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2011 Comics Should Be Good Advent Calendar

Just like a real Advent Calendar, every day until Christmas Eve you can click on the respective day on the Advent Calendar to reveal a special treat! In this instance, the “special treat” is the revelation of #100-51 on the Top DC and Marvel Characters list! Be sure to stop by every day for the next four characters every day until Christmas Eve!


Dumb question: who’s signature is the “K” in the lower left corner? I’ve seen it before but never figured it out.

The art looks like Kerry Gammill, so the K is probably for Kerry. I always liked his stuff on the Titans and Superman titles in the 90s.

It is Gammill, whose scrawled sigtnature is in the corner, but I cross-referenced it with other Gammill art, which has the cursive signature but not the K-box. I’m thinking the K is the inker’s signature, whoever that may be.

Keith Williams.

Thanks! The only K I know is Karl Kesel, and I thought he was a writer.

Brian, you sure? Looks like Kesel’s signature (inks) with Gammill’s below it (pencils)….

Brian, I take it back, I see what you were saying… Keith Williams on inks with Gammill pencils.

But joshschr, Karl Kesel is indeed an inker, too! In fact, he was an inker BEFORE he was a writer!

But he’s completely different than the Carl Kasell on “Wait Wait — Don’ t Tell Me”, right? ;)

Thanks all!

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