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Meet the Line it is Drawn Trial Artists!

These are the ten excellent artists who will be doing three more weeks of drawings as they try-out to become a new artist for the Line it is Drawn.

Check out the pieces they’ve done already and marvel at the awesomeness that they bring to the table!

I’m listing them in alphabetical order (by last name). Their first piece was based on the subject of turning a notable person (real or fictional) into a superhero or a supervillain. Their second piece was teaming up two characters that have never teamed up before.

Daniel Cox

Marco D’Alfonso (whose website is here)

Jason Gonzalez (whose website is here)

Josh Gowdy (whose website is here)

Axel Medellin (whose website is here – Axel is the recently announced artist on a new Image ongoing series, The Hoax Hunters. Congrats, Axel!)

Cynthia Rodgers (whose website is here)

Phillip Sevy (whose website is here)

(Phil did two pieces for Week 2)

John Trumbull

Bill Walko (of The Hero Business fame)

Yukinori Xum

You lucky people get to see THREE weeks’ worth of their drawings starting next week!


Much awesomeness. But the CB-Men are the awesomest of all.

I never got around to checking the tryouts you posted before, and now I think I might have to go back and do that. These are all really good. I’d have a hard time picking if it were up to me.

Holy Cow, that Rom/Crystar piece is an epic win!!!

Cynthia and Bill were my top two faves from earlier so delighted to see them here. Great group all around though and can’t wait to see their further work.

Congrats Guys & Gal…. I know we are all in for some amazing, imaginative works over the next year for sure!

Hey Brian– can you pop my second piece (Wildcat and Fury) up as well.

Wow, these are all pretty awesome. Some may even be better than some of the current the Line it is Drawn artists… Are you sure only one of these folk can make the cut? Maybe you should add three or four of them, or rotate them out or something.

WOW we are definitely in for a treat this next year…What a talented group!

Great choices. I’m excited to see what happens next.

Wow, I didn’t get a chance to all of these when they were originally posted (I must confess, I skimmed through them for the sake of time), but what a mistake! I’ve only seen about half of these before, but they’re all great! That Harley/Deadpool piece is so cool that I’m actually kinda mad it’s not real. You ever wanna make it happen, Marco, you got a writer waiting!

Hey Brian– can you pop my second piece (Wildcat and Fury) up as well.

it’s already up, isn’t it? The boxing one, right? Does everyone else not see it?

I see it, Brian. I was going to comment that it was there, but I, um, didn’t.

But yeah, this is a great batch of people.

Really thrilled to see my pal Marco make it to this round! His gallery was inspiration enough to warrant me inviting him to tryout! Go for the gold, friend!

Astonishing work. Best of luck to you all.


I love Harley’s crazy-eyes more every time I see them. :)

Axel Medellin does some awesome stuff, definitely my favourite of a great batch

Every time I look at the X-Peanuts, I come away with even more love for how Thea assigned their roles — and little details like CycLinus’ security blanket — and in a style that is nothing like any of Thea’s other drawings!

Just hire her and Walko already!

Decisions, Decisions.

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