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Name That Black Canary Artist!

All November-long, I will be sharing four panels featuring a comic book character. They will each be drawn by four separate pencilers. I will be featuring only pieces of art where the penciler did full pencils (as otherwise it would be way too difficult). Your challenge is to, simply put, name that artist!

E-mail me your guesses to bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Do NOT make guesses in the comments section! After a week, I’ll post the correct answers on the archive page along with whoever guessed them correctly. You don’t have to name the issues the panels came from, but if you’d like to, knock yourself out.

Read on for the four Black Canary panels…



Remember, don’t answer in the comments section. E-mail me your guesses at bcronin@comicbookresources.com.



Good luck and have fun!


Great closeup on #3. Always loved that artist’s version of Canary.

I love those eyebrows in #3.

Yes, I have to agree the-unnamed-artist drawing #3 always drew beautiful women. Good figure dynamics, could tell a story cleanly. :) — Why was this artist’s work not represented in the Black Canary archive? I bought that archive above a lot of others for the Infantino and Toth work.

#3 is Don Heck, who drew Black Canary in Justice League of America. Heck is not my favorite comic artist; but that was a good panel you’ve shown.

My favorite Black Canary artist is Mike Grell.

Man, I was so sure that first panel was from Swamp Thing #24, but I pulled the hardcover off my shelf and, alas, it’s not there. That hair looks exactly like the way Bissette and Totleben drew Abby Cable/Holland. You’re a dirty trickster, Brian.

So Brian, when you say “full pencils,” that means they inked themselves? I’m wondering because I was expecting to see Dick Dillin represented here, but he’s not — yet he might’ve drawn Canary more than any artist, given his hundred(or so)-issue-long run on the original Justice League of America.

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