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Thoughts on Ann Nocenti Taking Over Green Arrow

Wow, I don’t think ANYONE could have predicted THAT!

Ann Nocenti is returning to monthly comics for the first time since the mid 1990s to take over Green Arrow from the interim writing team of Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens (who presumably chose to stick with Superman when that position opened up).

Click the above link to read a really charming interview with Nocenti. I love the approach she is taking to it all. She is really and truly fresh to the character and it is fascinating to see her sort of work through ideas as she speaks to the interviewer. She plans on taking Ollie out on the road, and I imagine fans of her Daredevil run fondly remember the storyline where she took Daredevil out on the road.

And, obviously, it is interesting to see another female writer get hired to do an ongoing for DC. I wonder who will draw the book?


Ann Nocenti writing anything makes me happy. This is great news.

Haven’t read her DD but Kid Eternity was pretty terrible, If I recall correctly.

But, hey, another Harras’ 90s buddy. Hooray! Who needs Brain Wood anyway.

Hope this works out, her DD was one of the best comic runs ever IMO.

I always like seeing old timers (i.e. writers and artists who did the comics I read as a kid) be brought back to the big two. Now, DC and Marvel, go get Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove, Graham Nolan (as full artist, not just breakdowns), Kelley Jones, Darryl Banks (get him now!), John Hebert (him too!), Dan Panosian and Mark Pacella (they’ve gotten good!), etc.

Ugh, Nocenti’s arc when she took DD on the road was truly god-awful.

Talk about taking a hero out of his element (Hell’s Kitchen/NYC). Diggle repeated the same mistake in DD: Reborn.

Thanks, but I’ll pass….

Let’s let some new, young writers fill in these positions. DC is taking so many washed-up old writers to attract new, young readers? It doesn’t make sense.

LOVED her Daredevil, but ever since DC was bought out by WildStorm, I haven’t been interested.

It has nothing to do with attracting new, young readers. They’re hiring veteran writers because said writers can A.) hit a frakking deadline (DC have made clear this is a priority to them) and B.) take editorial direction (there’s a lot of top-down thinking at the company right now).

lol, are you insinuating that Krul was dropkicked from the title because he didn’t take edit. direction? Maybe he should have…

Nah, I’m just saying that’s why a veteran like Nocenti is an appealing option for a company in need of a writer on a title which didn’t have good reviews.

I’ve had no patience for Nocenti since I read “Prisoner X,” the X-Men novel in which Marvel inexplicably let the characters be used as a mouthpiece for Nocenti’s view that society should abolish *prisons.* I think of myself as pretty damn liberal but the idea that there shouldn’t even *be* prisons is the kind of nonsense that allows idiots like Limbaugh and Hannity dismiss an entire school of thought. You really need to spend time with the family of a kid who was killed by two people who tied him to a chair and stabbed him to death so they could rob his house — and be able to explain to them why those two should *not* go to prison — before you can justify using Marvel superheroes to try to make that point.


October 13, 2011 at 3:02 pm

I was nervous when I first read the news that she would take over as I’ve been liking the ‘old school/clean cut’ tone of GA, but that interview has me quite keen to check it out.

Pack – Just because Nocenti wrote that in a story, doesn’t mean it’s her views.
The last book I read of hers was one of DC’s 100 page spectaculars, reprinting a Batman/Catwoman mini she did with Ethan Van Sciver. The entire book is about guns being a very bad thing in society, with lots of people getting killed, and everyone using guns shown to be a coward.
And yet inthe CBR interview, she mentions owning a gun, and talks about loving weapons.

JT chose to stay with Captain Atom, Keith and Dan then choose to stay with Superman.

Why does everyone hate Ollie.

Old school is the cool way
Love all the veterans they are throwing at Green Arrow. These yound writers write like they are writing video games.

I shall be continuing with Green Arrow.

Green Arrow going on the road? Unprecedented!

This’ll be interesting to watch for a couple of reasons.
The interview notes that Nocenti is completely unfamiliar w/ the character’s history, so she’s likely to go any direction with it. It’s interesting that DC picked her to write this title, indicating they want something like what has come before, against the fact that she’s not coming in with any notions ahead of time.

Will the art team be changing? They didn’t say anything, so I was assuming they’d be keeping the guys who are on it now.

Ann Nocenti wrote one of my all-time favorite Spider-Man comics, so I can only see this as a good thing.

Part of me wishes that she’d open herself to fans so they could tell her what they like best about Ollie, and it might not be things that she uses, but it would at least give her some places to look for potential positive aspects of the character to draw upon but really, what the heck. DC broke the ties. Let her run with it.

I haven’t read much from Nocenti, but she created one of my favorite comics characters ever: Longshot. I’ll give her run on GA a try.

This is pretty cool.

And, obviously, it is interesting to see another female writer get hired to do an ongoing for DC

Why is her being a woman automatically interesting? To me showing women respect as writers would be if people treated them just like male writers when talking about them and didn’t make a big deal about their gender.

I would normally be excited about Nocenti being added to a book, as she’s one of my favorite writers ever, and Ollie is one character where here extreme left wing views would actually fit and I wouldn’t mind if she used Ollie as a mouthpiece. My only concern is, there have been so many dream announcements at DC that were ruined by Dan Didio’s heavyhanded editorial policies where everything is dictated from the top down. As a result, even some of the best writers produced some of their worst work under him. The DCnU seems to have even more heavyhanded editorial than ever, so she may be forced to write crappier to fit Didio’s vision, like many other recent hires have been. I’ll wait and see before getting excited.

@ T.-

Still, this seems like the kind of thing that Ann Nocenti should be amazing on, right? It is a very close fit with what I remember her strengths as a writer being. Plus, Green Arrow has a terrible rogue’s gallery and Nocenti is pretty good at creating bad guys.

Oh my, I am interested in reading Green Arrow. Yes, Nocenti on any book is interesting news.

Oh, she’s totally good at this type of thing. I still worry about whether she’s good at it while working under Didio. Chuck Dixon was great at writing Robin. Jim Shooter was great at writing Legion. Sean McKeever was great at writing teens. Dwayne McDuffie was great at writing JLA. None of them could manage to do it under Didio’s regime.

If she gets treated with a hands off approach like a few of the other DC writers like Morrison and Johns are, I think she may end up okay. I’m just saying I’m surprised how people still get their hopes up after all the times in the past Didio messed up signings that should have been slam dunks for producing strong work.

Perhaps this is in preparation for Gail Simone leaving Firestorm? Keeping the number of titles with female writers up? Just speculation on top of more speculation, no proof of anything yet.

That’s great. I was going to cancel the book before I saw this. Her Daredevil run is my favorite Daredevil. (JRjr helps a LOT of course).

But I’m very excited. Krul is awful.

I hope GA can now commit to a real beard or clean shaven. The blonde coffee ground stubble is ugly.

Perhaps this is in preparation for Gail Simone leaving Firestorm? Keeping the number of titles with female writers up? Just speculation on top of more speculation, no proof of anything yet.

I really hope not. That would be sad if the decision to hire women was being treated as just keeping up quota numbers. That’s almost as insulting as not hiring women at all because they’re women. Either way, you’re treating them a certain way not based on their talent or individual personality but primarily because of their gender.

Even I think the Didio/Harras DC is better than that, and I rarely give them the benefit of the doubt.

T. U raise some good points
Does anyone really see green arrow lasting another 15 issues anyway?

Well, this is welcome news. I was seriously thinking of dumping Green Arrow, despite the fact that I’m rather fond of Ollie. OLD Ollie, at any rate. But I like Ann Nocenti, and I like her writing, and I will therefore be staying on board to see what she does.

Green Arrow would be a perfect title for Ann Nocenti. Even if her Daredevil stories were, at times, overly preachy, they were also very thought-provoking. And there was quite a bit of moral ambiguity to how she addressed various social & political issues.

It could be interesting to see Ollie Queen written by Nocenti in such a way that the character takes a stand for various liberal positions, but other characters would be present to A) argue that a particular problem isn’t a black & white question of right & wrong and B) challenge Ollie to not just point out what is wrong with society, but come up with actual workable solutions. Those are the two areas where, as groundbreaking as the GL/GA stories by O’Neil & Adams were, they failed and, to a certain degree, have not stood the test of time.

Why does everyone hate Ollie.

Because he is too often portrayed as an insufferably self-righeous know-it-all who thinks that he has all the answers. Plus, to the best of my knowledge, the character did not become a liberal crusader for the downtrodden until *after* he lost his fortune. Then suddenly he conveniently became a champion of the man on the street.

Say what you will about Batman being an arrogant, aloof control freak, but at least as Bruce Wayme he makes certain that a good portion of his wealth is directed towards social causes & charities.

From what little I know about GA, this seems like a good pairing. Has Nocenti ever written a female protagonist long-term? Having recently read the first half of her Daredevil run, I found her gender politics pretty regressive, but in a way that made for an interesting read when compared to the sharp leftist slant she gave other parts of the book. I wonder if Black Canary’s character will languish in Nocenti’s tenure on Green Arrow (errr, assuming Black Canary still figures in the Ollie-verse).

Black Canary is guest-starring in the very next issue of Green Arrow Cass, so yes, it seems she does still figure in the Ollie-verse to a degree.

I may be in the extreme minority here, but I’ve actually enjoyed JT Krul’s run. It’s not great, but its good mindless fun so far.

I am with T.

Ann Nocenti is perfect for Green Arrow. But Didio’s DC has a way of defying expectations.


October 16, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Does anyone really see green arrow lasting another 15 issues anyway?

I enjoyed it, and #2 was better than #1.

Chad even gave it four stars on CBR.

Ann Nocenti ruined Daredevil for me with her boring, dark, convoluted story telling. Any thing she works on I avoid like the plague.

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