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The Scariest Comic Books of All-Time! – Amnesia

A reader named Chris S. suggested that I devote October to the scariest comic books of all-time, as suggested by you readers out there! Sounds like a plan to me! So all October-long, I’ll be featuring 31 comic book tales of terror, based on YOUR suggestions! So e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com your scary suggestions! Here is an archive of all the comics featured so far!

Reader Jake Y. suggested that I spotlight Al Columbia stories in general, so it occurred to me that I make this a Columbia Day Weekend! From today through Monday, I’ll be featuring three different Al Columbia horror stories. First up is “Amnesia,” from Fantagraphics’ Zero Zero #20 from 1997.


Columbia is a brilliant sequential artist, and he especially knows his way around horror stories. “Amnesia” opens with a fellow suffering from just that. Then things get far more disturbing (click on any page to enlarge it)…

After these pages, the lead character regains his memory and has a whole new appreciation for these ghouls. It leads to a tremendously disturbing finale.

As you can tell, Columbia has an almost film-like ability to tell a story. Really remarkable work.

Check back tomorrow for the next Columbia horror story in our Columbia Day Weekend spotlight!


Isn’t that the Annoying Orange on the clock.

This is definitely up there for favorite comic of all time. It’s just so perfect.

The pages won’t enlarge when I click it. Can you please fix it? I can’t read the text


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