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Name That Two-Face Artist!

All November-long, I will be sharing four panels featuring a comic book character. They will each be drawn by four separate pencilers. I will be featuring only pieces of art where the penciler did full pencils (as otherwise it would be way too difficult). Your challenge is to, simply put, name that artist!

E-mail me your guesses to bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Do NOT make guesses in the comments section! After a week, I’ll post the correct answers on the archive page along with whoever guessed them correctly. You don’t have to name the issues the panels came from, but if you’d like to, knock yourself out.

Read on for the four Two-Face panels…



Remember, don’t answer in the comments section. E-mail me your guesses at bcronin@comicbookresources.com.



Good luck and have fun!


I don’t see any images. Copying an image url from the page source code takes me to an error page.

How odd. How about now?

Yeah, now it’s fine.

Weird. Thanks for the head’s up!

I am about THIS close to knowing all of these, with THIS being “not close enough to actually make any guesses”.

Even considering that most of these, people only know one or two.

Maybe, though….

The first one looks like a Kubert of some stripe and the third is Doug Manke (sp?). Not sure at all about the others.

Maybe you should just turn off comments for these posts.

Huh, it’s all purple-faced Harvey. That puts them all in a particular timeframe, anyway

I’m in the dark on these. Most of them, I may as well be flipping a coin….

Yep, that’s what I was talking about, JoeMac.

Well, I’ve heard that Byrne would act all friendly to other artists when meeting them at the Marvel offices, then say the bitchiest things about their work in interviews, then-

Ooohhhhh, I see what you mean.

Sorry, buttler, I missed your comment somehow

The interesting thing about “purple” Harvey is that he was first used by Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams. He immediately reverted to green, but the stage was set for a very slightly more realistic scarring down the line.

Even weirder is the fact that he started out with — and was later sporadically portrayed with — an equally disfigured hand on his “evil” side.

Interesting. I think of the purple as a holdover from that terrible movie with Tommy Lee Jones, but it’s not too surprising that it had popped up in the comics at some point before that.

As Omar mentioned, here’s a link to the purple Denny O’Neil / Neal Adams Two-Face


Also worth noting, maybe: The second Two-Face, introduced in 1951 after Harvey was “cured,” was also colored purple.

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