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The Greatest Gardner Fox Stories Ever Told!

Every day in November we will reveal the greatest stories ever told starring a particular character or written/drawn by a particular creator (and throughout the month, you’ll get daily chances to vote for NEXT week’s lists). These lists are voted on by YOU, the reader!

Here is the list of characters/creators featured so far (along with the rules on how to vote).

Today’s list is the Greatest Gardner Fox Stories Ever Told!


10. Showcase #55 “Solomon Grundy Goes on a Rampage!”

This classic tale brought was the first story in the Silver Age to star just the Golden Age DC heroes. It was the first Silver Age tale to star Hourman, Dr. Fate and Solomon Grundy.

9. Detective Comics #29-30 “Batman versus Doctor Death”

This was the first attempt to give Batman a recurring supervillain (or a supervillain at all, really). Batman fights a mysterious mad scientist who uses deadly chemicals.

8. Justice League of America #9 “The Origin of the Justice League”

Well into the series run, Fox finally revealed the origin of the League.

7. Mystery in Space #75 “The Planet That Came to a Standstill!”

In this acclaimed tale, Fox shows how Adam Strange first met the Justice League. They fight against Kanjar Ro.

6. Justice League of America #9-10 “Fantastic Fingers of Felix Faust/One Hour to Doomsday”

This is the introduction of Felix Faust, who tries to gain power by using the Demons Three (also making their first appearance).

5. Detective Comics #31-32 “Batman Versus the Vampire”

This awesome tale shows Batman kicking vampire ass and handing out silver bullet death to a evil bad vampire bad guy known as the Monk. The Monk later showed up in a great Matt Wagner mini-series. And wow – that cover!!

4. Justice League of America #21-22 “Crisis on Two Earths”

The first Justice League/Justice Society crossover!

3. Hawkman #4, Atom #19, Green Lantern #42, Detective Comics #355 and
Justice League of America #51 “Zatanna’s Search”

Fox was way ahead of his time with this multi-title crossover where Fox’s new creation, Zatanna, is searching for her father, Zatarra (and old character from the Golden Age). She appears in a number of titles until her story comes to a conclusion in the pages of Justice League of America.

2. Justice League of America #29-30 “Crisis on Earth 3″

The introduction of the novel idea, the anti-Justice League, the Crime Syndicate! This is the second Justice League/Justice Society crossover.

1. Flash #123 “Flash of Two Worlds”

This historic tale was the introduction of the Earth-2 concept as the Silver Age Flash meets the Golden Age Flash. It is a great comic book, not just a historic one!

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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No one else could tell a great story like Gardner Fox. No wonder he had a Justice League episode (Legends, Pts. one and two) dedicated to him–and it paid homage to his JLA/JSA crossovers.

Great choices all. Always loved that Showcase cover.

Has that Showcase one (#10) been reprinted in the last several years? I’d love to read that story.

Same deal with the Mystery in Space. Is that in a JLA Showcase volume?

“Well into the series run, Fox finally revealed the origin of the League.”

See? We don’t have to learn WHY they’re together right off the bat! Just tell some cool stories with the characters together, and THEN if someone gives a dang about WHY, tell the story then. As Chad said several weeks back, it’s very simple, they faced a big threat and had to band together, it’s not a long drawn out thing!

Never read that Showcase story so I have no idea what I would think of it.

The JLA’s origin is just okay in my opinion.

While I considered Zatanna’s Search I felt the individual stories were too disjointed to work as a whole, but it was a cool idea. (Although I seriously doubt the Batman story was intended to be part of the Zatanna story until after the fact so they could justify Batman’s appearing in the conclusion.)

One of the earliest comics I ever owned was Justice League of America #85 which reprinted issues 10 & 11 and while there have been a lot of good JLA stories none has ever beaten that story as my favorite.

And you can annoy overly serious Batman fanboys by pointing out that Batman spent part of that story disguised as Wonder Woman. *snicker* ;-)

How the heck did I forget Flash of Two Worlds when I made my list?

The Showcase story was reprinted in Crisis on Multiple Earths: The Team-Ups Vol. 1. And for those interested, the Zatanna story’s issues were collected in JLA: Zatanna’s Search, the JLA stories (including the Adam Strange one) can be found in various places including the Showcase JLA collections, the Batmans in various places including Batman Chronicle Vol. 1, and the Flash story in a large number of places including the DC Comics Classics Library: Flash of Two Worlds.

Some of the best stories of all time. Loved every one of them. The man was simply a genius.

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[…] by renowned talents including Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Jim Lee, Neal Adams, Jerry Robinson, Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino, Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. He’s fought the criminal element on screen in […]

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