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Only Four Shopping Days Left Until Fred Van Lente Day!

Yes, it is that most glorious time of the year once again – Fred Van Lente Day approaches!!

Tuesday, December 6th will be Van Lente-riffic, with a lot of breaking Van Lente news, plus some great preview pages for you to marvel at!

Plus, Fred and I will be doing an online panel about comic book history. Fred had an interesting idea to do a sort of Comic Book Comics/Comic Book Legends Revealed team-up. The way it will work is that Fred and I will, in effect, interview each other in a chat room about comic book history. You can all attend if you’d like and ask questions, but it won’t be a traditional chat in the sense that it will mostly be Fred and me interacting. Still, if you’re interested in comic book history, it should be a fun read. We’ll be doing it at 2:30PM Eastern time on Fred Van Lente Day. I’ll put up a link to the chat room at that time (and this year, it will be in a chat room without a limit to how many people could chat at once).


Ooo, the day before that is my birthday. buttler day, if you will. Observed rarely, if at all.

I…I just don’t understand Fred Van Lente Day. But I’ll roll with it.

Will there be a chat transcript after the fact?

And while I’m sure there’s no wagering, my money’s on Brian. Bring it, Van Lente!

I hope I can be at the chat. Fred rules!

In honour of the blessed day, I bought myself a copy of the collected Action Philosophers.

In honor of buttler day, I will attempt to compose witty responses to various posts on the blog. I will fail, as usual. :)

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