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Halloween 2011 Reader Art Gallery!

Happy Halloween!

Here is a gallery of reader-submitted drawings – all following the theme of comic book characters teamed-up/mashed-up with characters from horror books/films/etc.


I am posting them in the order I received them!

First up, robbybobby shows FrankenFreak taking down Superman.

Next, Pat Prendergast shows us green on green crime as Hulk takes on Frankenstein’s monster…

The Frankenstein theme continues with Holden Leung’s drawing of what would happen if Kilowog and Frankenstein’s monster had a tussle. Here is Holden’s website.

Paul Arthur shows us a Mummy version of a famous Marvel hero…

Frequent The Line it is Drawn suggester DC2 Omniverse submitted the following…

Finally, long time blog pal Layne closes this gallery out with a mash-up of Tony Chu (from Chew) and Count Chocula. Check out Layne’s site here.

Great work, folks! Thanks a lot!

Again, Happy Halloween everybody!


HOTNESS! Happy Halloween, Brian & CSBG!

ROBBYBOBBY: Daaang! Great stuff throwing down w/ the 3D!

PAT: I’m feelin’ the were-Hulk action!

HOLDEN: Ha! LOVE it! Good look on bringing in the traditionals! Great deets on Frankie!

PAUL: Very cool! Maybe it shoulda been Bucky under there. ;D

DC2O: Starling vs. Jason… sweet! Ev’s an awesome character.

LAYNE: That is INSANELY fang-tastic and swyt. CHEW is the best comic. And you do the best cereals! :D

Thanks so much for the Halloween treats, everyone! Awesome job!!


Wow, great stuff, everyone!

robbybobby, is that a real model made by hand? So much detail!

Pat, loving that coloring scheme.

Holden, where you been? Need to see more from you! Guess Frankenstein is looking for more appendages, haha.

Paul, that is just awesome! I love the way you do your coloring and lines.

DC20: Eeek, Jason! *hides* The mask looks too real!

mic?: CHEW is great! So weird, but you know my taste, lol. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you, so thanks mucho!

Glad to be in the mix with all you talented folks! And thanks, Brian, for posting!

Whoops! That “Anonymous” person was me. Lol, sorry!

Thanks for the comments guys! I figured that, as often as I abuse the other artists of The Line It Is Drawn, it was only fair for me to do a piece. I’m no artist by any stretch. The whole thing was done with a no. 2 pencil, a ball point pen and a multitude of sins covered up by Photoshop.

Great stuff all around this time, I enjoyed all of them but I gotta give props to Layne’s Chew piece. THAT, sir, was brilliant! And, Layne, the mask looks real because I dropped in a image of a Halloween mask and touched it up with Photoshop. So I can’t really take any credit there.

Would have been sweet with the Jason mask if the background was all black. Would look like Jason was standing behind the other character. Of course, other details like black pants and gloves would be lost. Eh, food for thought.

Hey Brian,

Thanks for posting my pic of Cap, wish I’d put Bucky in there now though. Great work here from evryone.

Pat – love your colouring and the expression on Hulks face. Layne – that is spot on!

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