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Welcome to the House to Astonish!

I’m pleased to announce that we’re going to be hosting a second comic book podcast here at Comics Should Be Good! On top of the always awesome 3 Chicks Reading Comics Podcast, we’ll also be having Alistair Kennedy and Paul O’Brien’s House to Astonish podcast, which has just recently celebrated its third year of great comic book talk!

Their first podcast will be up tomorrow.

Welcome, Al and Paul!



This is fantastic news. Al and Paul are both incredibly sharp critics and commentators, and their podcast has been consistently brilliant ever since day one. I cannot recommend it to people enough.

Congratulations! They’re brilliant, and it’s nice to see them supported.

cool. They have a great podcast. glad to see them get more recognition.

The best comics podcast around

Congratulations Al & Paul! House to Astonish is one of the best podcasts around.

This is great news. House to Astonish is my favourite comics podcast, and it’s awesome that more people will now be exposed to it. Congrats, Paul and Al!

Nifty. I’ve been reading Paul’s reviews for… close to 15 years now, and he and Al play well off each other in this newfangled podcast thing. Congrats to all!

Wow…. Alex F.’s comment makes me scared to remember when I first started reading Paul’s reviews. He HAS been doing this a while, hasn’t he?


November 25, 2011 at 7:22 pm

That’s a hell of a score, as it’s an excellent podcast.
Good to see Brian Cronin’s conquering of the Internet continues to plan.

This is great news. House To Astonish is easily the best comics podcast around.

I agree with the consensus, House to Astonish is great stuff and I’m very happy Paul and Al are getting better exposure.

I haven’t missed an episode. Paul’s very unique in that he’s a brilliant analyst of the business side of comics, but also a mordant and smart critic of the art form, and Al has a real gift for driving the show toward some of the most intelligent and entertaining commentary available on today’s comics. Essential listening.

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