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The Abandoned An’ Forsaked – The Little Mermaid is Dead! Or is She?

All throughout December, we will be examining comic book stories and ideas that were not only abandoned, but also had the stories/plots specifically “overturned” by a later writer (as if they were a legal precedent). Click here for an archive of all the previous editions of The Abandoned An’ Forsaked.

Today we examine the rather odd example of the Little Mermaid and her death/life/death.


During the Breakdowns crossover, some rogue members of the Justice League head to the home of the Global Guardians to investigate a conspiracy involved in an attempted assassination attempt on Maxwell Lord.

In Justice League Europe #30, they show up and discover that most of the Global Guardians were frozen, unable to move…

Jack O’Lantern and Owlwoman (who were part of the conspiracy controlling their teammate) show up and they have a fight with the rogue League members…

Sadly, the Guardian known as Little Mermaid (her name seemed much different before 1989) was killed (Ice is especially sad because she was teammates with the Little Mermaid)…

A few years later, in Justice League Europe #50, the Guardians show up again (again being controlled by the bad guys), only Little Mermiad is with the team!

However, in Justice League Quarterly #17, after a few members of the team died, a statue was put up in tribute of their fallen members, and the statue includes the Little Mermaid…


I love how blase Flash is about it being her ‘evil twin’. just ‘oh, right’. guess superheroes are used to that kinda weird stuff!

interesting that the writers came up with the evil twin to explain how little mermaid when the jl at the time saw her wind up killed by one of the rogue guardians shows up as a member later of the jl and flash just hearing the answer acts like its no big deal.

The JLA Classified arc #1-3, that Grant Morrison wrote, which was a prequel to Seven Soldiers… Little Mermaid has a LIVING cameo in that.

Well, at least one of Wally’s enemies — Dr. Alchemy — has had evil twin troubles of his own. (Cobalt Blue came later.)

Hello? Are there any editors doing research for the writers? LOL It is inconsistencies like this that made a book like Avengers Forever that tried to explain them rationally work for me (mostly)….

Eh, it was the post-Giffen/DeMatteis JLI. Very little of it made much sense and everyone pretends it never happened anyway (especially now that it never happened).

Loving this series!

Obviously, the statue commemorates Little Mermaid’s evil twin, who was technically also a member of the Guardians.

It was Superboy-Prime punching the crystal wall.

Eh, it was the post-Giffen/DeMatteis JLI. Very little of it made much sense and everyone pretends it never happened anyway

The solos Gerard Jones JLE stuff from around 37-50 is great comics.

@Fury: I remember an episode of the Earthworm Jim toon where Jim was blamed for a string of crimes and concluded he must be committing them in his sleep and would have to turn himself in. Peter Puppy kept telling him, “Jim, don’t worry about it, it’s probably just your evil twin! EVERY superhero has one!”

I really thought this was about the Disney character, imaging my surprise when I clicked on the post and it started talking about the Justice League.

“The solos Gerard Jones JLE stuff from around 37-50 is great comics.”

Could not possibly agree less. For me the Jones material is the absolute nadir of the Justice League’s entire history – even moreso than the Detroit League, Extreme Justice, and Brad Meltzer – especially his run on JLE. I found the whole run poorly thought out, badly executed, and obnoxiously pretentious.

In any case, by the mid-00s DC seemed to largely operate under the belief that Morrison’s run immediately followed Giffen/DeMatteis, with most of the plot developments and characters from that era totally disregarded (I’m sure Mr. Cronin could easily do one of these Abandoned An’ Forsaked columns on Power Girl’s baby, for example).

Power Girl’s baby is off somewhere with Ms. Marvel’s adorable tyke Marcus. And I hope they’re very happy together.

(I’m sure Mr. Cronin could easily do one of these Abandoned An’ Forsaked columns on Power Girl’s baby, for example).

“Sadly,” that was just a plain ol’ abandoned storyline.

Wow, the Gerard Jones bashing is getting surprisingly personal. I didn’t like Jones’s JLE much, but I loved Mosaic and liked his GL stuff in general (more than Marz’s or Johns’s, anyway). The Trouble with Girls was a fun comic too.

Anyway, for the record, the death scene was Giffen/Jones, the “evil twin” comment was solo Jones, and the memorial statue was in a Paul Kupperburg story.

Mistakes are bound to happen when you write about a universe containing literally thousands of characters. I bet that the word ballons about the Evil Twin was added to cover up an artist’s mistake.

I’m much more annoyed by the fact that they decided to kill a superhero in such an offhand fashion. This isn’t TV drama, folks, it’s superheroes.

So wait, both Marvel / Disney and DC / Time Warner own characters called the Little Mermaid… weird….

Not particularly weird, considering that the Little Mermaid is a public domain character. Marvel and DC also both have their own version of the Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, etc.

I guess…. I think it would be weird if ey both had versions of Snow White, too…. Oh wait, they do… Never mind…

weird why did it have to be an evil twin? Why not just a twin considering that other Guardians had other members take over.

I really liked the Global Guardians, but Giffen’s run on JLA badly mangled them (along with so much else–despite its cult status, I never got into his work on the book at all)>

ulla’s Death Grabbed me at that time during “Breakdowns”, Everything was goin bad in that crossover…

Man that is some really shitty looking art all around it’s almost impossible to make out what is happening during the fight scenes.

I still cant believe there is a superhero named Little Mermaid…what where her superpowers?

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