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The Top 50 Most Memorable Covers of the Marvel Age, Day 14 – Wild Card Round!

All the way until December 20th, I will be doings posts featuring seven memorable Marvel covers from the past 50 years (since Fantastic Four #1 came out, the beginning of the “Marvel Age”). I will be posting them in essentially random fashion. It does not matter if a cover shows up today or Day 15, they all have the same chance for your final vote. Once all 105 covers are posted, you all will pick the top 50 most memorable covers in the history of the “Marvel Age” and I’ll reveal your choices to you on December 22nd and 23rd.

Remember, we’re talking “memorable” not necessarily “the best looking” covers. Think covers that get homaged a lot, covers that routinely pop up as part of histories of certain characters, etc.

Today is a wild card round. You have a day to pick out your seven favorites from this list of 80 or so covers that people have suggested these last couple of weeks. Read on to see your choices!

Here are covers. At the end of the list, there is a poll. You will be able to pick your seven top choices for the most memorable covers in this list.

Results will go up tomorrow along with the last day’s covers!


A lot of tough choices here.

I may be an X-Fanatic (and seriously, where’s the X-Men love in this round? lol), but even I have to admit that it’s hard to beat Daredevil 181; how did it get pushed back to the wild card round? Not only is it the most famous Daredevil cover of all time, but it’s got to be one of the most famous Marvel covers period. Plus, the story itself is one of the best, most classic Marvel stories ever. So that helps lol

Too bad you didn’t include Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #’s 69 & 70. Those Hannigan covers were stunning and more memorable to me as he also did the interior art.

How the heck am I gonna narrow this down to 7? My first run-through left me with 23 definites!

I made my votes and think they’re all pretty memorable, but my personal Most Memorable cover from Marvel is from Uncanny X-Men #195. The crossover with Power Pack that features Woverine on the cover about to skewer Katie Power. Up ’til that point I had exactly one issue of Micronauts, one issue of Micronauts and X-Men (which made no sense to my fifth-grade mind), and a fistful of issues of Power Pack. That crossover issue was my gateway into the X-Men and its cover art remains indelibly sketched across my memory.

I’m certain that for most, it’s just another cover, but for me it remains a big deal.

Wow, I find so many of these covers more memorable than a solid 20 or 30 of the main choices. Plus there are some covers I thought would be shoo-ins that I still don’t even see here, like Classic X-Men #1, which has an Art Adams cover that has to rank as one of the all-time definitive images of the team. I suppose it’s possible it still shows up in group 15, but I suspect Brian is saving those seven spots for the big guns, like Amazing Fantasy 15, Uncanny X-Men 141, Amazing Spider-Man 50, Giant Size X-Men 1, Wolverine 1, Uncanny X-Men 266, Daredevil 7, and maybe another one or two I’m forgetting.

At this point it looks like the first Wolverine/Sabertooth fight from uncanny 2212/213 won’t be appearing, which had two unbelievable covers by Barry Windsor-Smith and Alan Davis. I also suspect Iron Fist 14 won’t be showing up, which is quite memorable. And Avengers 189 has what I think is the definitive image of Hawkeye, which we probably won’t be seeing either.

As for what’s here, I just don’t know how to vote. DD 189 and Moon Knight 23 are quite possibly my 2 favorite covers ever, but I don’t if there as deserving as something like Spidey 300, DD 181, or Uncanny 268. I’ve also always been a sucker for New Mutants Annual 1 and DD 200, both of which I suggested to Brian. Infinity Gauntlet 1 made a huge impression on me as a kid. And it wasn’t until seeing these options that I remembered how fucking awesome that Vess cover is on Web of Spider-Man 1… and that’s 9 choices. Ugghh.

Amazing Spider-Man #300! So iconic, it was homaged on the very next issue!

A lot of tough choices here. Some are no-brainers: Daredevil 181 is an absolute must, and I think Uncanny 168 deserves to be on there. But I had to leave off a lot of absolutely stunning covers. MK Daredevil 1, Spider-Man 316, FF 258, New Mutants 39, Thunderbolts 1, Transformer 5 – all great, memorable covers. But there were so many options, that I wasn’t able to include any of them.

I put the art above how iconic an issue was and is,be it a first issue,apperence of a major character,or fan favorite story..A strange mixture here,of the very best,ok stuff,and a few like x men 176,that I have always dispised.I would have thought that sterankos shield 6 cover,of fury in space, with the earth exploding behind him would have made the list, as well as his x men 50 cover.Add Neal Adams x men 58 cover.

X-Men #50 and #58 already appeared on the list.

That was tough. I clicked on one and it wouldn’t check, not realizing I’d already clicked 7. Oh boy. I’d barely gotten out of Daredevil at that point….

Just a note, the Ghost Rider cover says issue 10 in the poll, but it’s issue 15. Not TOO important, but still….

Marvel Knights – Daredevil #1 so classic – Nuff said

Went with ASM 1, Daredevil #1 (Quesada), both Infinity Gauntlet choices, the Doctor Strange option, Avengers #19 and MCP #76.

There were a couple options on this list but overall I would have preferred to see more covers from my period in Marvel history which is right at the end/beginning of the century from say 1998-2003.

I’ve always loved that New Mutants #38 cover. It’s odd and creepy as all hell, but totally represents the story inside. I also went with the Transformers #5 cover, as that’s possibly the single best thing to ever come out of that entire series.

Meanwhile, I most certainly did not vote for the New X-Men cover, as I always want to bleach my eyes every time I see that thing. I suppose that makes it memorable, but I don’t think it counts if I really want to forget it.

Well, that was surprisingly easy. I thought it would be harder to pick the 7 most memorable of such a large number but when the list was over I had picked exactly 7 covers… didn’t even have to narrow it down. But to be honest, despite the large number of candidates about half of this list isn’t anything special (at least in my opinion).

Avengers #181
Daredevil #184
Daredevil #230
Fantastic Four #258
Infinity Gauntlet #4
Thor #366
Wolverine Origin #2

a nice group hard to only pick seven since all are classics

So many of these I emailed as suggestions to Brian, and I am sitting here, voting for other, more worthy choices. That’s a tough list.

From this batch, I chose these (and the reason why)

• The Amazing Spider-Man #1 – Memorable why: Not only is it the first solo issue for Spider-Man but essentially the first hero-crosss-over in the MU.

• Captain America #110 – Memorable why: Sterenko’s Cap cover I think of when I think of his short run. Not only his depiction of Cap, but of Bucky & the Hulk as well.

• Captain Marvel #17 – Memorable why: I remember see ing this cover on so many Marvel ads when it came out. Marvels’ introduction into it’s cosmic era (and their “version” of the Shazam Captain Marvel as well)

• Daredevil #231 – Memorable why: Not only is this a striking cover, but it’s sort of the coda to Miller’s DD run.

• Fantastic Four #46 – Memorable why: During Kirby’s height of creativity on the FF, he introduces us to another group of unique characters, The Inhumans.

• Fantastic Four #258 – Memorable why: Another cover that caught your eye on the rack, but is the only FF issue with no FF!

• Howard The Duck #8 – Memorable why: Unfortunately, thanks to the lousy movie and the passage of time, the satirical run of Howard The Duck is mostly forgotten. This issue, IMO, started a really creative run by Gerber on this title and is a really nice, eye catching piece by Colan.

Wow. Since Uncanny X-Men 251 is NOWHERE on the entire list, I’m afraid the entire contest is null and void in terms of being credible and taken seriously.

I’m not even a Daredevil fan but 3 or 4 of my 7 choices were Daredevil covers. There’s some pretty iconic covers from that title listed here.

This is very hard to narrow down. Just the Daredevil covers alone are great. And a lot of these are ones I suggested that I’ll probably have to pass over!

Just noticed, any chance of Warlock #11 showing up? That’s a classic Starlin picture (“the Stragne Death of Adam Warlock”) that’s pretty well burnt into my brain.

Infinity Gauntlet #4. That one just always summed up the story.

Avengers 19 runs a close second.

Avengers 223 is one of my favorite Hawkeye covers of all time. I know it will probably be derided as just a gimmick, but the glow-in-the-dark Ghost Rider cover was awesome too. Daredevil 230 sums up the story so well, it just perfect.

That Next X-Men Emma Frost cover is disgusting.

Correction…That NEW X-Men Emma Frost cover is disgusting.

Yeah, I agree. I’ve made quite a few comments on this site regarding my hatred of Frank Quitely’s “fat baby” era, and that Emma Frost cover was possibly the worst example of that ever.

I like the Emma cover and voted for it.

I asked Frank while he was signing my copy if the criticisms of his work (particularly that cover) bothered him, but he says something to the effect that he just shrugs it off.

That was a bit of name dropping, huh?

Don’t get me wrong, I fully recognize that it’s just my opinion. It’s just that, for a while, everyone he drew looked puffy and squinty and oddly round to me. I actually really enjoy a lot of the art he’s done in the years since, especially his painted stuff.

Only seven? Arbitrary much?

Some of these are memorable covers to mediocre stories, while many are mediocre covers to memorable events which nevertheless had mediocre are. Son of Origins is one of the most memorable covers of all, being a painted work from a time when painted work was extremely rare for comics. Yet it was just a reprint book. High quality, but still just reprints. Frank Miller made history with his treatment of Daredevil, and his storytelling, both art-wise and writing, was phenomenal, but the quality of that art was nothing special. I myself would have made a very different list, one made of memorable covers to memorable stories, but I had no problem choosing my seven, so I suppose I can’t really complain all that much.

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