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2011 Comics Should Be Good Advent Calendar

Just like a real Advent Calendar, every day until Christmas Eve you can click on the respective day on the Advent Calendar to reveal a special treat that I know you folks will enjoy. Be sure to stop by every day for a neat treat every day until Christmas Eve!


This is awesome. What a nice treat. :) Although when you click through to the page, for some reason it says it was posted December 1st, 2006. At first I thought you were just linking to old posts that you thought we’d enjoy, and didn’t realize that it’s actually new material.

That’s because if I posted it on the right day, it’d be visible without the Calendar.

Great surprise!

Gotcha. I guess the huge “2011” right in the title should have been a bit of a tip off for me.

What issue is that panel of the FF from?

I like when artists remember that the Thing is supposed to be shorter than Mr. Fantastic. Now all artists just automatically make him huge because he’s a strongman and strongmen are automatically supposed to be big and tall.

What issue is that panel of the FF from?

It’s a pin-up from the 1991 Holiday Special. Marie Severin drew it.

Marie Severin is one of my favorite artists. I love her run on the Hulk.

Marie Severin is great. Wonderful pick for a picture Brian. Kudos for the Aragones pick as well for the DC one.

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