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The Abandoned An’ Forsaked – Holly Robinson is Dead?

All throughout December, we will be examining comic book stories and ideas that were not only abandoned, but also had the stories/plots specifically “overturned” by a later writer (as if they were a legal precedent). Click here for an archive of all the previous editions of The Abandoned An’ Forsaked. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have any suggestions for future editions of this feature.

Today we look at the death (and life) of Holly Robinson!

Today’s edition appeared in this week’s Comic Book Legends Revealed, but I’ll refresh your memory here:

A particularly amusing example of this happened during Ed Brubaker’s great run on Catwoman.

You see, one of the main supporting cast members in Brubaker’s Catwoman was a character, Holly Robinson (not the one from 21 Jump Street), that he had used from the Mindy Newell mini-series that had picked up on Frank Miller’s new origin for Catwoman from Batman: Year One (Holly appeared in Year One, as well, but Newell developed her further). Holly was basically left open for grabs after the Newell-penned mini-series.

So Brubaker picked her up and did great things developing her character.

What Brubaker did not know, though, was that Newell had later picked up on Holly’s story herself and killed her off in a Catwoman feature in Action Comics Weekly (#613, to be precise)!

So Brubaker then wrote the following hilarious two-pager in Catwoman: Secret Files and Origins #1 that explained Holly’s return…sort of….



Thanks for posting this! I had totally forgotten about that two-page story in Secret Origins. I always really liked Holly Robinson as Selina’s protege/sidekick. I wonder if we’ll ever see her in the new-52 universe.

Shanower does a great Jaime Hernandez impression there.

Where did all the comments from before yesterday go?

TJCoolguy: The universe blinked out of existence and was restarted yesterday. Someone was mucking around with the Infinity Gauntlet again.

You’ll find the new universe is much like the old one, except that frequent CSBG commenters Hello Dalek and CanastaPete have been retconned out of existence.

Where did all the comments from before yesterday go?

There weren’t any. This is a cross-post from the Comic Book Legends Revealed column.

Brain Atrophy

May 21, 2012 at 1:08 am

i’ve never seen the secret origin story until now. Very hilarious! Loved that Selina had a different costume on in each panel. That whole thing was just genius.

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