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The Line it is Drawn Try-Out Update

Hey folks, just figured I’d give another update on the Line it is Drawn try-out.

As I mentioned last time, we added two new artists that you’ll meet hopefully tomorrow.

Also, I have contacted the ten artists with the next highest amount of votes and they have all agreed to continue to try out during the last three weeks of January. After three weeks of drawing, we’ll all vote again and the Line it is Drawn will have a new addition to the group!

So if you were not e-mailed by me, then that does, in fact, mean that you did not make it this time around. As you all could see, we had quite literally a TON of good artists (I think there were enough good artists that if you weighed them all together they’d weigh a ton – agreed?) trying out. Choosing between them was insane – you were all so good. And since everyone saw the entries, you know that I’m not just blowing smoke here – they all really were THAT good.

After this week’s edition of the Line it is Drawn, I’ll do a post introducing you to the ten artists you’ll be seeing more from in January.

Thanks so much to everyone for trying out!


So – you did the work and made the (crazy tough) decisions, and set yourself up for even more hard work. Don’t envy you, except you’re supporting artists and a community that supports artists, so there’s no small credit and lots of huge appreciation from me that you and these people and this place all exist.

The exhibition of new comic art that just came in front of my eyes over the past few weeks was phenomenal, and I’m already jonesing to see tomorrow’s work and to witness the next round. The feedback given by the community was positive in ways that most public forums can only dream of.

Which brings me to my final appreciation for now – that for this website, this team and you. It’s a pretty special situation you have here, and I’m digging it. True appreciation of storytelling on any measurable scale is something that should be supported by all who can appreciate it, and you’re kind of leading the way.

Glad I decided to lurk here for a while. Thanks to you, my fellow traveler!

For all you trying out, I was awed by the dedication shown not to mention the talent. So many of you were exceptional that it made voting for a reasonable number (vs almost everyone) very hard. Thanks everyone, as an audience member this has been fun.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate and show our art to a wider audience!
Let’s see if in the future there more opportunities like this to continue improving!!!
Thanks again and good luck to all those who get the most votes!

Daniel P.

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