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Comic Critics #179!

Here is the latest installment of the Comic Critics strip, courtesy of Sean Whitmore (writer) and Brandon Hanvey (artist)! You can check out the first hundred and seventy-eight strips at the archive here and you can read more about Sean and Brandon at the Comic Critics blog.


Let us know what you think, either here or at the ComicCritics blog!


Habibi deserves a lot more than 1800 words.

What’s Habibi? Is Batman in that?

That’s the one where he fights Bin Laden, right?

Batman doesn’t fight Bin Laden in the “.1″ issue though. Its all just setup exposition with Catwoman T&A shots.

Buddy, you are talkin’ to the wrong kind of comic reader.

Habibi actually does sport a foil-embossed cover.

Habibi? What is that, like, baby talk?

I think Habibi works at the gas station near my apartment.

It’s hard to say which is worse; to be ignored for great work, or to be popular (by comics industry standards, anyway) for terrible work.

Habibi sounds like a new independent title that just hit. and figured sooner or later Josh would start to relize he is running out of things to say.

Is Habibi some obscure Doctor Strange villain that Bendis is bringing back for Avengers?

No, he’s bored because he only wants to show people how right he is about everything. “…my own fantastic powers of foresight” and so on. Marissa is trying to tell people how good a particular comic is because she loves the book itself, so she’s obsessed and can’t stop writing. It’s a nice parable about why people post their thoughts on the Net.

Man, I feel like both of them lately. Sigh.

Loved this one. SO HARD.

Nice work gents.

Habibi is ass.

It’s for the truly pretentious. “Oh look me, I’m reading Habibi!” “Kiss my ass”

Having said that, Fear Itself was utter garbage; and only 4 titles out of the DC 52 are actually worth buying but everything else is garbage.

More bad news: Cliff Chiang already needs a fill-in artist for issue 5 of Wonder Woman. So, get ready to drop that title when DC decides to take Chiang off the series. While it appears that DC 52 has been financially successful, when the good artists, the few of them there are, start getting pulled from series for being late, I suspect that DC will have a precipitous drop in sales 7 months from now.

Josh, You don’t need to hid behind random initials. C’Mon. “CF” my ass.

Whining begats sarcasm. The jokes were as stale as Marvel and DC have been lately. Meta? :(

Habibi was good back when Miller was writing it, then Morrison took over & it went to $#it.

I liked Habibi before every six months was another wallet-breaking event crossing over with books I didn’t even know were still being published. Now I can’t even keep the characters straight anymore. Clone Habibi was the worst.

It’s a bit curious that the mainstream comics press in America is still so dominated by superhero hobbyists, sure, but a mainstream literary publication like The New Yorker — which has far more of an impact and a readership than pretty much any of the “comics press” — will review and discuss Habibi and largely ignore the sorts of things Josh is obsessed with.

If Mariah’s upset that only seven people will read her review of Habibi, the venue is the problem. The kind of person who cares about Habibi isn’t the kind of person who visits a website like the one in Comics Critics; the kind of person who visits comics press websites, in turn, isn’t the kind of person whio will care if Habibi has literary merit.

Honestly, the literary comics scene has won its battle to be taken seriously alongside serious, major works in other media. The battle that they keep fighting, for reasons I can’t quite understand, is to win over the 200,000 or so marginal folks who read American superhero comics. It’s a bit like proselytizing for The Wire at Memory Alpha on the grounds that TV can do more than just extend the Star Trek franchise. And it works about as well as that would.

Omar, you just dissed Greg Burgas’ entire output in his ReviewTime column ^_^ Those reviews are great but he gets minimal feedback in comparison to the average article on here. Despite that, I’m thankful for the work he puts in, trying to introduced Marvel/DC readers to some interesting and worthwhile works. I’ve found some good comics because of what he does. I suspect that Marissa is trying to do something similar.

LOL I find it scary how much I am a clone of Josh… and I can imagine my friends having the same reaction as Marissa on the other end of the line…

Spot on Creators…Spot On!

It’s funny, but I was going to add a paragraph about how this site (especially Greg, Sonia, and Kelly) get it right by being what I call “also fans.” That is, they treat the serious stuff like it’s already serious stuff and doesn’t need the approval of the fans, in part because they’re “also fans” of some of the superhero-y stuff out there. Greg’s own website shows the breadth of his interests and his clear awareness of the way different kinds of material have very different audiences.

It’s the people who think their job is to save the superhero niche audience from itself, and who still write as if they need to “prove” that comics can be respectable who get on my nerves. And Mariah, as portrayed in this strip, is definitely of that ilk.

Marissa. Why did I call her Mariah? It’s been a long day.

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