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The 12 Days of Marvel Christmas

Here’s a little carol I came up with back in ’07 that I thought I’d share with you all again…

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Marvel gave to me….

12 Limbs flailing…

Day 12.jpg

11 serpents talking…

Day 11.jpg

10 Rings a-gleaming…

Day 10.jpg

9 Minions a-losing…

Day 9.jpg

8 Fighters a-glaring…

Day 8.gif

7 Avengers a-ssembling…

Day 7.jpg

6 Villains a-revealing…

Day 6.JPG

5 Golden Armors…

Day 5.jpg

4 Falling Word…

Day 4.jpg

3 French Men….

Day 3.jpg

2 Fertile Loves…

Day 2A.jpgDay 2B.jpg

and Spidey lifting a machine!!

Day 1.jpg



Ed (A Different One)

December 25, 2011 at 9:18 am

Thanks for taking time out of your Christmas morning to give us a post Brian. Now, get back to enjoying

Thanks for another great year of cool comics, stuff. Looking forward to 2012.

Actually, only 10 of the Serpent Society members are sitting down…

Thanks, James, when I looked at my original I had something other than “sitting” and I thought, “sitting would work better” but now I know why I didn’t originally have sitting! I fixed it.

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