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Name That Magneto Artist!

All November-long, I will be sharing four panels featuring a comic book character. They will each be drawn by four separate pencilers. I will be featuring only pieces of art where the penciler did full pencils (as otherwise it would be way too difficult). Your challenge is to, simply put, name that artist!

E-mail me your guesses to bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Do NOT make guesses in the comments section! After a week, I’ll post the correct answers on the archive page along with whoever guessed them correctly. You don’t have to name the issues the panels came from, but if you’d like to, knock yourself out.

Read on for the four Magneto panels…



Remember, don’t answer in the comments section. E-mail me your guesses at bcronin@comicbookresources.com.



Good luck and have fun!


Magneto does look best when his eyes peer out from the shadow created by the upper helmet. It’s funny how old he looks in #1 above, yet decades later in “real-time”, he’s a buff young hunk. Most superheroes are in age-limbo, but Mags has been regressing since his relationship with Rogue began.

Hey, I think I may have actually heard of a couple of these artists! #2 and #3 look familiar for sure.

The tusks on #4 are a dead giveaway.

…I meant the tusks on #3, damn typo. :(

Magneto was de-aged and then re-aged to his prime back around x-men 100. Coincidentally the white hair persisted.

You’ve been using the #3 artist on a lot of these “Name that ***** Artist” quizzes.

#1 is from what may well be the worst Magneto story ever told.

I’m terrible at these and this one is no exception.

But one of these looks vaguely familiar. Is it possible we have a panel from The Champions up here? (so obscure I couldn’t recall the artist anyway, although I vaguely recall enjoying the story I’m thinking of).

RobM – Funny you mention #3, he is the only I keep consistently guessing right in these challenged!

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