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She Has No Head! – Random Thoughts Mash-up #2

I find myself in an introspective (though not particularly deep) mood in these days after holiday madness and leading up to the end of the year, so what better post to write than another She Has No Head!/Random Thoughts mash-up (TM Chad Nevett!)?

Random She Thought: It’s She Has Random Thoughts Time!  Get Excited!

Link Thought: 1979 Semi-Finalist for blog-y comics stuff, 79semifinalist for twitter-y comics, stuff, Kelly Thompson on CBR for review-y comics stuff and 1979 Semi-Finalist for everything else.

Random She Thought: So Drunk Cover Solicits were supposed to happen this weekend on 1979 Semi-Finalist…but illness and family stuff conspired against me…they’ll show later this week for those of you that enjoy them…and I’ll try to make them extra fun (read: they will be the same as always).

Random She Thought:  I’m home visiting my family for the holidays and I have had THE BEST dreams while here.  Do you guys generally remember your dreams?  I almost always do, but they’re frequently (especially lately) not much worth remembering.  The last few nights though?  Woo.  Seriously, the kind of dreams that you don’t want to wake up from…stupid reality just can’t compare.  I’m not going to go into details here…but let’s just say a dude from “my list” made an appearance.  So, y’know, HOTT.

Random She Thought:  Those dreams might have less to do with being in an unusual location and more to do with the amount of Nyquil I’ve been ingesting.  If it’s the latter I’m going to end up with a serious Nyquil addiction.  Experiments to commence in 3, 2, 1…

Random She Thought: I finished my second novel recently.  I wrote it really fast.  There were a lot of reasons for that including the fact that it took me forever to write the first novel and I wanted to know/believe it didn’t have to be that way.  I feel pretty good about the draft on the whole.  But re-reading it, my abuse of the comma is just CRIMINAL.  Seriously, the places I put a common sometimes…or left one out…I should be shot.  Grammar has never been my strong point (as many of you know or could guess)…but this comma thing.  I mean, wow.

Random She Thought:  When I’m writing I can’t really do a lot of reading (beyond comics) as it’s just too distracting. I almost forget how much I love and miss it when I can’t do it.  Since I’m on a self imposed writing break I started The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo yesterday (I know, I know, several years behind the curve here) and read 350 pages in one shot.  Reading is awesome.

Random She Thought: I usually love the holidays but I just haven’t been into it this year, I don’t know why.  Like usually you can’t drag me away from those old holiday specials (Original Rudolph & The Island of Misfit Toys, Original Grinch, Charlie Brown, etc.) but I watched almost none of them this year.  You know one they should start replaying?  Especially since The Muppets seem to be back en vogue?  Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas.  Do you guys remember that one?  It’s awesome.  I should go watch it now.

Random She Thought: I’ve been working on all my year-end lists…this stuff is so hard.  I never feel like I get it right.  Toughest category this year may be “Best Single Issue”…I read a lot of really great single issues it seems.  Also tough this year were “Best Ongoing Series” and “Best New Ongoing Series” categories…in part just because do you call things like Wonder Woman an “ongoing series” or “new ongoing series” if you only want to acknowledge the most recent 4 issues. Conundrum.

Random She Thought: You know what I didn’t read enough of though?  Graphic Novels.

Random She Thought: I should have read Habibi and Petrograd for sure…maybe I still have time to get a few in before my list goes up next week….What were some of the best graphic novels you guys read this year?

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Random She Thought: I’m a week behind on my comics since I’ve been out of town…but I find I’m actually excited for some of the books I’m returning to (Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Rachel Rising, Wolverine & The X-Men, Batman Inc. Leviathan, Uncanny X-Force, Batman, Avengers, and Legion of Monsters)…that’s a good sign, right?

Random She Thought: Speaking of Legion of Monsters…are any of you reading this?  It’s a great little mini-series.  Easily one of the best things I’m reading from Marvel right now.

Random She Thought: I gave my brothers belated birthday presents of Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant with the shrugging instructions that they’d either love it or not get it at all.  Judging by the laughter so far, I’d say they “get it”.  Score!

Random She Thought: I find I’m pretty hard to shop for these days.  Not because I’m any less materialistic and selfish than I used to be, but because if I want something I just buy it for myself.  So I guess I’m saying that I’m equally as materialistic and selfish as I used to be, but now I’m also just way less patient and with slightly more disposable income.  Go me?

Random She Thought: Did any of you give comics for the holidays this year?  What did you give?  Were they well received?  I gave the aforementioned Hark! A Vagrant books for belated birthday gifts, as well as two copies of Demo Volume 2 and the Stumptown hardcover.  They were all well received.  Or my family and friends are more talented liars then I give them credit for.

Random She Thought: I also gave some canvas stretched comics art prints.  This one by Lucy Knisley and two from Rogan Josh. These were pretty awesome…I kind of wanted to keep them for myself (see above re: selfish).

Random She Thought: This has been a weird year.  So full of success and failure.  I should probably feel pleased about a lot of things, but when I think about 2012, I find myself thinking that I hope it’s way better than 2011.  Then again, I feel like maybe I feel that way every year.

Random She Thought: I even feel conflicted about what a year it was for comics.  On the one hand, I read so much great stuff…maybe the greatest Batman arcs I’ve ever read courtesy of Scott Snyder’s Detective Comics run, Batwoman finally got her damn ongoing, Buffy Season 9 finally launched, Terry Moore has a great new series, Jubilee was in a mini-series that turned out to be great, Optic Nerve #12 came out, Womanthology’s Kickstarter success, a Wonder Woman book I’m loving, Ultimate Spider-Man had turned out awesome, and so much more stuff…all of it great.  But I also feel like I spent most of the year banging my head against a wall that just doesn’t ever move…and sometimes moves backwards.  In the end it’s hard for me to pin down how I end up feeling about this year of comics.

Random She Thought: One of my biggest comics regret of this year is that I didn’t get on board with Daredevil...just one of those ‘missed the boat and can’t seem to catch up things’.  Bummer.

Random She Thought: Uncanny X-Force is kind of amazing.  I keep expecting it to fall apart and stop being good, but…it doesn’t.  Shit is good.  Even if it does continue to have a stupid name.

Random She Thought: I’m already starting to dread when Chris Bachalo stops drawing Wolverine & The X-Men...the solicits depress the crap out of me.  I really like Aaron, but I don’t know if he can compensate for me for the art fall off.

Random She Thought: On the other hand, though I’ll miss Williams III on Batwoman when Amy Reeder takes over I’m really excited to see what Reeder will do.

Random She Thought: I’m excited about Ann Nocenti coming on to Green Arrow but it’s going to be very hard to get past the art for me.

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Random She Thought: So what am I looking forward to for comics in 2012…man…I don’t know.  Hoping Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Animal Man, Batman, Wolverine & The X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, Rachel Rising, Buffy Season 9, Angel & Faith all keep being as good as they’ve been over the last four months.

Random She Thought: What else?  I can’t wait for Ross Campbell’s Glory.  Looks INSANE!  Also, I’m fairly certain Campbell’s long awaited Wet Moon Volume 6 will be coming out from Oni in 2012…sometime next fall I think.

Random She Thought: Faith Erin Hicks’ Friends With Boys is going to come out in February from First Second, Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan’s Conan from Dark Horse, Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples Saga from Image, Brandon Graham’s King City gets collected in trade, Brian Wood and Kristin Donalson’s The Massive from Dark Horse, Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly’s Saucer Country…what else?  What else is coming that we should all be excited about?


Vietnamerica is still the best graphic novel of the year. Any Empire is also quite good.

I don’t give comics, but I did get last year’s Acme Novelty Library from my mother, which I thought was the most bizarre gift I have ever received, given the person who gave it. It turned out my sister got it at a Gamestop and let my mom pay for it, which makes it even more bizarre.

I’m glad you had a nice Christmas. And no, I never remember my dreams. Vague images, maybe, but nothing more.

Always happy when Emmet Otter gets namedropped.

The awesomeness of the Riverbottom Nightmare Band cannot be denied, and indeed, should not.

Random She Thought: I should have read Habibi and Petrograd for sure…maybe I still have time to get a few in before my list goes up next week….What were some of the best graphic novels you guys read this year?

Big Questions
Eye of the Majestic Creature

Ones I feel bad about not having read yet and would like to see you review:
Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths
Any Empire

Random She Thought: On the other hand, though I’ll miss Williams III on Batwoman when Amy Reeder takes over I’m really excited to see what Reeder will do.

A thousand times yes. I ended up trade waiting for Batwoman because it didn’t feel quite as up to snuff as the Tec run when Rucka and Williams were just at such a synergistic level it was beyond belief. What I read was still good but not to the point where I could overlook how much the ads were interfering with the flow of the reading. However, I will be picking up Reeder’s first issue on day one just because I am so damn interested to see how she takes the reigns.

Oh, one more graphic novel I didn’t read that I want to read and would like to see your review:

Commas are hard, man. Despite knowing how to use proper grammar, it take me multiple edits to get all the commas in the right place.

Hasn’t Bachalo officially been replaced by Nick Bradshaw as Wolverine and the X-Men artist?

As for the problems with his work; I also read Uncanny X-Men. That book has been plagued by rotating sessions of Greg Land for the past three years, with no signs of stopping. Bachalo’s art may sometimes be hard to decipher, but at least he draws it.

Kelly Thompson vs Sonia Harris?

Who’d come out on top?

I’m torn. I’m soo torn. ;-)

I gave my aide Katrina both volumes of GLOBAL FREQUENCY this year, because we occasionally show the TV pilot with Michelle Forbes in class and Katrina really loves it. I thought she should see the source material. In years past my go-to gift for the Cartooning Class aides is Scott McCloud, either UNDERSTANDING COMICS or MAKING COMICS.

And I usually give my old friend Kurt something comic-y when we visit him on New Year’s, but I won’t say what it is this year because we haven’t been yet, and he reads the blog. In the past it’s been novels by Otto Binder, or a bunch of old Marvel black-and-white magazines, stuff like that.

Julie is still laughing about the dream I had last week, one so bizarre I actually woke up and said out loud, “What the fuck was THAT all about??” I can’t remember the details but it was about a big faculty scandal at the school where I teach…. about illegal betting on elf basketball. It was just WEIRD. However, it has provided my wife plenty of laughter over the last few days… any time there’s a commercial with an elf she wonders aloud how good a b-ball player he might be.

I am going to check out Legion of Monsters since you recommend it.

I actually gave nothing but graphic novels for Christmas this year, and the response was overwhelming positive, much to my happy surprise. Heck, one recipient burned through half of his gift before he left dinner, and guests were checking out the art in each other’s books and taking note of titles they might buy for themselves later.

The gifts were:

Luke Cage Noir – Childhood buddy (this is the one that was half finished before the night was over)

Incognegro – Girlfriend’s friend who’s a lawyer

Modesty Blaise (Yellowstone Booty) – yes, a collection of strips, but that still counts,for my girlfriend’s godmother.

Namor (First Byrne collection) – Girlfriend’s mother, who has been a huge fan of Namor since she was a little girl

Batwoman Elegy – Girlfriend’s friend who is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.

Jim Henson’s Storyteller – My beloved girlfriend, who loves all things Henson, particulary Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth.

I think some of the recipients were surprised by Incognegro, as they didn’t think “comic books” could deal with real issues, outside of that freak anomaly Maus, of course.

I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna stick to GNs as a Christmas gift for a few years, and see what I can’t do. (Found out the lawyer is a fan of DBZ, so quality manga for her next year)

I love the phrase “Random She Thought”. It just WORKS for some reason.

I always want to call it Emmet Otter’s Psychedelic Jug Band. That’s just me.

Nyquil Nyquil Nyquil, we love you, you giant f$%$ing Q!

Dude! I was so excited, I was going to tell you that MY sister gave me (without any sort of indication of going to do so) the Hark! A Vagrant HC!!! Because my sister is awesome, TOO!

Because I am a lame present giver, I had to be told to give my sister the new Lynda Barry book, Blabber Blabber Blabber: Everything Comics 1978-1981 (vol.1). But I read it too, and it’s pretty good. I’m looking forward to the upcoming volumes (apparently going to be 10 in all) with the Marlys etc stuff.

Acme Novelty Library at a Gamestop, Burgas? Guess I gotta go to Gamestop!

@Julian: Onward…was pretty good, but I don’t see where it would “fit” Kelly’s column (iirc, no female characters to speak of).

@Hatcher: Oh, they actually showed the Global Frequency pilot at some point? I loved that series (probably what made me an Ellis fan), and knew there was to be a TV show, but actually didn’t know it got made.

Elf basketball? You been reading Gerber Defenders or sum’in?

@ArghantBigAxe: Don’t forget the newly released Henson’s Book of Sand (that Burgas just reviewed here) for the GF. And your comment also brings to mind that I almost got MetaMaus before finding the Barry book for my sis. I might still get it myself.

Y’know, as much as I love Chad’s Random Thoughts, I usually end up loving yours more. Sorry Chad!

I’ve had to stop taking NyQuil. Not only does it give me weird dreams while sleeping, but I hallucinate while awake. It’s…not pleasant.

I just spent a good hour of my life reading you and your fellow blogger’s drunken cover solicits! Any more of that will be as great a christmas present as anything. Cheers!

@Greg Burgas: Any Empire is definitely on my list…but I don’t know if I’ll get to it before the weekend. Vietnamerican was not on my list, but it is now. I also second Pelkie’s shock at Acme Novelty Library being at Gamestop… O_O

@LAndrew: So glad I’m not alone in my Emmet Otter love. The only problem best thing about the movie, is that much UNlike Jem (the Misfits are infinitely more interesting than Jem & The Holograms) Riverbottom Nightmare Gang deserves to win the big show! :)

@Julian: Your first three aren’t on my list, but I’ll check them out. Your last three are on my list already – and I just read Marzi. :)

@sandwich eater: I feel like I would do better with commas if I just did them at random.

@Neil Kapit: As I understand it, Bradshaw is on the second arc and Bachalo will be back…we’ll see though. The solicits make me wanna gouge my eyes out though…so I don’t know what’s going to happen for me. I love Bachalo, he’s one of my absolute favorite artists, so any artist is hard to follow up, but I don’t particularly like Brandshaw so it’s tough. Uncanny has been tough for me because of Land, I find I’m an irregular reader solely due to the art, though I’d like to be a regular.

@Tom: Don’t pit Sonia and me against each other! That’s the worst!!

@Greg Hatcher: Conquering the world one comics gift at a time! Elf basketball seems like it would be awesome.

@Maverickman874: You absolutely should.

@ArghantBigAxe: You sound like a good friend to have. :)

@Travis: Maybe I’M your sister?!?! No…wait…that doesn’t work…

Well, we shouldn’t pit Sonia and I against each other…but Chad & I? SURE! Just kidding of course. Chad is a very benevolent Canadian to be such a good sport about me stealing his very excellent Random Thoughts format when I’m tapped out and have lotsa stuff I wanna chat about.

@P. Boz: Sounds like you made the right decision for you NyQuil…for me, though, I’m home finally and wanting some more awesome sexy dreams…so tonight I will experiment! ;)

@Daniel: Good! I live to make people waste hours of their lives. March DC and Marvel Drunk Solicits will go up this week…now that I’m home and free to drink too much at will. Keep an eye out for them!

Thanks for reading everyone. I had a great time with my family, but man it’s good to be home. Who knew you could miss goddamn New York City so much!?

I would think that you could totally take Chad out, but since he’s Canadian, he probably has a hockey stick on him at all times and would use it to knock your legs out from under you. But then he’d probably help you up again.

And keep in mind that Tom wants to pit you against Sonia not because you’re female writers here and you’ve got to fight it out because of that, but because he’s hoping there’s mud and/or jello involved. He is also Canadian, so…well, we’ll just leave it at that.

And you might not have seen it because I’ve been commenting on it more on Hatcher’s columns, but now your comments pop up in my email when I’m subscribed to an entry you comment on, but now Hatcher’s comments don’t pop up. It’s like a contagious spam filter virus or sum’in.

@ Kelly Thomspon–well, I kinda liked the fact that the show was totally OK with it–they’re really good and deserved to win. Even the Jug band starts rocking along to it.

Plus, you have to love any band that has a fish that . . .just spits water on people. That’s the soul of punk, innit?

@Travis: The email comments abberation is, as I understand it, about whether our comments go to spam or not instantly. My comments, until I got a new laptop, ALWAYS went directly to spam and I had to go in and un-spam them. Lately, most of mine go through. I suspect Greg is having his spam issue now. Good times!

@LAndrew: Eek! I mis-typed. Too much commenting. I meant to say the BEST thing about Otter (unlike Jem) is that Riverbottom Nightmare wins…as they deserve too. No, they are definitely the deserving winners…and it’s cool that they are recognized by the “frumpy old-fashioned feeling small town” even though they’re “the bad guys”. Talent is talent yo.

And for the uninitiated…this is the awesomeness of which LAndrew and I speak:


It’s not a great copy, but you can get an idea of the awesomeness.

I’m pretty sure Emmet Otter does get run*… it just doesn’t get the spotlight. I guess the advertising funds all went out through the hole in the washtub. :p

*I don’t have TV – I mean service – but I have friends who mention watching it every year. I really need to get a DVD of it, I haven’t watched any VHS tapes in years, lol.

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