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So Far So Cool With the Avengers Trailer!

Marvel released the Avengers trailer today. It is only a trailer, of course, but it looks quite cool.

What did you folks think?


I hope it’s good. Shot nice shots, but it’s stuff we’ve seen mostly. Can’t wait to see if the Skrulls or hellicarrier are in it.

Looks decent to me. But to be fair it is only a trailer. I tend to be pretty optimistic on most Marvel movies though since they have been fairly solid on the issue of having a good script in place and then worrying about the special effects and `flash`of the movie. All in all I trust the people they have in place and the trailer does not have me worried at all. Except that it seems that they are using Loki as the villain :(

I agree Loki seems like a strange villain choice, but it looks solid so far. I hope Cap puts Iron Man in his place, instead of it being ‘Iron Man and the Avengers’ because the Iron Man movies are the most popular in the mainstream. Excited to see more of Hawkeye and the new Hulk, too.

I think it’ll be about Loki forming the Masters of Evil. Loki, Red Skull, and the Abomination will probably be the members. I hope the Hulk talks. I hated the Black Widow’s fighting style in Iron Man 2. The wire work looked terrible; she looked like she was floating in mid-air not jumping. Hopefully they’ll fix this in the Avengers. Overall, I’m excited. All of the Marvel studios films have been awesome except Iron Man 2, so I have confidence in the Avengers.

Loki is a strange choice for villain…if you haven’t read much Avengers.

Loki is the entire reason that The Avengers was formed in the first place.

Still, the whole idea of him being captured and handcuffed by mere mortals is a bit stupid.

While I can understand that people who don’t know the Avengers may feel Loki is a strange villain to have, he’s in fact the perfect villain to have here.

So far so good for the trailer. It’s looking good, and it’s a great teaser.

@Gavin: don’t forget, Loki’s a trickster, so I wouldn’t be so sure about what we’re seeing when Loki’s in cuffs. (although if Loki gets captured just to get his hands on the cosmic cube, it’ll be a bit too “Dark Knight-y”)

Oh, also, I wish that if they were going to have two non-powered members, that they had a couple more super-powered team members to make them a tad more impressive. (especially since I don’t imagine the Hulk really being a “team member” per se)

This looks terrific so far. I caution people that think Loki may be the only threat here: he IS the trickster god and prefers not to get his hands dirty. If he can get, say, an alien race to invade Earth, we have a variation of the first volume of the Ultimates. And that would be completely awesome, in the truest sense of the word.


That’s all I’ve got.


Pass. Totally generic superhero movie fare.

Even having read the first issue of The Avengers I would have thought Loki a poor but understandable choice for the film before Thor. But the strength of the performance he gave in that film fully justifies his inclusion in The Avengers.


Pass. Totally generic superhero movie fare

Think you may have strayed onto the wrong website there mate.

Gee you’re right Dalarsco. lets have a superhero film where there aren’t any explosions! Wouldn’t that be edgy and cool!!?? While we’re at it. lets not have any fighting; in fact how about the whole time they eat drink pray and love.


Tom Fitzpatrick

October 12, 2011 at 5:23 am

Let’s not forget the incomparable ScarJo, she looks damn sexy in that costume! ;-)

Better than, dare I say, Anne Hatthaway in her Catwoman outfit?

I’m curious why Thor is taking a shot at Steve’s shield (and it had better not break!)

I loved Tony’s comeback. Still a large cast that makes me worry, but I’ll be in the Theatre.

Bernard the Poet

October 12, 2011 at 6:25 am

It looks fine – and I’m almost certain to go and see it, but I do wonder about Marvel’s long term strategy.

After audiences have been subjected to the Avengers, will they be satisfied with a Marvel movie that stars a solo hero? Are Marvel are intending to abandon plans to make sequels to Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America and Thor, and instead concentrate on a series of Avengers movies. Does that mean that they are anticipating that the Avengers can take four times the box office of, say, Thor 2?

There is a precedent. In the ‘Thirties and ‘Forties, Universal Studios had a great run of success with monster movies, ‘Dracula’, ‘Frankenstein’, ‘the Mummy’, etc. They decided to raise the ante, with ‘Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man’, which was a box office smash and followed it up with the ‘House of Frankenstein’ (starring Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man), which made less money. then the ‘House of Dracula’, which made less money still. Essentially, Universal killed the goose which layed the golden eggs. I wonder if Marvel are taking the same path.

@Bernard the Poet

Very valid concerns, sir. I hadn’t considered that before…

I’m more worried about what the film can reasonably do in its running time. Already, you have to fit in:

— Cap being revived and probably suffering culture shock
— Thor getting back to Earth somehow
— The Hulk/Banner being found and brought in/convinced to show up at all.
— Anything whatsoever about Hawkeye, who was barely introduced in Thor
— Everybody meets, everybody talks
— Everyone but Thor and maybe SHIELD at least briefly dealing with the “Norse gods are real, one of ‘em’s your enemy” idea.
— Figuring out/showing the team dynamics and so forth
— Loki getting the Cosmic Cube and giving some explanation of his scheme. (He didn’t really care about Earth at all in the Thor movie, and this one isn’t taking place in Asgard/Jotunheim.)
— At least one massive action set piece, and from the trailer’s use of day and night shots, probably two.

It can certainly be done in 2 or 2 1/2 hours, but several characters and actors are going to get very little to do. I can’t imagine the plot being anything but an excuse to jam all the characters together…so rather like a real Avengers comic after all, then. The best hope is that they’ll assume — probably correctly — that everyone in the theatre has seen at least one of the lead-up films. (Woe betide the sibling, partner, or friend dragged to this who hasn’t seen a prior Marvel Movieverse entry, however.)

Based on gut instincts and star power, I predict that Hawkeye and perhaps the new Banner will not be particularly fleshed-out for simple reasons of running time. Black Widow will get a lot of screen time because, hey, ScarJo, but as in IM2, this version of the character doesn’t have much of a personality(or even the hint of an accent, so is she even Russian in the Movieverse?). And I already think Robert Downey, Jr. is gonna steamroll the rest of the cast. (This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.)

Sorry, I know the entire Internet has declared this the Best Comicbook Movie Ever on spec, but I think there’s a reason no one’s done a continuity-heavy team book movie adaptation before now.

Ah, whoops, I see that Cap being revived already happened at the end of his movie. That helps a lot, then.

The villains will be Loki and the Skrulls. The Skrull’s will use their shape shifting abilities to assume the identies of the various members of the Avengers, eventually leading to misunderstanding fights. Thor vs Cap and Thor vs Hulk.
I ‘m thinking there will be a good bit of character interaction, with witty dialog.
This is the first Marvel movie that I’m not worried about its quality.

@Bradley: That was Mckracken. I like explosions.

I think audiences can handle a movie with as many characters as the Avengers. The X-Men movies proved that people like superhero teams. Not every character in the first X-Men movie got fleshed out, but they eventually got their due. For example, Kitty Pryde is in the first X-Men movie but she doesn’t really do anything until Last Stand. So even if some characters get pushed to the side, they’ll eventually play a bigger role.

I think the Avengers takes the opposite approach to the X-Men movies. The X-Men movies started with the X-Men already formed. It was only after the trilogy was over that the prequels started exploring the formation of the team and the origins of some of the characters. The Avengers movie series does this in chronological order. They start with origin movies and now they’re forming the team. I like the Avengers approach better because the X-Men movies are filled with continuity errors. (You know it’s pretty bad when your friends who don’t read comics notice continuity errors in the movies.)

I’m really surprised that Marvel pulled off a shared superhero movie universe before DC. The movie rights to Marvel characters are tied up in half a dozen different companies, but Warner Bros has all of the DC characters. Except for the Nolan Batman movies, Marvel has consistently done a better job with its movies than DC. I hope Disney get the rights to Spider-Man, the FF, and the X-Men back, because I’d love to see those characters tie into the Marvel studios films. Warner Bros should get Nolan to develop a series of movies leading up to a Justice League movie when he’s done with his Batman series.

@Dalarsco Doh, my bad, my eye must have wandered. @Mckracken See my previous statement.

I can’t believe we are close to the 30 comment mark and some nerd isn’t complaining that the female star isn’t attractive enough.

I think it does look kind of generic, but it’s just one trailer and it doesn’t say much. And one must keep in mind that the movie isn’t even finished yet. It certainly has the potential to be great.

Can’t wait to see it!

Omar Karindu

RE: Black Widow’s accent,

Isn’t it MARVEL canon that she speaks English without an accent? I can recall storylines that involved her in disguise/undercover as Americans and no one commenting on an accent.

I believe she has an accent. She is just really good at disguising it if need be (being a cool spy and all).

@sandwich eater Nolan wouldn’t work for a Justice League franchise. He is too interested in stripping away the more fantastical elements that would be necessary for a fully realized DC universe. That’s why in my opinion we haven’t seen the perfect batman. There is no place for more than half of Batman’s rogue gallery in Nolan’s too-close-to-reality vision.

That said, directors I would like to see tackle JLA are: Duncan Jones, Matt Reeves, Guillermo Del Toro, JJ Abrams, and if he’s willing to do some high concept fantasy: David Fincher.

I realize that’s true, but it truly puzzled me that in Iron Man 2 that they had a very Russian villain and didn’t make more of the fact that Natasha, too, is from Russia. IIRC, she doesn’t seem to realize the Vanko-drone control codes are based on her (presumably) native/original language until Hammer mentions it.

It does sound as if I need to catch the Captain America movie before seeing this one. I believe Cap’s movie fully introduces the MacGuffin seen in the post-credits sequence from Thor? Hm. Wonder if that means Hugo Weaving will have a cameo or a full appearance in The Avengers.

Looks like it might be worth the ticket investment. Wasn’t Loki one of the original antagonists that brought the Avengers together back in the early 60’s? Just hope they don’t turn Cap into a continual punch line for Tony!

Very much looking forward to this. Not only becuase I think they did a brilliant job of selecting the actors for these ‘Icons’ but also becuase they seem to be making it more realistic in their interactions. Also, the history of villians in the Marvel universe show’s Loki often manipulating and controlling even his fellow ‘evildoers’ so I have no complaints he being the focal villian for this movie (not to mention he was the reason they banded together in the original).

I do have to say though that it is going to be very harsh having to wait for it to come out on DVD. Like a lot of people I am unable to watch/enjoy 3D. Shame that many of the Marvel fans over the last decades may be forgotten in their efforts to capitilise on the 3D phenomenon. Especially if they continue that thread of only showing it in 3D at the cinema’s (I am in Aussie, and thats what they did with Thor and with POTC4 {yes i know not them just example}).

Wish they would remember that not all their fans are between 12 and 25 :D some of us have a few extra years under our belt!

Looks good so far. If they’re able to extend the running time to even just a bit longer than 2 1/2 hours, then they’ll make the plot work. Remember, a lot of news was made about Marvel wanting to save money to gear up for this movie.

As long as I get Iron Man vs. Hulk I don’t think I’ll be too disappointed.

Loki as the villian seems strange on a different level than just to ‘movie-going’ or ‘non-Avengers-reading’ fans. I’ve been a fan of the Avengers for as long as I’ve been reading comics (which is just over two decades) and when it comes to picking the right villian for a movie, a lot more goes into it than just being a storied rival.

BUT that being said, I think the weirdness comes from imagining Loki actually fighting all the Avengers like some kind of Magneto. I think the main action will be Loki manipulating the Avengers to fight each other (Hulk v. Cap, Hulk v. Thor, Thor v. Cap, Thor v. Iron Man, Cap v. Hawkeye, Widow v. Hawkeye, etc.), and then him manipulating SHIELD into probably blowing up those cities we saw. Besides, Thor exceeded expectations, and I’m sure Marvel was impressed by what Tom did with the character enough to give him a main role in the script.

I think this whole thing will be a lot simpler than the grandiose thing we’re expecting. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

@ JOJO – why do you have to wait for the DVD? I’m also from Australia, and the cinemas show just as many 2D sessions as 3D sessions for these films. I saw Thor and Cap in 2D at the local cinema – helluva lot cheaper too.

Looking forward to this film – I don’t think there will be much to worry about regarding fitting in all the team meeting/ dynamics, etc in one film. X-Men did it well, and unlike that franchise, I think Whedon is going to assume that the audience has seen the individual films and therefore have an awareness of who each character is. As a result the film can just hit the ground running – straight into earth-shattering crisis that forces them to work together.

My gut feeling with the Cap/ Thor fight in the trailer is that it’s the first time the two meet, likely shortly after Thor has returned to Earth (probably against his will) and is somewhat confused assuming Cap is an enemy. I also think they’ll take the same approach with Hawkeye and Black Widow they did with the Ultimates comic in that they view themselves as professionals surrounded by a bunch of amatuers (possibly barring Cap, but who knows, maybe they only know of him as a propaganda tool?). The interplay between IM and Cap is not surprising considering their very different backgrounds – I can see Steve Rogers dismissing Tony as some “silver spoon” private school boy. Hopefully Downey Jnr can dial it down a bit before the character becomes totally unlikable.

As for the Hulk – well, he looks exactly like the Hulk from the Incredible Hulk. It’s good for CGI, but still not convincing. Still, it’ll be great to see Thor and Hulk go at it on film.

X-men worked because it made one or two characters — usually Wolverine and someone else — into the focus of the film, with a scene or two for Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen to show their acting chops. But let’s be honest: James Marsden, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, and the rest didn’t have very much to do outside of the action scenes besides coo or sulk about the real main character, Hugh Jackman’s Logan.

"O" the Humanatee!

October 13, 2011 at 9:23 am

I love the (implied) logic of calling yourself the Avengers because that’s what you’ll do if you happen to fail in your primary mission. Imagine if the same reasoning applied to other heroes – like, say, Deadman.

@ Jamie, I could watch Cap but Thor and POTC were only showed in 3D here in Sydney. You could go to Newcastle or Wollongong to watch Thor in 2D but as you prob know they are both over 2 hours in opposite directions from Sydney.
I contacted both Event cinema’s and Hoyts and both told me that they usually buy only the 2D reel for 3D movies for the opening weekend. They also confirmed for me that movies SHOT in 3D like Pirates 4, and also The Avengers by the look of it, are only showed in 3D.

If they do show it in 2D you can be sure ill be there :D

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