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The Greatest Lois Lane Stories Ever Told!

Every day in November we will reveal the greatest stories ever told starring a particular character or written/drawn by a particular creator (and throughout the month, you’ll get daily chances to vote for NEXT week’s lists). These lists are voted on by YOU, the reader!

Here is the list of characters/creators featured so far (along with the rules on how to vote).

Today’s list is the Greatest Lois Lane Stories Ever Told!


10. Action Comics #484 “Superman Takes a Wife”

The first and perhaps the best marriage between Superman and Lois Lane, this story works under an intriguing premise of Clark Kent losing his memory of being Superman. No longer knowing that he has to keep his Clark Kent meek and mild-mannered, Clark becomes bolder and eventually woos and marries Lois Lane (who, in a nice twist from writer Cary Bates, discovers that Clark is Superman before Clark even realizes it!).

9. Superman #168/Detective Comics #756 “With This Ring…”

Lois and Batman team-up to get back the Kryptonite ring from Luthor’s possession.

8. Adventures of Superman #627-632 “Unconventional Warfare”

In Greg Rucka’s opening arc on Adventures of Superman, he has Lois Lane risk her life on the frontlines by reporting on a conflict in the Middle Eastern country known as Umec.

7. Showcase #10 “The Sightless Lois Lane”

In this utterly charming story by Jerry Coleman, Lois loses her sight and is amazing in the amount of courage that she shows in her resolve. Then there’s a bit where she gets her sight back and discovers Superman’s secret identity, but that’s not as important as the depth of characterization Coleman gives her in this tale.

6. Action Comics #6 “Superman’s Phony Manager”

The introduction of the manipulative “do anything to get a story” Lois Lane that would become such a standard for the next 20 years or so.

5. Showcase #9 “The New Lois Lane”

In her first solo comic book, Lois Lane shines in this Otto Binder tale about Lois Lane choosing to, well, not be the manipulative “do anything to get a story” Lois that she had been for the past couple decades. The casual parody of earlier Lois stories is quite remarkable.

4. Lois Lane #1-2

In a fairly dark story by Mindy Newell and Gray Morrow, Lois Lane gets caught up with investigating a child abduction ring. Our own Kelly Thompson has a nice write-up of the series here.

3. Wonder Woman #170 “She’s a Wonder!”

In this compelling one-off story co-written by Phil Jimenez and Joe Kelly, Lois does a feature on Wonder Woman, so the comic shows them spending the day together, giving us insight into both characters.

2. Man of Steel

Man of Steel #2 got the most votes, but #4 got enough support that I figured I would just do the whole mini-series here. John Byrne gives Lois a whole lot of awesome moments in this series, from her spotlight in #2 to her classic moment standing up to Lex Luthor in #4.

1. All Star Superman #2-3 “Superwoman”

In this two-parter by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, Superman takes Lois Lane to the Fortress of Solitude and then gives her superpowers for a day in this love letter to the Silver Age by Morrison and Quitely.

Okay, that’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


“Today’s list is the Greatest She-Hulk Stories Ever Told!”

Hah. I can almost imagine a Silver Age story — “Lois Becomes the Kryptonite WOMAN!” with a thought balloon saying “Now I’m almost as strong as Superman — but my very touch could kill him!”

I would’ve voted for Wonder Woman #170, but Brian never got back to me in regards to only voting for one story. I didn’t know what other stories I also could’ve thought up. I probably wouldn’t have thought of All-Star Superman #3, since I think that was more about Superman completing a labor with some sweet lateral thinking.

I thought for sure “I Am Curious…Black!” would make it onto the list.

A few of my picks are on here, but I totally forgot about that Lois Lane miniseries.

Showcase #100 was somewhere on my list, just because I love the fact that, in a story featuring pretty much every hero ever featured in Showcase from the Spectre to Space Ranger, Lois Lane and Angel O’Day wind up saving the world.

Pssh. I liked All-Star Superman too, but a “love letter to the Silver Age” shouldn’t outrank the actual Silver Age.

I didn’t vote, just because I couldn’t think of enough stories, but it’s nice to see her Man of Steel appearances place so highly. Also, I’m glad Buttler mentioned Showcase #100 – had I voted, that probably would have been my #1 pick.

That cover for #10 is so endearingly sneaky, because of course it’s Kal-L who’s getting married, not Kal-El, but his chest emblem is obscured so it’s not immediately obvious. Having the Daily Star in the background is a nice tipoff, though.

@ Mike Blake: Kryptonite Woman was done… on Smallville. It is how they finally got Clark to let go of Lana Lang and move on to Lois in a totally cop-out sort of way.

@Buttler: I think the reference to Action #1 was a subliminal tip-off, too.

Action Comics #484 was a good story. I got to read it for the first time when it was reprinted a few months ago in the DC Retroactive 1970s: Superman special. It’s a pity they didn’t include the excellent cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez & Dick Giordano, but I’m glad I get to see it here.

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