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The Top 50 Most Memorable Covers of the Marvel Age, Day 5

All the way until December 20th, I will be doings posts featuring seven memorable Marvel covers from the past 50 years (since Fantastic Four #1 came out, the beginning of the “Marvel Age”). I will be posting them in essentially random fashion. It does not matter if a cover shows up today or Day 15, they all have the same chance for your final vote. Once all 105 covers are posted, you all will pick the top 50 most memorable covers in the history of the “Marvel Age” and I’ll reveal your choices to you on December 22nd and 23rd.

E-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com for suggestions for covers that you think should be among the choices for the final vote. Remember, we’re talking “memorable” not necessarily “the best looking” covers. Think covers that get homaged a lot, covers that routinely pop up as part of histories of certain characters, etc.

Read on for the next seven covers!









That Iron Man one is just silly. He’s so serious about breaking that girder. It amuses me.

Well, one of these is one of the ones I suggested. I mentioned Amazing 121, but actually didn’t remember what the cover looked like, just remembered that it’s iconic. But yeah, that’s memorable.

The other one I suggested, well, maybe there’ll be TWO Wolverine #1s to vote on!

I’d forgotten all about that X-Men cover, and that Ghost Rider cover, and that Spider-Man cover, and I’d definitely forgotten that Wolverine cover. So I don’t consider those very “memorable” at all.

But that dynamic cover to Avengers #4 was burned into my memory cells for all time.

And Brian, when you get around to doing “most memorable SPLASH pages” you probably have your winner right here, with Avengers #4. When I read Avengers #4 for the first time, I had never even heard of Captain America, but somehow that comic book made me feel all goose-pimply that he was back — it made me feel nostalgia for something I’d never known. That’s a pretty nifty accomplishment.

I prefer ASM #122 with Spidey cradling Gwen in his arms as he vows revenge on the Goblin. Seeing that cover, you knew you were in for a hell of a story. One interesting thing I just notifced about the cover to 121, however, is that Gwen is foremost in the portrait gallery. I wonder if that’s a coincidence or a subtle tipoff.

Also, I get what Steranko was going for with Fury’s movement in some way syncing up with the waving of the flag, but it just looks ridiculous, like they’re all about to fall down. He should have taken cues from Kirby’s entry in this set, which dramatizes the movement of heroes perfectly.

When I look at these posts with iconic covers I always feel like I’ve seen them all. That Iron Man cover is the exception. Never seen it, but man, do I love it! Great stuff, thanks for sharing it.

More Steranko?? Who woulda thought? I too have never seen that Iron Man 100 cover. Not sure it’s all that memorable.

Never seen the Iron Man cover. Only one on the list so far I’m not familiar with. How iconic is it truly? It’s a generic anniversary cover…

nice to see one of the early avengers issues.for that cover looks like its the issue where cap is found and joins. and was wondering if spider man 121 mostly gwens death would show up on this list.

I’m not arguing against ASM 121 being memoriable, because it clearly is…. but it is odd that center of the cover, the focal point our eye is drawn to, is the Spidey’s back and butt…

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