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The Line it is Drawn Try-Out Week 2, Group 6

I’ll be posting entries in groups of roughly 20 artists an entry. Check their work out and marvel at all the great talent on display here. Then, after these artists do a second drawing, we’ll ask you all to vote on your favorites. I’ll also have a group of judges vote for their favorites. I’ll combine the votes and we’ll end up with the two new regular artists for The Line it is Drawn. We’ll also be picking out one regular alternate artist for the Line it is Drawn, but I’ll let you know how we’re picking that artist a little later on.

So kick back and check out some nifty artwork, all based on the same theme as The Line it is Drawn this week, which was “Team-up two comic characters that have never teamed-up before.”


I’m keeping the groups the same as last week. So if you were in Group 1 last week, you’ll be in Group 1 this week and so on and so forth.

All copyrights and trademarks of the following characters are held by their respective owners!

Juli Mayers teamed up Black Canary and Silk Spectre…

(click on the image to enlarge)

Click here to see her Week 1 drawing.

Matt Wright (whose website is here) put the Hulk and OMAC together…

(click on the image to enlarge)

Click here to see his Week 1 drawing.

Chris Pirate (whose website is here) put Atomic Robo and Super Dinosaur together…

(click on the image to enlarge)

Click here to see his Week 1 drawing.

Donna Martinez teamed Wolverine and Sailor Saturn together…

(click on the image to enlarge)

Click here to see her Week 1 drawing.

Ryan Howe teamed Zatanna and Gonzo together….

(click on the image to enlarge)

Click here to see his Week 1 drawing.

Sherman Tibayan teamed up Groot and Poison Ivy…

(click on the image to enlarge)

Click here to see his Week 1 drawing.

Antlion teamed up Hawkman and Moon Knight…

(click on the image to enlarge)

Click here to see his Week 1 drawing.

Ryan Vila teamed up Superman and Tom Strong….

(click on the image to enlarge)

and also OMAC and Deathlok…

(click on the image to enlarge)

Click here to see his Week 1 drawing.

Eamon Dougherty teamed up Hulk and OMAC…

(click on the image to enlarge)

Click here to see his Week 1 drawing.

Calvin Vankeersbilck teamed up Jarvis and Alfred….

(click on the image to enlarge)

Click here to see his Week 1 drawing.

Nico Ecenarro (whose website is here) teamed up Black Bolt and Silent Bob….

Click here to see his Week 1 drawing.

That’s it for Group 6! Check back soon for Group 7!


These are so much fun! Of these, I really love all the extra cameos in Ryan Villa’s piece.

Minor correction: Donna Martinez did a great drawing of Wolverine and Sailor Saturn, not Sailor Moon.

Looks like you have the wrong theme listed above, Brian. It’s Team Ups, not real people as superheroes & villains.

A lot of AMAZING art this go around…So many WONDERFULLY TALENTED PEOPLE!!! I am sorry to be a pest & I hate to be a stickler- I happen to be female and my name is spelled Mayers- I don’t mind that you haven’t broadcasted my website even though others have been but to say “his” is sort of like calling an ox a bull. They’re thankful for the honor but would much rather have back what’s rightfully theirs. >^.^<

Oh man, I am really embarrassed about my typos in my strip, I was on very very little sleep at the time I was entering in the lettering.
The 3rd Panel should have said
“Great lot of good that did ‘em! Never thought to get him a few Grief counseling sessions?”

Michael Tressider

December 8, 2011 at 10:13 pm

Serious accolades to all the artwork here. Especially to Juli Mayers, been a fan of her art for awhile now and glad to see her work outside dA.

A lot of great entries here. Although, I have to say I really do like Juli Mayar’s (although I think it is spelled Mayer) piece when she paired up Black Canary and Silk Spectre. Nice use of colors.

There are some wonderful pieces here, but the “Girls Night Out” stands out to me because of the fully realized backgrounds and everything going on there, plus the dark tone, but the bright yellows and sharp blacks, just looks good.

definitely like eamon’s hulk and omac piece best. nice drawing and i can’t resist a good dot tone

Whoops, the link to my first drawing isn’t working. Thanks!

Again Juli Mayer’s work is awesome! Some of the others were amusing but this one just seems like a great concept! I mean what do two super hero girls do for a night out?? :) Good job!

I lover the ‘Girls Night Out’ piece with Black Canary and Silk Spectre. I’ve been a fan of Juli Mayer for some time now and her work never disappoints. With these two super heroines I can easily see them talking shop and life at the same time while on patrol for hoodlums. Very Nicely Done Here!

@ ithinkyoureok

You’re right, it is Sailor Saturn. I picked her because as the only sailor scout who has an evil split personality and a mad scientist father she seems like the one who’s most troubled. And really, taking troubled young Asian Girls under his wing is kind of a thing for him.

I love Donna’s Wolverine and Sailor Saturn!!

Gotta show love for Juli Mayers! “Girls Night Out” is amazing!

I really like Donna’s Wolverine too. Colors work really well on my small screen!

I really like Juli Mayers’ Girls Night Out. The colouring and the heroines casual attitude really got my attention!

Wolverine and the Sailor Scouts is hilarious and really inevitable. I’m seeing a Brave and the Bold format where Wolvie teams up with a new little girl every issue. Great pic.

Loving Donna Martinez’s Wolverine and Sailor Saturn!

Tibayan’ s Groot and Poisn Ivy really caught me – Groot as the Giving tree! Inspired!

[…] I’m not posting that piece, but you could search around and find it online CBR. You can vote here, but I’d push you to vote for my friend and awesome artist Brendan Tobin who did an […]

D Martinez is awesome, and that looks like I story I really wanna read! :D

The Wolverine and S.S. is great! (Check out the artist’s entry from last week, too!)

Thumbs up for Donna Martinez’s Sailor Saturn and Wolverine. Beautiful drawing! The background is awesome, too!

I love donna’s wolverine and s.s. it’s epic!

“Girls Night Out”, for sure. Love that style and look, and Juli Mayers makes her ladies look powerful and sassy, even when casually taking a stroll.

And for some reason I find Zatanna and Gonzo hilarious.

Donna Martinez all the way shes got my vote nice, very good work no. 1 in my comic book.

Juli Mayers’ piece. That pop of bright yellow, the full background, and the awesome comic book cover style just does it for me.

“So I was having my hair done last night and…” Julie Mayers is drawing me in.


Juli Mayers! That it all…lol

So much great creativity this round! The stand out for me, though, was once again Juli Mayers’ “Girls’ Night Out” – good concept, stunning detail (look at those fishnets!), strong female characters, a nice dash of humor… All in all, amazing as always.

Ryan Vila’s piece was excellent

Nico, nice touch on the Black Bolt/Silent Bob piece. You nailed Kevin Smith’s humor spot on. Awesome work, pal.

I really think Donna Martinez’ work stands out – she captures the classic elements of the characters
and the style, with her own personal flair – only an artist who is confident in own technique can do that!

Where do I get on the comment-flooding gravy train? Are there valuable prizes involved if I join Team Juli or Team Donna?

@Buttler no prizes… but if we’re ever gonna be at a show together let me know- cause I sometimes make cookies for other artists/ I’m snack girl… (last year at BCC there was I think… 40 “snack sized” bags of chips/darittos/cheetos, 2 12 packs of Mt. Dew, a 12 pack of Diet Dr Pepper, 2 boxes of pop-tarts, granola bars, special K bars, and sandwiches among other stuff with me) cause who wants to waste time standing in line for snacks when you could be meeting people/ con prices are sometimes worse than hockey games… for serious.

Great Work Calvin Vankeersbilck! Look forward to more in 2012!

Wow, what a fantastic bunch of pieces. I really admire them all. Juli Mayers’ stands out to me the most, I think. The artwork is of course fantastic, but what really draws me is that the work tells a whole story in one frame. You see confidence, camaraderie, and skill in the girls through their expressions, their body language, and the motions of their struts that Juli captures, astoundingly, in a single picture. Looking at it, you know the whole night these girls have had.

The comedy of it is also fantastic. There’s a lot of detail put into the surroundings to create a gritty urban atmosphere, and yet the glamor and happiness of these two superheroines is palpable. The juxtaposition of the environment, and the two thugs, with Black Canary/Silk Spectre says so much about Juli’s ability to pen an entire world with just a few pen strokes.

And none of it would be possible if Juli weren’t so talented at the technical aspects of it. The coloring is perfect, the expressions on the girls, and the way she positioned all the figures really blows me away. In a field of great pieces, this one shows real mastery.

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