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Name That Iron Man Artist!

All November-long, I will be sharing four panels featuring a comic book character. They will each be drawn by four separate pencilers. I will be featuring only pieces of art where the penciler did full pencils (as otherwise it would be way too difficult). Your challenge is to, simply put, name that artist!

E-mail me your guesses to bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Do NOT make guesses in the comments section! After a week, I’ll post the correct answers on the archive page along with whoever guessed them correctly. You don’t have to name the issues the panels came from, but if you’d like to, knock yourself out.

Read on for the four Iron Man panels…



Remember, don’t answer in the comments section. E-mail me your guesses at bcronin@comicbookresources.com.



Good luck and have fun!


For I.M. I would have expected that the different Armor Designs might have provided some clues, but this looks pretty tough.

I’m sort of happy this month’s feature is now over. I quickly realized I couldn’t participate because my extensive knowledge of comic book artists ends around 1992! Because I’m old…

Aaron Scott Johnson

December 1, 2011 at 11:30 am

that fourth panel looks terrible. I’m glad I don’t recognize the artist.

#4 is actually the Iron Man float from the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.


I’ve actually been kind of surprised by how many of these have used multiple panels from older comics. It’s pretty much the only way I’ve been able to spot any of them, and even then my percentage is pretty low (although I did have the “winning” entries on the two actually I submitted lists for).

I got a panel! Just one, mind you…

I know the inker on #2, but not the penciller.

No offense but almost everyone who’s read 80s Iron Man knows the inker on #2. :)

I seriously doubt that, T.

Yeah, upon first glance I jumped to the obvious conclusion about who inked #2, but a closer look made me think it may be a red herring. The inks have that thick line but look a bit too fluid for his stuff.

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