of X-Men fans and Fantastic Four fans. Meanwhile, the JLA hooks in all DC’s major popular characters and unifies the universe pretty completely (more out-there stuff like Doom Patrol and Legion aside–much as people love them, they’re not as popular and central as the X-Men or the Fantastic Four, right?)

Also, If you look at the ratio of score to first place votes, this is the top-ten list of characters that did well without being many people’s favorite:
10. Joker
9. Black Widow (Natasha Romanova)
8. Captain America (James “Bucky” Barnes)
7. Robin (Damian Wayne)
6. Death
5. Psylocke
4. Luke Cage
3. Sinestro
2. Lex Luthor
1. Flash (Jay Garrick)

I notice villains, women, and supporting characters do well here. Jay Garrick, by the way, is the only character to make either of the lists without a single first-place vote.

Here’s the reverse: Characters that did well with a lot of 1s and not as many other votes:
10. Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing/Batman)
9. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
8. Spider Jerusalem
7. Starman (Jack Knight)
6. Daredevil
5. Cable
4. Gambit
3. Jean Grey
2. Batman (Bruce Wayne)
1. Spider-Man

This is kind of interesting. The top two–Spider-Man and Batman–are obviously here because of their overwhelming number of first-place votes more than anything else. But then you get a bunch of characters that are very “love them or hate them”–Jean Grey, Gambit, and Cable. And the rest seem to be characters that have a very strong following among those who read them, but they’re just kind of second (or third) tier–Daredevil, Hal Jordan, and Dick Greyson are all very popular but not among their universe’s most iconic characters, whereas Starman and Spider-Jerusalem are closer to being cult characters.

Oh, and for the record, here’s the top 10 among all characters:

10. Flash (Wally West)
9. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
8. Joker
7. Wolverine
6. Thor
5. Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing/Batman)
4. Captain America
3. Superman
2. Spider-Man
1. Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Wow, the movies had way more of an impact than I imagined, even in the comics community. Dethroning Wolverine from second place behind Spider-Man is no mean feat!

I also think it’s notable that there are two Robins and a Batgirl in the other Top 10, cementing the overall lameness of the Distinguished Competition. I kid, I kid. But not really.

I am surprised by thor as well…..weak story, weak main character, just plain boring….

I knew Thor would be top ten from the way the reveals were going but I am surprised to see him in the top three. I think the Simonson trades must have something to do with along with JMS’s wonderful revival he engineered. A lot of new fans came from that run.

These were also pretty much the top 3 titles of the early Stan Lee/Jack Kirby/Steve Ditko era. Many people talk about the classic FF issues but I think the Lee/Kirby Thor is right up there too. Even liked Vince Coletta’s inking!! So there!! :-)

Can we expect that more of the list will be revealed, like last time? I’ve been having so much fun looking at these updates that I would be sad to see it end…

Wow, I forgot about Spidey! I really didn’t think he would be #1, even though he’s basically Marvel’s mascot and (almost) arguably the most likeable character in the Marvel U.

Kudos for Thor. Here’s hoping he will be more on Superman level of mainstream awareness in the next 2-3 years. The other 1-2 is not that surprising.

As for Iron Man, he is some kind of a pariah toward comic book readers who have shown again and again that they’re mostly conservative. Moviegoers are more open to brash, smart personality.

Thinking about it, I wonder how much combining the votes helped out Thor and Cap. While I love the 616 version of those two, I know others who would and could have voted for the Ultimate versions. Which especially for Thor could have helped him out.

lol @ moviegoers being less conservative than comic readers (case in point, Scott Pilgrim the movie). Maybe moviegoers like Iron Man more than readers because Iron Man the movie was good whereas Iron Man the comic tends to suck? Also, if anything, Iron Man became a pariah to readers in Civil War, where he embodied Bush-era politics. Maybe in some unusual sense of the word, but I think it would be hard to argue that “conservatism” is what drives readers away from Iron Man.

Pretty shocked Thor made 3 and even more shocked that wolverine was not in the 2 or 3 spot.

I find it interesting that batman won the top spot overall being the one character who has no powers at all.

If this vote took place ten years ago Thor wouldn’t be in the top three–neither would Cap. In a year when they had movies on the big screen — it was a safe bet. Why this shocks anybody is the biggest mystery.

When this same poll was taken four years ago, Cap was still #2, but Thor was a distant 9th.

Ten years ago it’s hard for me to say, because I was living abroad at the time and it took a long time for me to start reading Marvel again after the Heroes Reborn debacle, but with the general patriotic push after 9/11, I’d wager Cap would have done pretty well then too. Thor, I couldn’t tell you. It’s a curious footnote that both were being written by Jurgens at the time, though.

I’ve always loved Thor, it’s great to see him getting a bit of recognition. Simonsons run was as good as any creator on any series, including Claremont/Byrne’s X-Men run.

I agree fourthworlder. I’d say that from his introduction until To Become an Immortal, Thor had the greatest status quo of all the the Marvel heroes. An old god in a modern world battling enemies alien to us and sometimes alien to him is a great concept. The arrogant God trying to learn how to be a worthwhile man to secure the love of Jane, the mortal, which puts him at odds with his father while his brother takes advantage is mythic and epic. Thor fighting to show Odin the virtue of humanity through Jane is such a great character progression.

If you like Stan Lee’s Thor read Thor: The Mighty Avenger. All these aspects are developed in that story. Its the first modern story to realise what that greatness was and use it. Even Ultimate Thor uses these elements (except under ‘arrrrghgghh I’m a God’ Loeb).

As for the 616, Conway tried to bring that story arc back but it was thrown out as soon as he left. Thor has been weird (barring a few exceptions) since To Become an Immortal. Its when Thor stopped being the God learning humilty as a man, all the character arcs were destroyed and the tension removed. Odin got his way, Thor was the good son and we started on this horrific path of Marvel desperately trying to line up comic and myth which was never the point. Perhaps it was that relationship with Jane that was the last needle before it all went kerplunk. The whole dramatic narrative fell apart. Thor stopped being original. Jane became a character that was only ever wheeled out to show how Thor loved Sif more than her, probably because the relationship with Sif never really has had any real tension or interest for a reader. Thor chooses Earth, he’s Thor, what is she doing there? Why do they carry that mess on?

[…] Thanks to Brian Cronin’s “Comics Should Be Good” column at Comic Book Resources for the survey that inspired these entries (and those CBR results are in now if you want to check them out). […]

Garbage list.

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