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The Top 50 Most Memorable Covers of the Marvel Age, Day 2

Every day from now until December 20th, I will be posting seven memorable Marvel covers from the past 50 years (since Fantastic Four #1 came out, the beginning of the “Marvel Age”). I will be posting them in somewhat random fashion. It does not matter if a cover shows up today or Day 15, they all have the same chance for your final vote. Once all 105 covers are posted, you all will pick the top 50 most memorable covers in the history of the “Marvel Age” and I’ll reveal your choices to you on December 22nd and 23rd.

E-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com for suggestions for covers that you think should be among the choices for the final vote. Remember, we’re talking “memorable” not necessarily “the best looking” covers. Think covers that get homaged a lot, covers that routinely pop up as part of histories of certain characters, etc.

Read on for the next seven covers!









That awesome “Bring on the Bad Guys” sure brings back memories. Those various Marvel Fireside books from the late ’70s are among the most sorely missed items from my long-lost original comic collection.
Meanwhile, that Nick Fury cover just makes me wonder if there is any cover done by Steranko that is not memorable…

Those SHEILD covers are incredible! Some of the best comic covers of all time (from any publisher!)

I think that Journey Into Mystery 83 is one of the greatest covers ever.

Although now that I look at it, it seems like Thor is more interested in whatever is happening in the foreground, off page, than he is with the alien invasion behind him. It looks like he just got a lucky shot on the one guy.

That Hulk cover always bothered me ’cause of the weird angle of Wolverine’s claws. Why I care about that is beyond me.

It’s funny to see praise for the cover to Journey To Mystery #83, because I think it’s way overrated. Bland composition, awkwardly posed, and as Joe pointed out Thor isn’t even paying attention to the aliens. Definitely one of the weakest among Marvel’s “historic” covers.

The rest of these, though? All golden.

was wondering when the cover of the hulk reflecting in wolverine’s claws would wind up on the list or if it would. plus love the cover of cap saying avengers assemble

I just had that Bring on the Bad Guys book signed by Stan the Man himself! It’s such a strong image from my growing up, that cover is most definitely going on my short list! Thanks for including it!

I think the Daredevil cover wins this batch. You can’t beat that astonishing misspelling.

Matthew Johnson

December 7, 2011 at 8:09 am

I love that Avengers cover. Did anyone really think the Melter was going to be an Avenger?

Romita all the way. Just gorgeous. Miller and Steranko covers also incredible.

Don’t get the love for the McFarlane cover. The man is vastly over-rated and has little idea about anatomy.

The Wolverine/Hulk cover is not GOOD, but it is certainly memorable.

I am surprised to see the ‘Bring ont he Bad Guys’ cover, but I can’t complain about it. Good choices over all.

So far, it appears that a lot of the covers that have been featured, were the homage inspiration(s) for the Marvel Zombies comics.

That Thor cover is awful.

Keep in mind, guys, that Brian himself said in the intro to this feature that it’s all about being memorable. Whether or not it looks cool is secondary. Hence the “New X-Men” cover from the last list, even though I think everything Quitely did during his X-Men run looks like a photograph of a turd.

To my mind DD #181 and 182 are more memoriable covers than #168…. but maybe that’s because I own those two and I don’t own 168?

How come no one gets on Steranko for all of Fury’s belts and pouches? Liefeld et al weren’t making this up, they were just homaging.

some stupid japanese name

December 7, 2011 at 1:29 pm

Is it true that Larry Hama used that design of Fury as inspiration for Snake Eyes?

The Steranko cover is awesome.

Matthew Johnson, I suppose it’s possible. Remember that three supervillains Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye became Avengers. So why not the Melter?

I wonder if any of the any painted covers from the plethora of Marvel’s B&W magazines (“Dracula Lives”, “Planet of the Apes”, “Tales of the Zombie”, “Savage Sword of Conan”, etc…) were considered/or will make the cut?

“Is it true that Larry Hama used that design of Fury as inspiration for Snake Eyes?”

Snake Eyes was created by Hasbro as a toy first.

Hmmm. Compared to yesterday’s lot, I wouldn’t call a lot of these ones particularly memorable.

The Nick Fury and Incredible Hulk ones yes, perhaps Conan, Bring on the Bad Guys, & Avengers, but the Thor and Daredevil seem pretty standard fare to me.

How did that Hulk cover with Wolverine get on the list? That cover probably isn’t even memorable to whoever drew it.

The other covers featured above would indeed make my list of most memorable Marvel covers, but only the Shield cover would be in my top 100. The Avengers cover and Conan cover would definitely be in my top 200, probably near the bottom.

The truth is, about half of my 100 most memorable Marvel covers would be those drawn by Kirby.

That awesome S.H.I.E.L.D cover by Steranko has to be one of the most iconic images of all time. It still holds up by todays standards.

That McFarlane cover has been homaged before as well as printed as a poster. It may not be outstanding, but it was very popular.

I always thought the Conan cover was great. But it always seemed awkward that he was wearing sandals. Just kinds lose some of the Barbarian touch.

“That Thor cover is awful.”

Yeah, who ever told that Kirby guy he could draw!

The reproduction of the Bring On The Bad Guys cover doesn’t nearly do it justice. I think that might have been the first time I ever saw comic book characters painted.

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