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Comic Theme Month – Who Would Draw Your Composite Avengers?

All December long, I will be doing daily installments of Comic Theme Time. Comic Theme Time is a twist on the idea of a “Top Five” list. Instead of me stating a topic and then listing my top five choices in that topic, I’m giving you the topic and letting you go wild with examples that you think fit the theme.

Today’s topic is a “Working with an Avengers lineup of, let’s say, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Vision, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Wasp and Hank Pym (whatever identity) – who would be the most iconic artist for each of those eight characters?”

Read on to see what I’m looking for specifically, along with some examples to get you started…

The concept might sound a bit tricky at first, but it is pretty straightforward when you break it up.

Who is the artist you most associate with Captain America?
With Iron Man?
With Thor?
With Vision?
With Hawkeye?
With Scarlet Witch?
With Wasp?
With Hank Pym?

Identify each of those eight artists, and there you go, that’s your composite Avengers.

For instance, you could say (and I’m not saying that these are my personal picks, just throwing a variety of names out there):

Captain America – Jack Kirby
Iron Man – John Romita Jr (inked by Bob Layton)
Thor – Walter Simonson
Vision – John Buscema
Hawkeye – Gene Colan
Scarlet Witch – George Perez
Wasp – John Buscema
Hank Pym – Al Milgrom

See what I mean?

Now make your picks!


Captain America – Ron Garney
Iron Man – Carlos Pacheco
Thor – Oliver Copiel
Vision – John Buscema
Hawkeye – George Perez
Scarlet Witch – Jim cheung
Wasp – Frank Cho
Henry Pym – John Byrne

Fascinating choices, Roger. What Iron Man comics, in particular, did you have in mind when you thought of Carlos Pacheco?

Captain America – Jack Kirby
Iron Man – Gene Colan (I’d really like to see Gene’s take on the modern skullface armor)
Thor – Walt Simonson, ’nuff said
Vision – John Buscema, because Even An Android Can Cry
Hawkeye – John Byrne
Scarlet Witch – George Perez and that sweet Victoria’s Secret Gypsy Costume, hubba hubba
Wasp – Frank Cho, great suggestion mr. Lockwood!
Hank Pym – Scott Kolins, who delivered a great Pym on “Beyond”

Captain America? Steve Epting
With Iron Man? Salvador Larroca
With Thor? olivier coipel
With Vision? Jim Cheung
With Hawkeye? Jim Cheung
With Scarlet Witch? Oliver Copiel
With Wasp? Bryan Hitch
With Hank Pym? Bryan Hitch

I don’t necessary like all of these artists, but when I started reading comics these are the guys doing the books.

I would choose all the Stan Lee Avengers + Black Panther + Spider-Man.

Captain America – Kirby
Hulk – Kirby or Ditko
Hawkeye – Kirby
Iron Man – Ditko
Thor – Kirby
Ant-Man/Giant-Man – Kirby
Wasp – Romita Sr
Quicksilver – Kirby
Black Panther – Kirby
Spider-Man – Ditko

Captian America – Jim Steranko
Thor – Oliver Copiel
Iorn Man – Gene Colan
Vision – John Buscema
Hawkeye – Don Heck
Scarlet Witch – John Byrne
Wasp – John Buscema
Hank Pym – Neal Adams

Captain America – Zeck
Iron Man – JRJR
Thor – Simonson
Vision – Adams
Hawkeye – Perez
Scarlet Witch – Heck
Wasp – Perez
Pym – Milgrom

Captain America – Kirby
Iron Man – Granov
Thor – Simonson
Vision – John Buscema
Hawkeye – Perez
Scarlet Witch – Kirby
Wasp – Probably the original Kirby costume, though I’m tempted to say whoever came up with her design on the current cartoon.
Hank Pym – Kirby (and he’s Ant-Man)

Now, if I were to set up my own Avengers team, it would look a lot like that, but Black Panther would be in there somewhere. (And when I think Panther, I typically think of Velluto’s version, but when I think Panther-as-an-Avenger I’m more likely to picture him drawn by Perez.)

I guess the other question is who would write your dream composite Avengers? For me it would be Stan Lee or Roger Stern.

Cap-Steve McNiven
Iron Man-Adi Granov
Thor-Romita Jr
Scarlet Witch-Dodson
Wasp–Frank Cho
Pym–Carlos Pacheco

I think you could pretty easily get away with saying Buscema or Perez for all of them, but that would be cheating I guess. So here’s my picks, trying not to use the same artist twice. And picking artists that are personal favorite’s for the character, not necessarily the most iconic.

Cap – Kieron Dwyer
Iron Man – MD Bright
Thor – Kirby
Vision – Buscema
Hawkeye – Greg Larocque (He drew Avengers #223, starring Hawkeye, and my favorite single issue of all time)
Scarlet Witch – Byrne
Wasp – Perez
Pym – Al Milgrom

Cap- Mike Zeck
Iron Man -Bob Layton
Thor -Keith Pollard
Vision -John Buscema
Scarlet Witch -John Byrne
Hawkeye -Sal Buscema
Wasp -George Perez
Pym -Al Milgrom

and throw in my other two fave members:

Beast -George Perez
Wonder Man -John Byrne (Safari jacket or, what the heck, put him in that colourblind suit he wore in the Nefaria triliogy).

Cap: Steve Epting
Iron Man: Salvador Larocca
Thor: Bryan Hitch
Vision: Jim Cheung
Scarlet Witch: Olivier Coipel
Hawkeye: David Lopez
Wasp: Carlos Pacheco
Pym: Stefano Caselli

I’m assuming the Pacheco picks are based on Avengers Forever, which makes them very good picks indeed.

Captain America: Jack Kirby
Iron Man: Bob Layton
Thor: Walt Simonson
Vision: Barry Windsor Smith
Scarlet Witch: George Perez, 70’s version
Hawkeye: John Byrne (I can’t believe I just wrote that)
Wasp: John Buscema
Hank Pym: Don Heck

Hard not to pick Buscema for Vision, but I kind of like Smith’s slimmer version from #98-100. And the splash page from #66 where he introduces the idea of Vision phasing through people to knock them out is a killer. Really a toss up between the two artists for me.

Ronald Jay Kearschner

December 15, 2011 at 11:31 am

I like a lot of different artists, but for me THE Avengers artrtist is George Perez. Honestly, using all those different artists would look terrible with al those conflicting styles.

I never realized how much I liked Don Heck.

Captain America – Don Heck (Dave Hoover is a close second)
Iron Man – JRJr/Layton
Thor – Jack Kirby
Vision – Rich Buckler
Hawkeye – Don Heck
Scarlet Witch – Don Heck
Wasp – Don Heck
Hank Pym – Don Heck

@ T.

Wasp – Romita Sr

Incredibly small sample size, but I agree wholeheartedly. There’s one issue (cannot remember the # offhand) that Heck penciled and Romita inked where Wasp never looked better. Romita’s inks overpowered Heck’s pencils in a very, very good way.

Who is the artist you most associate with Captain America? – Mike Zeck
With Iron Man? – Bob Layton
With Thor? – Walt Simonson
With Vision? – John Buscema
With Hawkeye? – Mark Bright
With Scarlet Witch? – Rick Leonardi
With Wasp? – George Perez
With Hank Pym? – Al Milgrom

I threw in some extra

Black Panther – Gene Colan
Quicksilver – John Byrne
Starfox – Al Milgrom
The Hulk – Dale Keown
Hercules – Bob Layton
Namor – Jae Lee
Captain Marvel – John Buscema

And I forgot She-Hulk by Sal Buscema.

OK, let’s toss in a few oddballs.

Captain America: Mike Zeck
Iron Man: Layton, all the way.
Thor: Who else but Simonson?
Vision: Rick Leonardi (check out the original V/SW limited series)
Hawkeye: George Perez (THE go-to guy for complicated costumes)
Scarlet Witch: Since I can’t use Leonardi again, I’ll say John Byrne
Wasp: Jim Starlin (The “end” of the Warlock saga in the Avengers annual)
Hank Pym: Neal Adams


Instead of duplicating everyone else’s answers, I’m writing down artists who haven’t drawn these characters, or at least haven’t done so very often:

Captain America – Dave Johnson
Iron Man – Geoff Darrow
Thor – P. Craig Russell
Vision – Tony Harris
Hawkeye – Steve Dillon
Scarlet Witch – Marcos Martin
Wasp – Jamie McKelvie
Hank Pym – Frank Quitely

Otherwise, my answers would be Kirby, Perez, Colan, Buscema, etc.

With Captain America? Epting
With Iron Man? Tuska
With Thor? John Buscema
With Vision? Richard Howell
With Hawkeye? Heck
With Scarlet Witch? Bob Brown, only because of the combination of Brown and Cockrum in AVENGERS #126
With Wasp? Perez
With Hank Pym? Milgrom


George Perez would be good for all of them, but I really like John Byrne for Janet and Wanda.
If anyone is looking for an unexpected choice, there’s always Mark Gruenwald for Hawkeye. I wouldn’t consider him the best, but he did a surprisingly good job for someone with so little art experience.

Captain America? Jack Kirby
With Iron Man? Gene Colan
With Thor? Jack Kirby
With Vision? John Buscema
With Hawkeye? John Buscema
With Scarlet Witch? John Buscema
With Wasp? John Buscema
With Hank Pym? John Buscema

Thank you for not including Bendis-Avengers in that list, like Wolverine and Spider-people.

Can’t resist, here are my different WRITERS I’d want:

Captain America: Mark Gruenwald
Iron Man: David Michelenie
Thor: Walt Simonson
Vision: Jim Shooter
Scarlet Witch: Steve Englehart
Hawkeye: Roy Thomas
Wasp: Roger Stern (would’ve been him for Cap, too, but I’m trying not to repeat)
Hank Pym: Kurt Busiek

and throw in Beast: David Michelenie and Wonder Man: Jim Shooter (‘kay, I’m repeating for them)

Good lists all around!

OK- my All-Star Comics version of the Avengers would have opening and closing chapters of the whole team by George Pérez.
Captain America by John Byrne & Joe Rubinstein
Iron Man by Jim Starlin
Thor by John Romita, Jr. (I can’t imagine limiting Walt to a single chapter!)
Vision by Sal Buscema & Pablo Marcos
Hawkeye by Don Heck
Scarlet Witch by Richard Howell
Wasp by Alan Davis (hard to limit him to a single chapter too)
Pym as Goliath by John Buscema & Tom Palmer

Alternates would be…

Black Knight by Steve Epting
Black Panther by Billy Graham
Wonder Man by Al Milgrom
She-Hulk by Greg LaRocque
Hercules by Ron Frenz

Captain America – Steve Epting
Iron Man- Gene Colan
Thor – Walt Simonson
Vision – Neal Adams
Hawkeye – Sal Buscema
Scarlet Witch – George Perez
Wasp – George Perez
Hank Pym – Don Heck

Captain America – Art Adams
Iron Man – Kevin Hopgood
Thor – Jack Kirby
Vision – John Buscema
Hawkeye – John Byrne
Scarlet Witch – Tom Tenney
Wasp – Tom Palmer (preferably Buscema pencils)
Henry Pym – Frank Cho

For other Avengers:

Black Panther – Gil Kane
Luke Cage – Billy Graham
She-Hulk – Juan Bobillo
Iron Fist – John Byrne
Ms. Marvel – Aaron Lopresti
Falcon – Jack Kirby
Hulk – Carlo Pagulayan

Captain America – Stuart Immonen
Iron Man – Skottie Young
Thor – Olivier Coipel
Vision – Jim Cheung
Hawkeye – Olivier Coipel
Scarlet Witch – Joe Madureira (ultimates 3 may have been “meh”, but it sure was pretty)
Wasp – Bryan Hitch
Hank Pym – Bryan Hitch

Captain America: Ron Lim
Iron Man: Adi Granov
Thor: Walter Simonson
Vision: John Buscema
Hawkeye: Scott Kolins (he drew a mini)
Scarlet Witch: George Perez
Wasp: John Buscema
Henry Pym: John Byrne

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