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The Greatest Iron Fist Stories Ever Told!

Every day in November we will reveal the greatest stories ever told starring a particular character or written/drawn by a particular creator (and throughout the month, you’ll get daily chances to vote for NEXT week’s lists). These lists are voted on by YOU, the reader!

Here is the list of characters/creators featured so far (along with the rules on how to vote).

Today’s list is the Greatest Iron Fist Stories Ever Told!


10. Iron Fist: Wolverine #1-4

Jay Faerber and Jamal Igle were the creative team on this dynamic mini-series starring Iron Fist and Wolverine.

9. Power Man and Iron Fist #118-125

Iron Fist goes through a change in costume due to guilt as the Power Man/Iron Fist series comes to an end as Iron Fist is seemingly killed by a young boy who has the ability to turn into a powerful being known as Captain Hero. Jim Owsley and MD Bright was the creative team.

8. Immortal Iron Fist #17-21 “The Mortal Iron Fist”

Duane Swierzynski takes over Iron Fist with this tale of Danny fighting an ancient prophecy that predicts his death. Travel Foreman is the lead artist on this story arc.

7. Power Man and Iron Fist #50 “Freedom!”

Iron Fist and Power Man begin their partnership in the first Power Man and Iron Fist issue.

6. Marvel Premiere #25, Iron Fist #1-7 “The Search for Colleen Wing”

Chris Claremont and John Byrne begin their run with this epic story that launched Iron Fist’s first ongoing series. It also introduced Misty Knight as Iron Fist searches for his friend, Colleen Wing.

5. Immortal Iron Fist #16 “Happy Birthday, Danny”

Matt Fraction capped off his Iron Fist run with this wonderful one-off examination of Iron Fist’s life as he celebrates his birthday. David Aja did the art.

4. Marvel Premiere #15-16

Roy Thomas and Jim Starlin both introduce Iron Fist and give his origin.

3. Iron Fist #15, Marvel Team-Up #63-64

Claremont and Byrne finish off their Iron Fist run with this story, which began in the last issue of Iron Fist and ended in a two-parter in Marvel Team-Up.

2. The Immortal Iron Fist #1-6 – “The Last Iron Fist Story”

In their initial story arc of the acclaimed Iron Fist series by writers Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker, we are introduced to Orson Randall, the Iron Fist circa World War I! This rollicking adventure featured stunning artwork from David Aja and Travel Foreman, with brilliant spot work from the great John Severin.

1. The Immortal Iron Fist #8-14 – “The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven”

Fraction and Brubaker (and their company of artists, led by David Aja) up the ante even more in the second half of their Iron Fist run as Iron Fist finds himself the champion of K’un-Lun in a contest against the Immortal Weapons (powerful warriors like him) of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. The contest is rigged, though, so can Danny escape with his life and find out who is behind the sprawling conspiracy? LOTS of awesome martial arts and great new characters (all the other Immortal Weapons).

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


The only Iron Fist I’ve ever read was Immortal Iron Fist. I liked both the Brubaker/Fraction and Swierzynski runs a lot (the latter surprisingly so.)

I didn’t like Swierzynski’ss run, but man, those Fraction/Brubaker issues were epic. And I loved the PM/IF series from beginning to end.

These are surprisingly lackluster Martian Manhunter stories. But for Iron Fist, they’re great!

Given the strong Claremont/Byrne presence, I’m amazed Iron Fist #14 (1st appearance of Sabretooth) is nowhere to be seen. Going down the list I was even starting to believe it might place #1!

Not that I’m complaining, I figured its appearance would be more influenced by its notoriety than its content. It’s a good story, but this list is pretty solid as it is.

randypan the goatboy

November 18, 2011 at 7:23 pm

Maybe its the martian manhunter disguised as iron Fist?..he is a shape changer

Iron Fist #14 was good for what it was. But what it was is a fill-in history with little impact. It could hardly fit even in a listing of ten best stories of Iron Fist Volume 1 (the 15 Byrne/Claremont issues) – which, btw, was a remarkably well written series, although you wouldn’t guess it from issue #14.

It had some good Coleen-Danny moments, but so had most of the stories that surrounded it. Sabretooth was quite the disposable villain (a mercenary, to boot) in it, and one can’t help but notice that neither Claremont nor Byrne showed any great desire to use him again later. IIRC it took some ten years for the character to appear again at all.

In fact, come to think of it, his next appearance was in Power Man/Iron Fist as a random powered thug, partnered with the Constrictor simply because the two of them fit the description of “paid muscle that might reasonably claim to be superpowered”. It was quite the forgettable story as well. Some time later he began to fight Spider-Man and the Black Cat – and there, too, he was about as generic as they come. Not that I think he changed much since, mind you.

Just an FYI for people that want to explore the things on this list a little: #s 3, 4, 6, and 7 ALL appear in the single volume of the Essential Iron Fist. A great buy for anyone interested in the character, and especially for any Claremont/Byrne fans that haven’t read any of their collaborations beyond the X-Men.

What?!? No Power Man/Iron Fist #75 the original Return to K’un L’un story?!? That’s a seminal expansion of his origin story. And a classic painted cover too. Makes me wonder how many voters are familiar with the full PM/IF run.

what are the chances of a movie or an anamated film ever be made of ironfist and powerman in the near future i would like to see both or the anamated movie

Agreed, Dave. I didn’t vote so I can’t really complain, but that issue was the first one that came to mind as a glaring lack when I looked at the list.

List Item #4: Marvel Premiere #s 15-16 artist was Gil Kane, not Jim Starlin. Starlin did first two-three issues of Master of Kung Fu: Marvel Special Edition #s 15-16 and Master of Kung Fu #17.

Nothing from the Duffy/Gammill PM/IF run? C’mon, man!

Swierczynski’s second arc on IIF was way better than the first. For shame.

As for picking best stories from the original PM&IF, there’s no way the kids these days would be familiar with much, or any, of that because it’s not really collected well. Essentials aren’t the greatest way to read a story.


Any way you could include the year the stories were first published along with the title and issue numbers? Thanks.

I’m tempted to put Iron Fist’s “resurrection” from “Namor” in there, not only because it brought Danny back but because of the great Jae Lee art.

While those stories were good, I think the Chris Claremont/John Bryne run (issues 1-13) were the best, especially issues 10 through 12.

I don’t know if its primarily nostalgia (though I know the series WAS solid), but I have a major soft spot for the 90s two-issue mini written by James Felder with art by Robert Brown. It was definitely a hidden gem for me. I’ve had it in my collection since it came out, yet I can’t recall what led me to buy it since my comic book diet at the time was pretty steady Spidey and FF at the time with no room for extras.

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