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The Return of the Greatest Stories Ever Told!

As I promised you, when we hit 3,000 Twitter followers, I’d bring back another month-long installment of The Greatest Stories Ever Told! Click here to see the results of the 2010 voting!

Beginning today, each day you will get a chance to vote on the greatest ____ stories ever told!

The ____, of course, will be filled in by a different comic book character or creator each day!

You will have a week to vote each time by sending your ten favorite comic book stories starring that character or written or drawn by the featured creator to bcronin@comicbookresources.com.

So starting November 1st, the first results will be up and then each day in November you’ll see a new The Greatest ____ Stories Ever Told!

Neat, huh? It’s like the Top 100 Comic Book Storylines, only A. It’s character/creator specific and B. It’s open to ALL stories – even one-shots!

Read on for more detailed rules and a list of the characters and creators who are currently open for voting!

Here’s how to vote and what constitutes a “story.”

1. Number a list from 1 to 10, with your favorite comic book story #1 and your tenth favorite comic book story #10. E-mail this list to bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Only votes e-mailed to this address will count. If you really don’t think you can come up with ten, still send in your list if you can think of at least 6 stories.

2. Since this is a lot shorter of a voting period than typical and the topics are much more narrow, I figure that there will be a lot more close calls, so I’ll be breaking all the ties as I see fit.

3. A comic book story can be as small as just a one-off story or a one-shot or an annual or an original graphic novel, and as long as a storyline that continues for up to 12 issues in one title (an exception to the “one title” thing includes instances like the Magus Saga beginning in Strange Tales and continuing to Warlock’s own (resurrected) book or Batman’s first battle with Ra’s Al Ghul taking place in both Detective Comics AND Batman).

4. A storyline can go over 12 issues if it specifically labeled as such. Stuff like Seven Soldiers, for instance, could count as one storyline, as that’s how it was intended (and how it was labeled).

5. However, since we’re being so specific to each creator here, you can’t just say stuff like “Warren Ellis’ Authority” – you have to pick one of his two Authority storylines. Similarly, you can’t say “Ellis’ Planetary.” In that case, just pick the story you liked best. Use trade paperback collections if you’re unclear.

6. When listing your stories, just try to make it clear what you’re talking about.

7. I’ll make various other judgment calls as I see fit.

Here are the characters and creators currently open for voting (there will be a notation when the voting is closed and the results are up):

1. Daredevil – Voting closed. Here are the Results!

2. Joe Casey – Voting closed. Here are the results!

3. Robin/Red Robin (Tim Drake) – Voting closed. Here are the results!

4. Mike Mignola – Voting closed. Here are the results!

5. Loki – Voting closed. Here are the results!

6. John Ostrander – Voting closed. Here are the results!

7. Deathstroke the Terminator – Voting closed. Here are the results!

8. Steve Gerber. Voting closed. Here are the results!

9. She-Hulk. Voting closed. Here are the results!

10. Jason Aaron. Voting closed. Here are the results.

11. Lois Lane. Voting closed. Here are the results.

12. Scott Lobdell. Voting closed. Here are the results.

13. Luke Cage. Voting closed. Here are the results.

14. Gardner Fox. Voting closed. Here are the results.

15. Martian Manhunter. Voting closed. Here are the results.

16. Matt Fraction. Voting closed. Here are the results.

17. Iron Fist. Voting closed. Here are the results.

18. Neal Adams. Voting closed. Here are the results.

19. Catwoman. Voting closed. Here are the results.

20. J.M. DeMatteis. Voting closed. Here are the results.

21. Nick Fury. Voting closed. Here are the results.

22. Greg Rucka. Voting closed. Here are the results.

23. Flash (Barry Allen). Voting closed. Here are the results.

24. Bill Mantlo. Voting closed. Here are the results.

25. Silver Surfer. Voting closed. Here are the results.

26. Dan Slott. Voting closed. Here are the results.

27. Aquaman. Voting closed. Here are the results.

28. Roy Thomas. Voting closed. Here are the results.

29. Doctor Doom. Voting closed. Here are the results.

30. Garth Ennis. Voting closed. Here are the results.


I have a feeling the results will be skewed towards stories in the last 10 or 15 years, but this is pretty cool nonetheless.



Thank you Brian, you sexy man

My first DD comic, thus the best single issue in my mind, was a mid-70s tale by Bill Mantlo I think, where Gladiator and the Beetle hijack a train and ram it into Grand Central (just like in the movie Silver Streak, which I didn’t see ’til years later). After DD saves a bus from crashing he fights those two, gets all cut up and preaches the whole time. He sure was different than Spider-Man!

This time, could you give us the 11-25 Batman stories as promised the first time round? Anyway cool to have this back.

randypan the goatboy

October 26, 2011 at 8:20 am

I just cant imagine this list not including born again or the electra saga in the top couple of spots. And the gaurdian devil story…and with any luck they will give us the story behind daredevils body armor from the early 90’s

randypan the goatboy

October 26, 2011 at 8:21 am

I was joking about the body armor though…really

Well here’s my votes:
Daredevil… Kevin Smith’s Guardian Devil
Joe Casey…Poptopia..
Tim Drake/Robin/Red Robin… Identity Crisis and related Robin issues… Til this Tim had never really felt the repercussions of being partners with Batman and part of the superhero community…and if you didn’t feel his psin in the scenes in identity…your heartless..LOL
Mike Mignola… Hellboy:Seed of Destruction…No other mini sets up a character and who he is better!

don’t forget about DD Man without Fear. Great mini-series – featuring some of Romita Jr’s best art of his career

Steve MacDougall

October 30, 2011 at 9:19 pm

So what issues make up the ‘Elektra Saga’? Daredevil Visonaries Volume 2 follows her first appearance in 169 through her death and a little past that in 182. But that’s more than 12 issues so doesn’t qualify, right? Do we need to spell out which issues are the Elektra saga when we submit?

The Death of Captain Marvel – The Alpha and the Omega. The very human death of a superhuman, never done better.

It would be extremely nice to have the option to vote for the greatest manga or greatest European stories, due to the bent that this site has towards North American comics. Not that I’m necessarily complaining about it, but eclecticism is something positive, at least every once in a while. I think :).

Since these vote-related theme months thingies are awesome, can we get another at, say, 5,000 twitter followers?

The greatest Luke Cage stories are those written by Dwayne McDuffie satirising the character and his reliance on stereotypes of black masculinity. They cropped up not in Marvel stories, but in the Milestone comic Icon, through the parody character Buck Wild.

Here’s a chunk of Dwayne’s script introducing Buck Wild. Hopefully it’ll make you wince when you think of Luke Cage:

“It’s Always Christmas”

Page 1


Leave room for the title, credits and indicia at the bottom.

Caption: “There’s this old, played-out record that I can’t get outta my head.” Leave room for titles and credits at the bottom of the page. A fighting-mad BUCK WILD bursts through a window and wades through an impossibly-thick hail of bullets. He shakes his fist in rage. “Alright you mother-lovin’, finger-lickin’, chicken pluckers! You done messed up now! Cause I’m Buck Wild, Mercenary Man!”

Page 2

Caption: “It’s Marvin Gaye, singing about the only things you can depend on, ‘Taxes, death and trouble.'” Buck is hip deep in frightened, black, heavily-armed THUGS. He’s shoving one in the face, punching another, all the while shrugging off close range gunfire. “You think you can hurt me wit’ guns? Bullets bounce offa my tungsten-hard skin like they was chicklets!”

Caption: “The music’s way better’n the movie it came from.” Wild is smashing the heads of two of the thugs together. “You don’t have a chance anyways, what with my belief-defying strength!”

Caption: “It’s like the soundtrack to my life.” A Thug shoots his gun at Buck’s face. “Defy this, you motherless scum!”

Caption: “And I can’t get it outta my head. The music or the pictures.” Buck holds his eye in pain. “Sweet Easter! You shot me in the eye!”

Caption: “Pimps in platform shoes. Big, black studs. Fat, sloppy, rag-headed mammies.” Tight on Buck, showing his gritted teeth in anger! “Things is sho nuff about ta get ugly!”

Page 3

Caption: “Bug-eyed jigaboos, runnin’ from shadows. “Drug dealers, in fine clothes, wit fine hoes.” Buck grabs the gun and gun hand of the offending thug. “You-you crushed my hand!”

Caption: “The record’s played out, alright. But nothin’ new ever came along to take its place.” Buck throws the thug into several other thugs.

Caption: “So I keeps that song runnin’ through my head.” Buck wraps an iron beam around his routed foes. “That takes care o’ you. Justice is done.”

Caption: “It ain’t much. It ain’t even good. But it might be all there is.” Buck raises one fist in victory. “And now, I gots to get paid!” An off-panel speaker, “Buck Wild. I’ve been expecting you.”

Caption: “And that’s better’n nuthin’. Ain’t it?” Tight as Buck turns his head in surprise to look at something off-panel. “Who…? ”

Page 4

Caption: “I knew I was in trouble soon as I saw her. Beautiful as ever. Betty Davis Eyes, Angela Davis hair, and those hip-huggers…” New angle reveals, LYSISTRATA JONES, dressed as in the trading card, but holding a glowing WHIP with a pussy willow on the end. “You!!! Lysistrata Jones!”

Caption: “I wanted ta let her go. But I had ta take her in.” Angle on both. Buck is defiant. “So all o’ this muscle is under your hypnotic spell.”

Caption: “I’m a mercenary, and I already cashed the check.” Favoring Lysistrata as her hand goes to the coiled whip on her hip. “That’s right, you big hunk of Buck, you. This is a trap!

KRAK Lysistrata strikes Buck with the whip. “And once you’ve had a taste of my P-whip”

Lysistrata has thrown back her head in a lusty laugh. A slack-jawed, mentally controlled Buck, stands wrapped in the whip. “You’ll be my slave forever!” Caption: “The music in my head started again.

And that’s the last thing I remember.”

people who don’t know Jason Aaron’s work will vote stuff like Wolverine and Punisher Max, when Scalped is lightyears better than all that

For Luke Cage – the Cage mini series by Azzarello. Nothing else comes close

“Watchmen” of course, but I was also impressed with Astro City’s “Tarnished Angels”.

How about “The Judas Contract “, Crisis on Infinite Earths and “The boy who collects Spiderman” from “Amazing #248″ The early 80’s were a goldmine of great stories.

I wish there was a way to double check a complete lists of these artists/characters. I’m afraid to vote because I know I’ll miss something.

Holy crap, that Buck Wild bit is hilarious! What issue is that from? I’m going to have to track that down.

Comicdom really lost a genius with McDuffie.

[…] Here is the list of characters/creators featured so far (along with the rules on how to vote). […]

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