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The Greatest Bill Mantlo Stories Ever Told! – Voting

Here’s the latest of the daily voting threads for The Greatest ____ Stories Ever Told!

Our next creator up for voting is Bill Mantlo.

Bill Mantlo wrote for Marvel Comics for nearly a decade, working on a variety of projects, from Iron Man to Rom, Hulk to Spectacular Spider-Man, Micronauts to Alpha Flight (plus a whole pile of one-shot issues and mini-series).

You have until 11:59 PM Pacific time, November 23rd to vote for your top ten favorite comic book stories drawn, written or co-written by Bill Mantlo! Your choices will be revealed on November 24th.

You vote by sending your top ten choices to bcronin@comicbookresources.com (make the subject heading clear that it is about The Greatest Bill Mantlo Stories Ever Told Voting) by that time (you send your votes by e-mail, not in the comments to this piece). If you legitimately don’t think you can think of ten stories, I’ll still allow the ballot if you can think of at least six stories.

Be sure to first click here to read about the rules and guidelines for the voting (so you don’t vote for stuff that is ineligible, like you can’t vote for “Bill Mantlo’s Alpha Flight run,” you have to pick a specific story or story arc).

I’d prefer you not share your votes in the comments section – please let’s keep it a surprise until the results go up. You can share your votes then if you’d like!

Have fun voting and be sure to check back November 24th to see the results!


Gonna be tough to narrow it down to ten.

meaningless albert

November 18, 2011 at 3:15 am

the hulk crossroads story, hands down

meaningless albert

November 18, 2011 at 3:33 am

the spidey vs octopus storyline is pretty good too

Really enjoyed his Alpha Flight too.

Ed (A Different One)

November 18, 2011 at 5:45 am

I know there’s going to be a lot of love for the Micronauts and, unfortunately, I just couldn’t include those issues in my votes. I’ve always heard good things about them, but just haven’t read them yet. I just picked up a short stack of them from my LCS and plan on getting to them this weekend though. I just couldn’t put off voting until then though.

Mantlo was always one of my favorite and, IMHO, most underrated writers, so I knew going in there would be a lot to vote for. But it really isn’t until I began looking through his back catalogue that I really began to see just how many great stories this guy has written. More than I realized at first – and more than a few that I read and loved as a kid that I didn’t realize he wrote until much later.

Looking forward to the results on this one . . .

This is going to be tough. I love a lot of his random fill-in issues. My favorite is the story where he fleshes out why Tony Stark quit making weapons.

I vote for a small little story in the Micronauts Vol. 1 #57. The entire story features the Micronauts fighting Baron Karza on an ice planet called Never-Summer, but it’s told entirely from the viewpoint of one of the Native-American-like inhabitants of the planet, the warrior Ojeeg of the Wolverine tribe. Mantlo even researched Native American culture and incorporated it into this one-off story, making the character of Ojeeg, who only appeared in this one issue, compelling and interesting. I haven’t read the story in over 25 years, but to this day, I still remember it.

going to be really hard given bills work for marvel to narrow it down to meet the rules of this theme. espically given he had a long time run at marvel. though as long as maybe at least one slot on the list has a cloak and dagger story.

Cloak and Dagger mini. also, the last issue of the first ongoing series. that man could write a story.

I’m also a huge Jack of Hearts fan, but he took that character so far over the Marvel U, I’m having a hard time narrowing one story down. I’ll throw the mini into the ring, for really fleshing the character out.

I also dig White Tiger. unfortunately, my first experience with the character was when Roger Stern had him shot. that story, while not Mantlo’s, was so powerful to me when I was younger. so, completely irrelevant to the voting, sorry! regardless, Mantlo created the character that Stern could appraoch in such a human way that we cared about. I’ll pocket that one until a Stern vote, but I’d like it considered for other readers who may be more well versed in Mantlo’s White Tiger stories.

any story in which mantlo tackled social injustices turned out really well. he never came across as preachy and I really believe his stories were ahead of their time for the way he appraoched his content. dealing with those issues AND coming up with a story in which a man in a spider costume got involved is a real skill of his.

I’d like to point out that HIS writing is the reason I am looking so forward to Ann Nocenti’s run on Green Arrow. a writer known for her activist stories writing an activist character. brillaint!

Just hope at least a few other people remember his Rocket Raccoon stories…

Ohman, am I really going to have to go to my storage space to unearth my ROM and Micronauts collections? I guess I have to.

When the Micronauts crashed into a McDonald’s like resturant and Acroyer fell into the fry machine.


November 18, 2011 at 8:35 pm

Poor Bill.

That recent article about his health and how bis treatment went was heart breaking.


Thanks for going with my suggestion on this one. I haven’t read any Mantlo I liked, but that’s from an admittedly small sample size. I’m looking forward to this vote providing me with some suggestions for things to track down and get a better feel for the man’s writing.

Cloak and Dagger
The smart Hulk story
Spectacular Spider-Man
Rom, Space Knight
Vision and Scarlet Witch

I choose Sectaurs

I can’t believe how many story he wrote that as a kid I read over and over again to the point I had to buy more copies because they were falling apart. So many of them were just fun super hero books, with characters teaming up and fighting bad guys (or lawnmowers).

My votes are
1) Son of Satan with Russ Heath issue # 8 (though may have been rewritten by Shooter)
2) Paradox from Marvel Prieview 24 b&w Val Mayerik pencil &ink (no idea what the story was about, but it sure looked pretty
3) Last issue of Frankenstien #18 (also may have been rewritten by Shooter) introspective issue of Monster and messed up robot. Pencil & ink by Val Mayerik (though bad lettering)
4) Micronauts M Golden Issues
5) Micronauts Pat Broderick issues
6) Cloak and Dagger issues in Peter Parker TSS-M
7) Cloak and Dagger mini w Leonardi
8) White Tiger from The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu issues with George Perez
9) Jack of Hearts (none of the stories really, just liked the character)
10) I’m sure I’ll get craped on for it but…Woodgod (Hey, I like what I like.)

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