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Comic Theme Time Month – Worst Major Superhero Costume Change

All December long, I will be doing daily installments of Comic Theme Time. Comic Theme Time is a twist on the idea of a “Top Five” list. Instead of me stating a topic and then listing my top five choices in that topic, I’m giving you the topic and letting you go wild with examples that you think fit the theme.

Today’s topic is a follow-up to the last one – “what is the worst costume change that a major superhero has made?” Again, “major” is being defined here by any superhero to have his/her own title for at least 100 cumulative issues (so Doctor Strange would count, Aquaman would count, Martian Manhunter would not, etc.)

Some notable examples would be Daredevil’s armored look, Superman’s electric blue costume and Captain America’s Nomad costume (if that should even count).

What would be your picks?


Armored Cap from the end of Gruenwald’s run?

In my new book (out at the end of May 2012!), a guest contributor has a nice bit about Cap’s armor. Something to look forward to, people!

Definitely Quesada Batman.

I know a lot of folks liked it, but I hated the blue camo costume for Aquaman. Maybe it makes sense as a one-off specialty suit (ala Arctic Armor Iron Man,) but I’m pretty sure the intent was to keep it his main costume. Why would you try to blend a character in to his background? Wouldn’t make more sense to have him “pop” in a bright orange shirt, rather than sink into every panel?

The red and purple costume Batman wore in Grant Morrison’s run.
Wolverine, Deadpool and Archangel’s black and white X-Force uniforms (Fantomex’s and Psylocke’s are fine).
Hawkeye’s skirt phase.

The Joe Madureria designs in Ultimates 3. Not that they were particularly bad, but they made the characters look more like their predecessors, making their existence seem redundant and giving them the visual feel of ” Avengers with sex addictions”.

Of course, the script was largely to blame for that too.

The neon Ghost Rider costume from back in the 90s. That was truly horrendous.

In general, a large amount of the 90s redesigns. Pockets ahoy! At least our heroes will always have change…

Can we just make a blanket statement like “the years 1992-1997″?

If not, I’m going to nominate Nick Fury for that weird Cable knockoff armor. I’m tempted to say Daredevil, but, jarring as it is, his armor made some sense.

And I don’t like Wolvie’s reversion to yellow and black. Yellow and tan was much more distinctive.

electric superman

The god-awful Blackhawks ‘we’re superheroes, now’ phase. ‘The Listerner’s’ costume, esp: a blue bodysuit with pictures of ears randomly scattered over it. Pictures. Of. Ears.

Hmm… that outfit Roy Harper wore after his arm was hacked off comes to mind. I mean honestly, it looks like a cross between the Black Lantern costumes with Aquaman’s A glued on it.

Jason Todd’s new Red Hood outfit for when he debuted in Batman and Robin.

Whatever the heck Starfire has got on now.

Kid Flash’s current outfit.

Jesse Quick’s last costume, the one she got when she permanently switched back to Jesse Quick in “Flash: Rebirth”. I mean, it’s all legs and cleavage with aviator gloves.

I also don’t understand Anima’s redesign. She went from being a grunge fan to looking like a princess Barbie doll. I’m not surprised everyone initially thought she was Amethyst.

The new Superman and Supergirl costumes. The lack of trunks and armored look just is not Superman. It’s funny how in the last Super girl run, the creative team took care to note that the wanted her costume to be a little more demure and less sexual since she was a teenager. Now it seems she has a Brazilian wax job and she has the red trunks that her cousin lacks.

Cap’s armor was horrible. (Superman’s blue and red are a close 2nd).

And I defending Daredevil’s black and red costume by McDaniel. I would like to see that return…maybe with a bit less metal on it. :)

80’s Black Canary. The headband…shudder…

Electric Superman

Guys not even close: Wonder Woman when she trained with I-Ching

I think this will be an epically long comment thread.

I’ll say it: Just about every new52 re-design. Superman’s/Green Lantern’s/Aquaman’s nehru collars, Hawkman’s hawk-by-way-of-Shi’ar helmet, Harley Quinn’s “no, we’re not shilling for the video game crowd” emo-slut look, Starfire’s “how little can I wear and still not be naked” outfit, and the list goes on.

The Shadow, longtime hero of pulps, comics, radio, movies, etc, going from black cloak and hat to…are you ready?
Purple and green tights!
(Only Archie Comics could’ve thought of that one!)

The infamous “armor with nipples” of Joel Schumacher’s BATMAN & ROBIN.

The various redesigns of Green Lantern Corps uniforms (except to accommodate body type).
Why does someone with a power ring need armor?

The Blackhawks’ change from paramilitary uniforms to individual superhero outfits, including a jumpsuit with embroidered ears for Chuck aka The Listener!

The ’90s trend of jackets and coats OVER costumes.

And Daredevil’s armor.
The LAST thing you do with a hero dependent on his hearing is put him in clanking, squeaking metal!

“Guys not even close: Wonder Woman when she trained with I-Ching”

It was “Mrs. Peel of the tv Avengers in white instead of black.”
Looked good on Diana Rigg, looked good on Princess Diana.

Marvel Girl in a green skirt and Angel in red, blue, yellow, and white were pretty bad.

Any of the costume changes to the Vision.

And yes, hippie Hawkeye circa Avengers #100. I guess he doesn’t count as major, but still.

Are we forgetting Cosmic Boy’s weird corset look from 70s? Not that the pink uniform was much better, but still…

Does the shift from classic Gil Kane GL costume to Kyle Rayner GL costume count ? It wasn’t the same person (Hal vs Kyle) but it was the same hero.

Invisible Woman’s costume with the peek-a-book “4”.

Black Knight with a brown leather Avengers jacket. WTF?

Electro Superman. Thing with a mask. Thing with the horny head. Beast Wolverine (from before Onslaught). Liefeld Cap. Leather jacket Wonder Woman. The costumes from Avengers “The Crossing.”

Those are the one’s off the top of my head. I’ll add more when I remember.

Magneto’s giant M costume.

Hawkeye’s current outfit in this month’s Avengers is pretty unimaginative, and Wonder Woman’s uninspiring blue jacket from the JMS run.

Wonder Man’s switch to that hideous green, yellow and red suit in West Coast Avengers (I think he was just wearing the T-shirt and pants before that, or the jacket. I don’t recall)

Firehawk’s switch from her incredibly distinctive blue and yellow suit with the offset hawk on the sun symbol to the more generic red and blue look she currently has.

Sue Richard’s porno phase.

Amazo’s whole skull robot look.

Remember when the Wasp was a bug-woman? That wasn’t the best idea.

Agreed with anyone who mentioned putting a jacket on over a costume, ala the 90’s Black Knight.

Wonder Woman’s bike shorts look. Admittedly it had a purpose within the story, but it was still an awful costume.

Captain America as Nomad. Wow. Just awful (although I liked it on Jack Monroe).

Zach – NOOOO! Diana Prince (the powerless NEW Wonder Woman)’s white bellbottoms were awesome!
Wayne – You stole my thunder with the Superhero Blackhawks.

Black Spider-Man
Brown and yellow Wolverine
Gold and yellow armour Iron Man
Blue and grey Batman

Oh wait, those were all awesome. :)

@ Todd Matthy

I kinda liked that giant M costume. (Perhaps to my shame.)

Magneto was trying to be a hero and it had a very heroic look to it.

Thank you Paul for mentioning Invisible Woman’s porn costume from the mid 90s. That was the first thing I thought of and I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten dozens of mentions.

I also really hate Quitely’s outfit for Emma Frost with the cut-away X. Not only did it make her look like she was working the red light district, but Quitely drawing her like a bitchy telepathic Betty Boop didn’t help matters. That costume came close to ruining Morrison’s entire New X-Men run for me. I have problems when books go in new “serious” directions and then throw things like that at us.

The recent Fantastic Four white costumes are pretty heinous. With costumes from the ’90s, they were all hideous. It’s impossible to choose.

I rather liked DD’s armor.

Cap’s armor was atrocious though.
As was Hawkeye’s armor in Solo Avengers.
And the *shudder* dayglo Ghost Rider.
Susan’s Grieving Widow Stripper costume.

And going for obscure here, but Meggan from Excalibur’s switch from the gold costume to the ugly green and black. Yeuuchhh.

Wonder Woman’s biker shorts/look during the JMS run.

Wonder Girl’s horrible wrap-around =W= sweater.

Black Canary’s 80’s look/current look.

Emma Frost during Ellis’ X-Men: Xenogenesis

Thor’s bare mid-riff look.

Black Cat in Black Cat/Wolverine: Claws

Susan Storm’s 4-cut out.

Honestly, this list could go on.

@ Rollo Tomassi

Noooooo! I absolutely LOVED Meggan’s green costume! I thought it was much more fetching than her bland gold turtleneck

It’s an 87-way tie!

But chalk me up for like Electric Supes AND DD’s armor. Nothing wrong with them, other than their previous costumes were so iconic they were immediately missed.

Wonder Woman’s bike shorts look (thats to @Tony, I was wondering how to describe that one)
Armor on Spider-Man and Captain America (I’m okay with Daredevil’s “armor”)
The Invisible Woman in the peek-a-boo swimsuit (why would someone whose powers are about concealment want a costume that draws attention?)
Iron Man’s “Heroes Reborn” armor with the smokestacks
red pants on Robin
Guy Gardner “Warrior” (war paint as a costume? how high was the guy who thought of that?)
straps & shoulder pauldrons version of Thor
any jacket addon ever, excepting Rogue

as far as a costume change alone, without judging the costume, Impulse into Kid Flash. bleeah.

@beta ray steve
really? I like those outfits, especially on the Thing (more costume than he’s had in a long time) and Spidey (black lenses! so creepy! perfect!). I don’t think they’d work in a movie tho.

Ed (A Different One)

December 22, 2011 at 10:11 am

@Third Man

Agree with you so much on Quietly’s Emma Frost. For a guy who’s widely considered in the top 3 comic artists, I don’t think anyone could have drawn a more awful Emma Frost – and the outfit design was only half of the problem!

While this doesn’t count as a “costume change” or a “major character” under Brian’s criteria, I can’t help but mention that I’ll never forgive what McFarlane did to Mary Jane’s look in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I respect and understand artistic interpretation, but come on man! It has least has to look a little like the character in question! Other than the fact that she had red hair and boobs, the character who was sleeping with Peter Parker during that time period looked NOTHING like Mary Jane. It also didn’t help that he made her look like a 1984 era mall chick at the dawn of the 90’s. Yet another example of a superstar artists really striking out with a character design. It took a good 15 years for her look to revert back to form.

Captain Britain’s “Britanic” costume.
Iron Man’s Keron Grant-designed armor
Both of Scarlet Witch’s Force Works costumes
Bearded Nightcrawler
Beast’s Kubert-designed full body costume
Wonder Man’s 2nd costume (green/red/yellow)
Captain Atom’s LAW costume
Jesse Quick into Liberty Belle
Wolverine’s blue costume meant to make him look like Ultimate Wolverine
Atom as a Teen Titan

Thor had some really terrible costumes in the 90s.

Nightwing’s current red instead of blue which makes him look less distinct in the Bat-family.

The era of X-Men costumes that gave Angel suspenders. I think “Jean” designed them.

Darkhawk’s second armor. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t necessary. He’s been drawn in his original costume for a while now without explanation or complaints.

If we can bring up GI Joe, there have been lots of redesigns to sell more toys but the redesign of Zartan with an orange mohawk is pretty unforgivable.

The mid ’00s Green Goblin with knee pads looks terrible.

Cyborg made of liquid gold.

“Agreed with anyone who mentioned putting a jacket on over a costume, ala the 90?s Black Knight.”

Ok, I liked the Jackets, but then the MSH RPG actually made them useful.

Bad outfits

Heather Hudson’s ‘geothermal’ outfit from the Alpha Flight Reboot.

Avengers: United We Stand (all)

Tim Drake’s post Flashpoint ‘Jr Birdman costume.

(I’m sure this is blaspheme) Donna Troy’s ‘Troia’ haircut.

Not that her X-Factor costume was all that great, but I really hated Jean Grey’s costume from the 90s. Not sure what the hell was going on with that blue and tan mess.

The Sandman (Wesley Dodds) from his suit, fedora and gas mask to yellow and purple superhero costume.

As much as I also want to say “The 90s,” I hold a particular animosity towards any costume change that involves putting a character into a heavily armored suit. Booster Gold’s version is one of my personal least favorites.

I also really hated it when the 90s X-Force dropped their individual costumes for the terrible purple and yellow suits. I absolutely hated those costumes.

This one might be a stretch, but the insect version of Wasp that came out of The Crossing was a really terrible redesign, too.

And this one is a huge stretch – and probably not a popular opinion – but boy howdy did I hate it when Oracle switched to the Batgirl costume.

I have to agree with Wayne about the Blackhawks. All the other costumes were bad to crimes against nature but they were bad superhero costumes for superheroes. The Blackhawk costumes were bad superhero costumes for heroes who weren’t really superheroes.

Warren has had many bad costumes, but the worst of them was the ’70s no-mask, open-shirt version with the sweatband. Same goes for Hawkeye, who had nearly the same costume, only in purple.

The masked Doctor Strange costume, back when he temporarily morphed into Stephen Saunders.

My friend and I still joke about Sue’s barely-there costume. But hey, if you looked that good after giving birth, you’d wanna show some skin too. I always wondered how she could always stand perfectly angled so that her cleavage made the middle section of the “4.”

” Hawkeye’s current outfit in this month’s Avengers is pretty unimaginative, ”

If imaginative is blue and purple tights with a loincloth, buccaneer boots, and a pointy mask, imaginative gets you capped. And Clint has no powers to protect him.

Guys not even close: Wonder Woman when she trained with I-Ching

That wasn’t even nearly as bad as either of her mini-jacket periods–with the biker shorts in the 1990s or the Jim Lee redesign for the JMS run,

The switch to Huntress’ Ed Benes porn costume.

What, no Mohawk Storm? (recently wrote a piece for that elsewhere and doing the research on it, it’s such an extraordinarily bad concept in hindsight and practice that I’m amazed it went as far as it did).

Patch Wolverine?

Iron Spiderman?

Penance? Not that Speedball’s look was winning costume of the year, but that was dumb in concept and execution.

Blade’s lightning bolt hair. Good god. Just shave it off or grow back the ‘fro.

Wow, there is just so much to choose from. I’d say it was the Black Cat’s progressively increasing cleavage. Her outfit was just a little more revealing in every appearance. Her costume was open past her navel by the mid-90s.

I’ve never liked when Jean Grey ditched the old X-Men uniform for her green dress with the pointy domino mask. But, the Phoenix costume is great.

Electric Blue Superman, Iron Spidey, the new movie Spider-Man outfit, the Wasp costume that only had one pant leg, Hawkeye’s toga/skirt that he wore after he stopped being Goliath, clean-shaven Hercules, and Harley Quinn’s new outfit are all pretty bad.

There are three people who I think of as great artists but horrible costume designers:

George Perez – his designs and redesigns for the Avengers during Busiek’s run were awful.

Darick Robertson – his New Warriors designs were awful. Although Perez managed to somehow redesign his Firestar design to look even worse when she joined the Avengers.

Adam Pollina’s X-Force and Ghost Rider designs – I love the guy’s art but his costume designs are awful.

@ T.

I agree with you in general, especially about Perez, but I do dig Scarlet Witch’s gypsy costume from that Avengers era.

Really? I felt she looked like a cosplaying stripper. Like if you went to a comic fan’s bachelor party and his friends organized themed strippers that would be one of the outfits.

I was not aware of the Shadow’s change of costume. I googled it . . . it is really bad and generic to boot!

Honestly, I have really like most of the costume changes in the past 20 years. Usually they are a brief breath of fresh air and you know they won’t stay around long. I’ve enjoyed all of Spidey’s new costumes. Daredevil looked cool. So did Electric Superman.

The only one that I don’t really care for is the New 52 Superman. The red trunks are needed to break up the blue. Otherwise he is wearing a ski outfit!

Yeah, I think the new Superman redesign is pretty terrible too, although it’s not the lack of trunks that bothers me most. It’s the collar that makes his chest insignia look too low. He looks like one of those Bronze Age future Supermen or alternate reality Supermen–which is to say, an imposter.

The recent FF Spider-Man makes me want to punch someone.

Not sure if it counts (since it was a different guy, and it was probably intentionally stupid-looking), but Jean-Paul Valley’s “Knightfall” Batman was so ’90’s and stupid.

I always liked the original Giant Man’s costume and felt none of the other versions were better.
The original Captain Britain costume is better than the current one.
When they altered Union Jack’s iconic costume to Joey Chapman’s “Excalibur” and “New Invaders” version! The original Frank Robbins version is iconic.
Any alteration to Cap’s second uniform was a mistake (particularly the armoured look, the original Nomad, and John Cassady’s nose cowl and HUGE chain mail discs!!!) However the “Captain/ USAgent” costume was a striking look that I really enjoyed!
Anything that alters Hawkeye’s iconic costume (who cares if he looks like that in the movie, this is a comic)
Kyle Rayner’s original Green Lantern costume was great and didn’t need to be changed (the same applies to Guy Gardner’s)
Azrael’s Quesada uniform did not need to be changed at all (although for some bizarre reason I enjoyed the “Angel” version).
I liked the “Silver Age” Aquaman when they updated it and removed the black trunks, but Peter David’s “Captain Hook” Aquaman was a travesty. I hated it and the way it changed his character to a Wolverine wannabe.
I loved Luke Cage’s original 70’s “look” and can’t stand the “New Avengers” version. It’s so boring – he looks like a Snoop Dogg Gangsta Rapper wannabe. Boring…
Hawkman’s original costume is iconic and the updates were OK. I especially enjoyed the Ostrander updates in the 90’s. But the Savage Hawkman armour is way too busy for my tastes.
Many of the unneccessary “Jim Lee” lightining lines/ armour lines, whatever the hell they are lines all over the New 52 Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. They make the costumes look to busy and scream “Image” comics of the 90’s.
Finally, Superman and Wonder Woman’s current New 52 looks. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I’ve been recently reading some pre-New 52 Superman tradepaperbacks and it highlighted to me just how awesome and iconic the look is. It reflects his character so much. This new 52 does the same – but not for the better. This Superman is too angsty and not too my tastes. Wonder Woman. Drawn by Adam Hughes in the classic costume. Their is no reason to fuck around with that.

My least favorite has to be Kyle Rayner’s current costume. I know a lot of people are bashing the 90s, but I feel like Kyle’s first costume designed by Daryl Banks was awesome and a huge improvement on Hal’s; a lot more visually striking and less generic. And then Jim Lee took it further with his early 2000s redesign. But combining the two into his current look? It’s god-awful. Maybe not as bad as some of the others on people’s lists, but I just thought I’d mention something GOOD to come from the 90s that has been screwwed up by modern artists.

Amazing. No one’s complained about Power Girl ditching the Boob Window and going for the gold and white bodysuit. That was just awful, and a crime against humanity. She NEEDS the leotard with the boob window and the shortie cape.

And T. — I gotta disagree with you in one detail Perez designs fantastic costumes — but only he can draw them so they look decent. I’ve yet to see another artist take on a Perez design without simplifying it in some way.


We’ll have to agree to disagree then Jay. I think he makes his costumes look less awful than others do, but they’re still awful costumes even when he draws them himself.

As Jacob pointed out, Huntress’s most recent costume sucks. I really liked her JLA era outfit, and the half-shirt, pointy-mask, lighter thing was a step down.

The third Power Girl outfit, with the headband, was atrocious.

As T. mentioned, George Perez hasn’t been the best character designer. The Justice costume introduced in the mid-20s issues of Avengers was beyond ugly.

That dreadful Hawkeye outfit (ha ha, yes many of them were dreadful). No, not the tendency of some artists to draw that loincloth as a giant fabric penis hanging down to the ground, that doesn’t quite qualify as a ‘costume change’ in my book. The other one. The skirt and headband look. Horrid.

I like, no love, Electric Superman. I’d have no problems if he was still wearing it. It’s also been passed to a couple of others so for a ‘bad’ look it’s had quite a long life.

Another vote for powergirl, losing the boob window made me cry.

Interestingly though adding the boob window to sue storm was even worse. It looked like sue was a cheap whore during that era

HATED the wonderman safari outfit

Angel’s Headband outfit when x-men first got individual uniforms was horid

Cap and DD armor – blecccchhhhh

Spiderarmor from web#100

Iron man’s bulky red and silver from 80s

Wow I could go on and on

The current Nightwing suit.

I agree, Blue Superman was a cool look. It took balls to actually change the look of what is arguably the most iconic fictional character EVER. (Chest logo alone passes mickey mouse). I wish they’d bring it back occasionally. Plus, it’s still better than the mullet lol

And I’m shocked to see that the Scarlet Spider outfit hasn’t popped up yet considering all the 90s hate. Not that I have a problem with it, by Wizard used to constantly rip on the hoody. But Marvel has a new SS ongoing while Wizard couldn’t sell enough to stay in print so who got the last laugh?

Whoops– we’ve been disregarding the “100 issues of solo titles” rule. But, c’mon. Invisible Girl has *got* to be eligible.

The 100 issues of a solo titles rule was too limiting anyway… I say, bend the rules.

ALL of the Avengers around the time of “The Crossing” (armor Cap, shirtless Thor, mouthless Iron Man, bug lady Wasp, etc…). And another vote here for Ghost Rider’s horrid “Speed Racer” yellow and red costume, that thing was an eyesore.

Steven E. McDonald

December 22, 2011 at 9:50 pm

It might be fudging the rules a little, but the run of Supergirl costumes designed by fans during the tail of her run in Adventure. Oi veh. Followed by the micro-skirt and headband combo, the belly shirt of recent vintage, and the current travesty of design.

Okay, not a major character at all any more, but probably one of the most nonsensical from within the story, we have Vanth Dreadstar going from his “understated badass” in grey clothes, boots and a hood, to that abso-fricking-lutely godawful sky blue and yellow skin-tight “Hey Willow dont-look-at-my-butt” superhero costume!! Maybe he was trying to win the big fight by making High Lord Papal laugh too hard to concentrate.

Hank McCoy as a giant blue cat.

Yes, Wonder Man’s colorful West Coat Avengers suit was atrocious, though the thought of looking more like his “brother” the Vision was a nice thought since it was such a major point of the Viszh/Witch miniseries also by Engleheart. Step away from the design pad, Mr. Milgrom!

I only have one issue of the Archie Comics superhero version of The Shadow, but it is epic in its awfulness, not just the costume but the whole paradigm! Who knows what evil lurks under the bright shiny disco ball, baby?

“And I’m shocked to see that the Scarlet Spider outfit hasn’t popped up yet considering all the 90s hate. ”

I actually liked it. Debating on getting the figure to add to my collection.

Oh, I don’t know what she was wearing before, but X-23’s X-force costume. With that mask it looks like she should be called ‘racoon girl’

Not a superhero, but for years Conan the Barbarian, big hulking brutal sweating ugly Conan, wore a helmet with little itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny horns. What were they for? Couldn’t stand to look at him!

Madden the Scientist

December 23, 2011 at 8:18 am

Ryan beat me to it with the Golden Age Sandman. Worst costume change EVER!

Although most modern characters in the Marvel Universe don’t look so hot to me.

And the original X-Factor uniforms were cringeworthy with those huge X’s going across the whole body…

Considering she’s a “fashion designer” (right?), Wasp has had some fugly outfits. And I had forgotten about the bug lady Wasp from the ’90s, and I actually own the figure of that somewhere! Oy.

I loved Luke Cage’s original 70?s “look” and can’t stand the “New Avengers” version. It’s so boring – he looks like a Snoop Dogg Gangsta Rapper wannabe. Boring…

I’m assuming you’re white or not well versed in hip-hop culture, but in no way do any of Cage’s current looks resemble Snoop Dogg, or draw inspiration from him. And while it’s definitely generic and hip-hop, I don’t consider his look particularly gangsta either. Your statement’s not as bad as claiming all black people look and dress alike, but it’s closer to that territory than you may think.


I’m not black and I’m probably just a casual fan of hip hop, but I completely agree with you and I’m glad you said that. I was thinking pretty much the same thing when I saw that comment.

I miss Luke Cage’s more distinctive original look with the chain belt and steel headband, it denotes struggle and change for him personally and the Civil Rights era in general. There is plenty left to remember and admire about the Black Power movement of people trying to take control of their lives, breaking the shackles and forgetting that their people were once slaves. And sadly plenty more still to do in that area for all people to get over race issues. Luke Cage’s appearance now looks more suburban than anything else to me, more generic, almost like he’s ashamed of that more dramatic former appearance. To me it’s like what if Wonder Woman got rid of her red-white-and blue motif (not counting the 70’swhite pants suit for now) to try to fit in more.

Also, as comics characters are drawn by so many different artists of varying styles and degrees of talent, without a distinctive costume or hairstyle (Reed Richards’ gray temples, Storm’s white hair, Tony Stark’s mustache) it could be hard to tell modern Luke Cage without a costume from T’Challa or Jim Rhodes in street clothes, depending on the artist. I hadn’t seen him in a comic for a long time before I picked up Civil War, and for a while I was thinking “who’s that guy hanging out with the Avengers supposed to be?”

Does Luke Cage’s current look even qualify as a costume?

I agree much of the 90s was a fashion disaster.
Quicksilver’s green costume was crap.
The stitched up Batwoman is just the Pfeiffer Catwoman suit with a cape.
White Vision.
Every Supergirl redesign since the original.
Starfire’s new look is just recolored Quitely Emma Frost discarded trash.

Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man costume was pretty bad, I liked the body with the big spider design but the rest, especially the half-boots, looked terrible. Also, every one of Peter’s costumes that became the Slingers were lame. Basically, I think every Spidey suit, besides the original, black symbiote and his current white FF suit, suck.
And what’s with every Spider-character having fingers of a different color than the rest of the hand? The Miles Morales Spidey suit looks alright, but red fingers? bleh.

So many characters, they’ve all worn ugly costume at some point in their life.

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