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Spider-Man: Do You Prefer Him Married or Single?

We asked you folks if you liked Spider-Man better married or in his current single state and boy did you respond in droves (I let the poll go on an extra week because of the high turnout) with 5, 793 votes cast (WOW!)!

So what was your choice?

Read on to find out!

With a margin of 3,302 votes of “married” to 2,491 votes of “his current single state,” your choice was married!

The 57% to 43% difference, though, is a notable decrease from the 70% to 30% result that the question had when I posed it back in 2009 (although many more people voted in this poll as opposed to the 2009 poll).


Wow, no wonder the results took awhile, look at all the votes! Very interesting poll, even several years after OMD, people still prefer what came before.

Hm, so next time this poll is done the pro-single choice will probably win!

Well, I’m married myself so I can’t relate to a “single” Spider-Man. So that’s why I don’t buy his comics anymore.

I voted single, which I also thought would win. I can’t wait to catch up on all these BND stories. Being a single guy I can’t really relate to married folks, but relating to a character is subjective. Peter Parker is white, but I still relate to him more than any of the minority characters.

Although I prefer him single, I’m happy as long as the stories are good.

Maybe the audience for this site skews married, too? I’ll never understand how personal people took this. As if their own marriages had been invalidated (even though the stories, outside the wedding itself, clearly weren’t). Sure there was the “deal” but I don’t know anyone who wasn’t pissed about one that wasn’t about the other, so same audience there.

The new stories have been superior to the JMS years, but there’s a whole audience that missed out on it because of a kind of stubborn perspective.

Hey I am a black guy and so I can not relate to Spider-man because his white. That is stupid!
Beside that like Peter remarried because I am a fan of the relate ship of Peter and Mary Jane.

I am Canadian, I cannot relate to Spider-Man because he is a US citizen.

For me, it was never about him being single or married, but about not liking Mary Jane. I’ve always been of the school of thought that Peter/Spidey should be with Black Cat and I like that OMD was able to bring that back.

Of course, while I disliked MJ, I despise Carlie. There is nothing remotely interesting about her, plus she’s whiney. The ironic thing about all this is that I now like MJ and wouldn’t mind seeing a new romance blossom between her and Peter.

Surprise, surprise. I wonder what the results would be like if you removed the votes of people that don’t actually read the book.

“The new stories have been superior to the JMS years, but there’s a whole audience that missed out on it because of a kind of stubborn perspective.”

For me, it was much less about a “stubborn perspective” in regards to marriage than it was about the horrible stories at the time. I think marriage is incredibly stupid as a general rule… I didn’t stop reading Spider-Man b/c he wasn’t married but b/c the comics had been pretty bad for a while, OMD was really freaking bad, and I just had no desire to read or support that mess anymore.

bummer to miss out on the new (“better”) stories, but any interest I had in following the character has completely disappeared, and there are plenty of stories of equal or much better quality stories out there than the Spidey Soap Opera.

One of the reasons that Spider-Man is such a great character is because he grew up and changed along with his audience. The “magical divorce” really undid a lot of the growth that previous writers had created for Peter Parker. I would say that people don’t dislike a SINGLE Peter Parker, but rather a “magically divorced” one.

I’m a DC fan so I can’t relate to him because Marvel publishes his stories.

I do think the stories have usually been better when he’s been single, but I don’t think that’s the reason they’re better. I think the married period just happened to coincide with a lousy time-period for Spider-Man. The 1990s was a bad decade for most comics, and Spidey in particular got trapped in a lot of bad stories– Carnage, the return of his ‘parents’, the never-ending clone story. And then the next decade brought a lot of mystical stuff which didn’t fit Spider-Man at all. None of these bad stories had anything to do with him being married. It was just bad writing.

I can’t relate to him because I don’t have spider powers.

I thought OMD was a terrible story. The most out-of-left-field Spidey comic since Amazing Spider-Man annual 21.

All I can say is, I hadn’t read Spider-Man for several years, but I’ve read everything from Brand New Day on, and totally love it.

My only problem with the current attitude of some people is that they think there’s a connection between Spider-Man’s marital status and the quality of his stories. Yes, there were a bunch of terrible stories written during the nineties, when Peter and MJ were married. Guess what? If Peter were single during that time, the Clone Saga would still have sucked! Mary Jane would have simply avoided the shrapnel! And yes, Dan Slott is one of the better writers Spider-Man has enjoyed in his many-storied career. And if Joe Q had allowed the marriage to stand, Dan Slott’s stories would, in all likelihood, still be damn good! Just some subtle differences.

I like him married, I like him single. What I don’t like is the attitude that he must be always single, world without end, amen. If he and MJ get back together over the next few years(I’d prefer any reconciliation between them to be a long-term, slowly building thing instead of a two-issue “suddenly they’re back together” thing), I hope that the editors won’t pull an Adjustment-Bureau on him and automatically split them up because it’s against “The Plan”.

Well, I’m symbiotically bonded to an alien myself, so I can’t relate to a ‘red-costumed’ Spider-Man. That’s why I don’t buy his comics anymore.

I liked the marriage because… it’s what happened. He GOT married. The rest stinks of retcon. Now there’s no Spider-Man story, just a series of Saturday morning cartoon episodes. Maybe that’s all Spider-Man is, but it seems terrible to think small after we saw it could be and was more.


November 29, 2011 at 8:19 pm

I cannot relate to him because his first name is a nickname for penis and mine is not.

The thing is (I think) people prefer Spider-man AS SPIDER-MAN. Having read some Brand New Day stuff I have to say it isn’t much like Spider-man. Another problem is ‘what is actually going to happen?’ What’s supposed to happen after readers got the big ‘LIE’ that was the Unmasking and that bizarre ‘Other’ story. You’ve got what should be the two biggest things to happen to a guy since he got powers and his Uncle Ben died and it’s just telling readers they have stuff then making it so bad it doesn’t matter and think of all the sales they could of made if it weren’t written by a television writer and was actually intended as a decent story.

There’s really nothing you can do after that and OMD. It’s just beyond awful. You see Slott and crew were probably told ‘nothing happens’ and unfortunantly they had to follow that. It doesn’t feel like Spider-man anymore and having read it a few times after that mess, it’s obvious Marvel has inadvertently told us older Spider-fans to ‘take a hike’ even if they didn’t realize it. OMD was a stupid idea to begin with. It was going to stupid around the time they gave Spider-man his second magical rebirth. It’s like fans didn’t get what they were promised. All I see is a story I’m not going to get starring a character I don’t recognize. Present Peter Parker doesn’t seem to have much of a personality and just makes wise cracks is either emotion 1 which is happy or emotion 2 which is dull-sort-of-sadness. The old guy had emotions and conflict. A single guy could have lots of those, but I don’t see them. All I see is editorial dictates. Hey, are we getting that Unmasking story yet? NO? Didn’t think so.

About the only remarkable thing is they managed to get Joe Mad to pencil 3 issues.

I *was* married. To a supermodel, actually, but I traded my marriage in a deal with the devil to save my aunt’s life. So I can’t relate to…


Oh, he *did*?

Maybe I should start reading Spider-Man.

surprised the married choice won. for thought fans would just accept a single spider man even though spider man being married showed that like the fans doing so in real life peter was making the normal adult steps from a young kid to an adult. including peter marrying even if Marvel ever did decide to remary spider man its with some one new

Wow, I voted married but figured it had no chance of winning.

I never got the whole “readers have to relate to Spider-Man” thing, or that marriage makes him seem old. I started reading Spider-Man in 1992. Back then, he was married. I was 13 years old, and Spider-Man was my favorite character, married or not. And I never got the idea that he was old, just from him being married. I loved both the big villain-fighting scenes he dealt with as Spider-Man AND the soap-opera-ish aspects of the books.

I think Marvel tends to overestimate the effect that Spider-Man’s relationship status has on readership. If the stories are written well, who cares if he’s single or married?

If you do the poll again some couple years in the future it will probably be closer to advantage for single. Not because it’s better or worse, just because by then the fans will have bought what Marvel says or moved on.

Why should we care about a character that can be altered in such a insanely stupid way? You might like the stories and the direction of Spider-man now but as we all know they can do a OMD again. It might bring Gwen back, kill May, marry J.J and Peter… well anything.

After reading Spider-man since I was 8 I quit after OMD. Simply becasue anything could happen. Something Marvel believes in the worst possible way.

I cannot relate to Spider-Man because he’s an Avenger and I just joined the X-Men, that’s why I don’t buy his comics.

It’s interesting that the people who prefer him married get attacked for not reading the book now OR if they are reading it, they are then asked “why are you reading it then?” it’s a no-win situation to be in that category. Ironically I dropped the book because of money, not because of his martial status.

The question should really be: Do you prefer Spider-man with or without a massive retcon?

Cookie Crisp 1970

November 30, 2011 at 7:48 am

When I buy my books—I always put what I think is going to be best at the bottom of the pile. I put stuff that has been passable or not so great at the top to get it read and filed a.s.a.p. to get to the good stuff. Spider-man hasnt been a “best” title (for me) since the Michelinie/MFarlane era.

I know we live in a society of loose morality—but I cannot relate to Spider-man being the man whore he has become. He’s not James bond for cryin’ out loud. But nowadays he’s laid more pipe than a plumber.

I cannot relate to Spider-Man because he’s a fictional character and I’m a real boy.

Be quiet, Pinocchio!

Hah. Married opinion wins again, even years later. Suck it, BND-ers. Seriously, just imagine how obscenely decimated this poll would have been if all the people who dropped this book like a bad habit and never looked back had bothered to give their opinions, as if any of them still cared! I didn’t vote in the poll, but you can guess what my vote would have been if I had.

Breaking continuity kills comic sales. No matter how much you dislike what has come before, you can’t just retcon everything, you have to work with what is given, or you’re just a bad writer, plain and simple.

Enjoy your phony, devil-dealing Spider-clone, folks. He’s worth about as much as a used postage stamp as far as the “winners” are concerned.

I was rejected as a founding member of the Future Foundation, so I can’t relate to Spider-man, sorry.

Not Harrison Ford

November 30, 2011 at 8:08 am

No surprise here, people are going to refuse to admit that Brand New Day was great for Spider-Man. I wish people would just grow up and enjoy the great stories that are being told. But we’re fans and we have to complain about everything, far be it that we just have fun.

Yeah I’m in the marriage camp. I’m fine with that marriage than I am any other super hero marriage (even more so than Clark and Lois. DC hasn’t really done a great job of showing what Clark sees in her IMO).

I think the comments express things pretty well.

1. The “I can’t relate to a married Spiderman” argument is absolute bullshit.
2. The marriage, or absence of the marriage, has no impact on the quality of the story.
3. OMD featured offensively incompetent writing.
4. Marvel should treat their properties better.

These polls are unscientific and flawed and it is as someone says your vote if you don’t buy comics is pointless and not any good indicator of anything but very misleading and should in no way influence what creators do.

If we were to accept your poll findings eg for the new DCU…you would be announcing how it failed and not many people will accept it. It’s all irrelevant. Instead of silly polls you should be posting up sales charts. That’s the concrete evidence.

Even 71 years old Spider-Men should be allowed to be single these days. Those conservative days where you had to be married in order to be a valid member of our society are long gone. Nor is it embarrassing to be alone and have a lot of affairs with young beautiful women in his age.

Though, one wonders whether the 616 Marvel universe isn’t getting overpopulated with all these over aged heroes, which even repeatedly come back to life after they died.

I’m a spider, so I can’t relate to someone who’s half human.

I vote for good writing. I liked Straczynski’s run on ASM until Editorial got its hands all over the story. Four writers was a mess. Dropping Joe Quesada off a roof to land on Spider Man so he missed his wedding was ironic and laughable. FINALLY, at issue #666 with Spider-Island the book started to become enjoyable again. And where do we end up after all the retcon nonsense? MJ knows his secret and he doesn’t have organic web spinners (although that could have easily been re-retconned with everyone getting spider powers)

I’m married and I have just as many good stories now as I did when I was single. Tell a good story and forget about marital statuses.

I gained mutant powers after toxic waste from the TCRI company fell on my brothers and I rather than gaining mutant powers from the bite of a radioactive spider, so I’ve always had a hard time relating to Spider-Man.

I exist in a 3 Dimensional world and can’t relate to characters that only exist in 2 Dimensions. So that’s why I don’t buy his comics any more.

**These “relatable” comments are seriously the best part about this poll :) **

I can’t relate to Spider-Man because he no longer has a mullet. That’s why I don’t buy his comics anymore.

When Peter got married, it felt like the logical progression of a storyline that had a long development. I enjoyed the pre-marriage Spider-Man stories, as well as the post-marriage stories. What I don’t like is undoing substantial character development because some people wanted the character to never grow up.

The modern focus on major events one after another has derailed many books. They’re fun to read, but you invariably feel betrayed at the end of an arc.

Lawrence Grantray

November 30, 2011 at 10:23 am

You’re all completely wrong. Peter Parker should be married to Gwen Stacy. Any other answer is totally unacceptable — which, again, is why I stopped reading Spider-Man comics in 1975 and haven’t gone back to them since.

All this proves is those who whine loudest spend more time voting in internet polls. Shocking!

I can’r relate to Spider-Man because he is a North-American and I’m European.

The bigger question is: Do you prefer Spider-Man still saddled with a 200-year-old aunt who was close to death 50 years ago but steadfastly refuses to die, despite multiple opportunities and false alarms, or would you like frail Aunt May to finally pass on to her final reward (……only to return to life again,………oh Marvel……..)


November 30, 2011 at 10:40 am

I can no longer relate to Spider-Man because I have organic web shooters and he doesn’t anymore

Spider-Man was great from his first appearance. Growth has zilch to do with it. Marriage supporters don’t support growth, they just support a very rigid status quo, actually the longest period of ungrowth in their words.

I’m sorry, Lawrence–CLEARLY Peter Parker should be married to Betty Brant. That’s why I haven’t read Spider-Man since 1964.

I voted “married”. I’ve been reading Spidey since the early 70’s and have enjoyed him as a bachalor as well as married. I agree with many here that it the story that matters not his “status”. While I thought the OMD story was crap i have enjoyed BND (mostly) and Big Time but with a few exceptions none of the stories being told depend on his marital status and could have easily been told with him still married.

Either way…I still enjoy the book and will continue to buy it regardless. I CAN relate to the character in either form and feel Slott is doing a great job currently.

I just want good stories.

I’m the head of a spy agency and trot the globe battling villains. he’s a street hero stuck in New York, that’s why I can’t relate to him.

It is funny poll results are tried to be used as the voice of the reader. It clearly is not as seen by the fact that were we to really pay attention to all the whining and soap boxing and then contrast it with what sells, then you get a highly different picture. And why should people who don’t buy comics, and who hold onto ideas because of sentiment and nostalgia hold to ransom a new readership who demand more of the product? Spiderman if he is written well could marry Gwen Stacy this time around. It is worse having maintain a status quo and yet the writing is bad or it does nothing to progress a character. The Superman marriage was a great example of that. Fifteen years of marriage they had and they still couldn’t make Superman really interesting. If your product is not selling or being competitive, then something is wrong. You don’t continue to do what you do. Simple as that.

And why should people who don’t buy comics, and who hold onto ideas because of sentiment and nostalgia hold to ransom a new readership who demand more of the product? Spiderman if he is written well could marry Gwen Stacy this time around.

In case you haven’t actually been reading the comics (but have opinions about them anyway), the “do-over” aspect of Brand New Day does not actually extend to Gwen Stacy being alive again. (Not yet, in any case.) They haven’t literally started Spider-Man continuity all over again–just parts of it.

Someone said it was good to see “Peter growing up and getting married just like everyone else”; the only problem is he isn’t just like everyone else. He is a comic book character and should be ageless.

If Peter aged like everyone else, he would be around 65 years old now and probably have grand kids (this is saying he was around 16 years old when he became Spidey in 1962). Not to mention Batman and Superman who were created in the 1930s; they would probably be dead by now (at least Batman since he’s human – he was created in 1939 and if he was 25 then, he would be 97 now). This is why comic book characters should be ageless and not do the things “everyone else does” regarding normal life like getting married.

Marvel comic book characters were ageless up to about 20 to 30 years ago, then the people who became in charge of Marvel, and who also grew up reading Spider-Man, wanted Peter to grow up “just like them”, so they made him get older and get married “just like them”. They took the immortality of Peter and of comic characters away.

So does this mean in another another 50 years kids will be reading the adventures of a “middle aged Spider-Man” dealing with the expenses of having a couple of kids in college and concerns of being able to retire? It will certainly happen if “aging creative teams” continue to “age” comic book heroes. I think DC has learned this lesson; that comic characters are for all generations and should be ageless. This is why they are starting completely over with their heroes and their titles.

The main reason I voted ‘married’ is because I don’t like the idea that Marvel has that Spider-man can’t move forward.

Personally I like to see character evolution and Peter has always been the kinda guy who wanted to settle down and start a family.

I think the BND era brought great stories but it still feels like Peter is being kept static as a character. I get the argument of why Marvel feels they need to do this, but it just makes the character less interesting to me.

@kellraiser “Marvel comic book characters were ageless up to about 20 to 30 years ago, then the people who became in charge of Marvel, and who also grew up reading Spider-Man, wanted Peter to grow up ‘just like them’.”

Actually, Marvel character’s did develop and visibly age to an extent – Peter Parker, for example, finishes high school fairly early into the series’ run. This began to change around the late 80s/90s.

I have a huge frickin’ head, so I can’t relate to a tiny-skulled idiot like Spider-Man.

First JMS was a wonderful writer. One of the best to work on Spiderman ever.
Second, Dan Slott is a wonderful writer who probably ranks right up there with JMS.
Third, I want the marriage back if this is an all or nothing vote. But could there be a third option-the one Mr. Slott appears to be heading for? The Carlie-Mary Jane competition has got my attention. It’s a really good story and dramatic device.
It’s silly to think single people can’t relate to a married Spiderman.

Lets face it. A single Spidey is useless. All of his relationships are doomed to fail. I like Spidey married to MJ because she covers for him and is the only one who can put up with his life (most of the time).

The problem is that I still see them as married, because the timeline in Spider-Man now is a false timeline created by a devil in a corrupt deal. By comic-book logic, everything in the current comics is wrong and not meant to happen. The universe can’t be put right until the timeline is repaired.

Not to mention the fact that Peter & Mary were morons to agree to any deal with a devil, let alone a deal to save the life of someone who seemingly has been living on death’s doorstep for all of her existence and thus preventing their future children from existing. A deal that Aunt May would have seen as a betrayal of everything she lived for.

It’s not a big deal to me whether PP is married or single. It is a big deal to me that in current continuity everything that happens to Spiderman is one, big, false, lie.

I’d be much more likely to buy the comic if they had just rebooted the character.


Googam son of Goom

November 30, 2011 at 4:42 pm

@Dayfan So you really only read comics about people who are married?

Brian from Canada

November 30, 2011 at 5:11 pm

I voted married for three reasons:

1. Marvel claimed that the majority of readers “can’t relate” to a married Spider-Man, but we did for a decade — even through poorly executed story lines like “The Clone Saga,” which the present administration doesn’t see as a bad thing (not when people come up and say they love it). Moreover, Spider-Man WAS married through the relaunch that Quesada was so proud of too.

2. Marvel claimed the marriage made writing good Spider-Man stories hard — but that’s an excuse, since Stan Lee can do it on a daily basis with the regular strip. JMS couldn’t, and present editorial didn’t feel like others, but either Stan is a much better writer than them all or they’re just not willing to come up with ways to involve MJ in his life.

3. Worst of all, the last decade has underlined the Gwen Stacy connection, bringing in clones, focusing on her during M-Day (and a What If?), and now making a Gwen-like Carley the main love interest. (Think about it: blonde, pretty, loves science….) And that’s not done anything to boost the stories.

PLUS, I feel that having seen Peter mope after May’s death vs Peter mope after MJ’s death — both of which were in stories before — MJ has the stronger hold on his heart, so this decision wasn’t keeping with any of the characters.

Had we seen them grow apart, maybe that would have helped. But a quick snap of Mephisto’s fingers? Hell no. They had to backtrack with another story because under this scenario, Wolverine would be next for getting help with his anger, Cap over Bucky, etc. and there’s everything to say that it’s good.

Because everyone knows the Marvel way is to make a deal with the devil rather than deal with it in your stories. :goodgrief:

Last time I checked Peter Parker was dead and Spider-Man’s name was Miles Morales. I don’t know what book you guys are reading, but it sounds awful.

[…] seeing that more than 5,000 people voted in a poll about whether or not Spider-Man should have stayed married – a retcon that happened four years ago now – I started wondering: Why don’t […]

I think everyone should just buy Spider-man no matter what. It doesn’t matter what his status is and it doesn’t matter what the stories are, we just need to keep the Spider-man train running. Marvel should just print a cover and blank pages and tell the world their characters matter and are the most important ones in comics. Also: increase the price. How about 8.99 for twelve pages? That’ll work.

Carry on, Spidey!

Wow, I’m really surprised “Married” prevailed with “Spidey 2099″ being the only readable post-McFarlane Spidey book up until 2001’s “Coming Home”. And heck, I’d take that arc back if it meant we’d never see Spidey enduring everything he has up until Slott’s current run (it’s pretty good, but only when Ramos is drawing).

I would have voted “Single” in an instant if not for the wording “his current single state”.

I don’t think anything gets remotely close to the Ditko (and Lee, I guess) run on the character but if I had to pick a 2nd favorite run it is a married one in the Michelinie/McFarlane years.

I just think the marriage was inevitable with Gwen having passed as well as comics readership aging and fracturing into the direct market throughout the 80s. I mean, what other character could Marvel had married and gained the same mainstream media coverage, especially in the late 80s when speculator stunts were just in their infancy? The beat DC to the punch on Supes really…

I like the Spider-titles more now under Steve Wacker’s editorship than I did over the past several years. Yeah, it’s too bad that MARY JANE made that deal with Mephisto, but it happened – it’s done. It’s comics. If I want to read about a married Spider-Man, I’ve got a longbox full of those stories.

Aaron Scott Johnson

November 30, 2011 at 8:03 pm

My Uncle Ben taught me that with great power comes no responsibility, so I can’t relate to Spider-Man.

I cannot relate to this poll because I cannot read

The problem is that the character is now completely unrelatable not because Marvel (whomever was deciding what did or did not happen in the last decade) just didn’t care if their material was any good. Seriously, Spider-man’s had a lot of bad stories to go with the good, but can you imagine a story where Spider-man has died by ‘some guy’ then come back to life with no explanation (because he’s magic, you see) and then new stuff seems to happen to him every month, yet it never goes anywhere. The world finds out who he is, yet it’s only mentioned a few times. It’s like they stopped caring about the quality of their material.

Oh yeah, and that terrible OMD thing. They don’t even care enough to acknowledge how bad it was. They just do it again. OMIT. Do they even care anymore?

Simple truth is any of the stories since the damn stupid “devil deal” would have worked just as well with a married Spider-Man and MJ and been just as good, as has been oft stated above. I think Marvel went with the “let’s have him expose his identity to the world” idea and wrote themselves into a corner and thought they could kill two birds with one stone by retconning the marriage and making his identity secret at the same time. Now we have a Peter Parker with the morals of James Bond, which is no morals at all. Can’t wait for the issue where he becomes H.I.V. positive, or gets some other STD; he’d deserve it. Again, as said above, bad stories during much of the married years, better stories since which would have worked equally fine with P.P. married. And the deal with the devil sucked. And JMS’ stories, especially P.P.’s desperation once Aunt May was shot, and his prison confrontation with the Kingpin, “Back in Black” and all that, were some of the most compelling I’ve read since the beginning, and AF #15 was my first Spidey; I’ve seen ‘em all. But let’s face it, Marvel didn’t know how to get P.P. back to a secret identity status quo so did what they did. Stupid stupid stupid stupid!

Well, if they keep having these polls every few years, eventually all the people who remember a married Spider-Man will be dead… and the 27 Spider-Man fans left will vote unanimously for a single Spidey — the one they grew up readiing.

Then Quesada and Wacker can both do their victory CBR interview — entitled “We TOLD you so!” — before announcing the title’s cancellation; quoting the 27 copies sold monthly as insufficient to keep the book afloat.

Soon followed by JMS’ victory CBR interview, also entitled “I TOLD you so!”

Joe Q has a history of underestimating his audience. Instead of a slow breakdown of a marriage that ‘should’ work, and ends in divorce we get a cheap parlor trick employing one of Marvel’s semi-omniscient characters conveniently. There is no history between Mephisto and Peter, none….please, tell me if I’m wrong. Here’s the problem with Spiderman that goes back to at least 1984, every time there is a groundbreaking change in the character, some ‘cosmic’ event eventually happens and hits the reset button. According to Joe Q this characters primary appeal is that he is supposed to be down-to-earth and relatable…nice try lazy, I love heavy metal music but, I don’t buy a demon erasing his marriage….you took the EASY way out…when you could have had the comic book story of the century of a marriage SLOWLY disintegrating affecting every facet of Peter and MJ’s life. What I would love to see is a return to several story-threads running concurrently for longer than 6 issues. I collect comics because I love reading them, and Marvel seems to be convinced that I read comics because I love collecting them. Lastly, is anyone else tired of seeing Wolverine and Spiderman everywhere?

@Jon Yeager: did you not read the article that said that 2,491 people voted for “not married.” I believe you’ll find 2,491 is a bigger number then 27 (unless my maths is really off today). An many of us voted not for “not married” so much as we voted for “not married to MJ.”

Frankly Peter Parker was never “married:” Oh sure, he had a wedding, but then once that was done he just went on being single, but with this annoying red head who complained a lot. The two of them had nothing in common, didn’t seem to actually like each other all that much & never seemed to plan any sort of future together. They both just went on being single, but together.

I prefer him gay.

The Crazed Spruce

December 1, 2011 at 7:18 am

When I was bitten by a radioactive spider, it only gave me a nasty rash, so that’s why I can’t relate to him….

Seriously, though, as much as I love Dan Slott’s work on the book (one of the few comics I can actually get around here these days), I liked him better when he was married. (Granted, I liked him best when he was shacking up with The Black Cat, but that wasn’t one of the options, now, was it?)

@Matthew Lane: Wow, do you really need for me to explain how my hypothetical future scenario was written tongue-in-cheek, and that the number “27” was not intended to be taken literally?

Really, dude? You need me to explain how I was being facetious with my prediction, to make a point that seems to have flown right over your head?

If you want to take things literally, then I’ll point out that your 2,491 people aren’t enough to keep *any* book from getting cancelled. But that would be a preposterous argument. Kinda like another one I just read…

There should be a poll on the funniest comments in this thread.

I no longer read Spider-Man because I believe he should be married to Flash Thompson. And I also believe that JJJ should revert his surname to that of his ancestors who came over from Europe, so he can be J. Jonah Jingleheimer-Schmidt.

And I also believe that JJJ should revert his surname to that of his ancestors who came over from Europe, so he can be J. Jonah Jingleheimer-Schmidt.

Hey, that’s my name too!

Of course then we’d have to face the inevitable stories about how he’s related to the Red Skull … and I’m sure they’d manage to cram Wolverine in there somehow too.

I wonder how the Brand New Day team would have handled the series if OMD had not happened before it was OMIT-ed.

I can’t relate to –

Wait, Peter Parker is Spiderman?

My name is not hyphenated so I can’t relate to Spider-Man.

The question really is not wether the BND stories are better than what came before, (and frankly when I look at these stupid events they are having in the Spidey-verse all the time, I don’t really think the stories can be that much better)., no the question is wether there is even one good or great story which couldn’t have been written with a married Spidey (or maybe with a divorced or split-up Peter).

And I doubt it!

I don’t see how I would be able to enjoy any Spidey-Story where he is not (or has not been) married to MJ, as the marriage is essential to the character for me.

@Googam son of Goom Do I just follow “married people” comics? That would be silly of me. I mean, other than Blondie in the comic strips my choices would be very limited, right? I couldn’t resist snarking on this at least once since everybody else has expressed their opinion over the years with varying amounts of decorum. I read most of the discussions but stay out of them mostly. I didn’t agree with OMD, I stopped buying/reading the new stuff. But that’s just me.

I think everyone pretty much agrees most of the ’90s stories sucked and would have still sucked, married P.P. or not. And most agree the mostly good to great Spidey stories of the 00s would still be just as good if P.P. were still married and Aunt May had been allowed to die, or even miraculously survived in some manner…maybe the blood transfusion from P.P. back in some silver age story. I guess everyone at Marvel thinks kids can’t relate to characters if they’re married, maybe not even their parents if they’re married. Sad, sounds like Marvel is being written by a bunch of bastards (traditional meaning). OMD was a colossal mistake, and I’m not altogether sure kids, even today, relate that much to a sexually immoral P.P. doing it with just about everybody. Guess the “ol’ Parker luck” simply doesn’t apply to our “hero” whenever it applies to the “score” department. Sorry, I’m no prude, but I certainly can’t relate to THAT. Or a deal with someone like Mephisto, which came out of nowhere. Bad bad bad writing and does force one to vote with one’s dollars.

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We should have another one like … Scott with Jean or Emma?? :P

If Parker had never gotten married, I would say keep him single. But since he’s been married, I’d like to see him stay married and work out THOSE problems. Married life comes with a few.

I actually would like to see peter parker and MJ married again because their marriage just felt real in the way they interacted.

When I was single I could relate to a married Peter Parker. SpiderMan was continuous. The retconn is like rewriting reality because you can, it shows a profound lack of creativity, and an almost childish behaviour – walking away from a problem, often perceived poorly. It also shows undedicatedness to a cause. I can’t wait till they make him so politically corect and so relatable that the character is going to be a industry trademarked character that nobody cares about. But if DC’s doing why should Marvel refrain from trying to see how it is when people leave?

Unfortunately, those of us who would like the marriage to stay can’t fire Quesada. But, we might be some marvel stock, become an association, become important stockholders and they might listen to us. Of course this is fantasy.

Hopefully, someone else might see the light in the future. For me, the SpiderMan canon stops before OMD (One More Day).

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