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The Greatest Greg Rucka Stories Ever Told! – Voting

Here’s the latest of the daily voting threads for The Greatest ____ Stories Ever Told!

Our next creator up for voting is Greg Rucka.

Greg Rucka has written a variety of comics for Marvel, DC and Image Comics. He wrote Whiteout and Queen and Country for Oni Press, Detective Comics, Gotham Central, Huntress, Wonder Woman, and Question (and a lot of other projects) for DC and Wolverine, Ultimate Daredevil, Spider-Man: Tangled Web, Elektra and the current Punisher series for Marvel.

You have until 11:59 PM Pacific time, November 21st to vote for your top ten favorite comic book stories drawn, written or co-written by Greg Rucka! Your choices will be revealed on November 22nd.

You vote by sending your top ten choices to bcronin@comicbookresources.com (make the subject heading clear that it is about The Greatest Greg Rucka Stories Ever Told Voting) by that time (you send your votes by e-mail, not in the comments to this piece). If you legitimately don’t think you can think of ten stories, I’ll still allow the ballot if you can think of at least six stories.

Be sure to first click here to read about the rules and guidelines for the voting (so you don’t vote for stuff that is ineligible, like you can’t vote for “Greg Rucka’s Detective Comics run,” you have to pick a specific story or story arc).

I’d prefer you not share your votes in the comments section – please let’s keep it a surprise until the results go up. You can share your votes then if you’d like!

Have fun voting and be sure to check back November 22nd to see the results!


Does 52 count as “a story”?

You know what, just for the sake of ease (and the fact that I don’t think anyone could legitimately split it into its composite trades), sure, let’s call it one story.

Meaningless Albert

November 18, 2011 at 9:45 pm

Oh, boy. This will be a tough one.

This was by far the hardest of the Top 10 lists i have filled out. One of my favorite writers.

This is a hard one definitely. Gotham Central for sure has to be top 10. Batwoman as well. but after that it’s a toss up. There are alot of great stories by Mr. Rucka.

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