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3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 033 – Best of 2011 Cast!

IT’S EPISODE 033 – our “Best of 2011 Cast!”


Inside this episode! Maddy’s back! Maddy joins us for our summary of the Best (and a few worsts) of 2011! Join us to hear our picks for things like Best Single Issue, Best Ongoing Series, Best Graphic Novel, Best YA Graphic Novel, Best Webcomic, Best Single Issue Cover (see below for the picks), and more.  We also talk about some “Missed Opportunities in 2011″ for our “Hot Topic section.  Make sure to come back in 2 weeks – Maddy won’t be here but we’ll be interviewing a very special creator.

Links! Hinges, Friends With Boys, Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Ether.

Not a lot of spoilers in this week’s episode, so less need to skip around, but here are the breaks:

The Year’s Best – 1:00

Hot Topic “Missed Opportunities in 2011″ – 1:06:06

3 Chicks Review Comics is a podcast featuring female comics lovers and bloggers Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass and Kelly Thompson from She Has No Head! Tune in to CSBG every other Monday at noon as we review comics and discuss hot topics of the week. In addition to the blogs above, you can also follow us all on twitter as well: Kelly and Sue.  Special thanks to Nik Furious for our awesome 3 Chicks theme song.

*As always beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the books in question!


[…] A new 3 Chicks Review Comics, the Best of 2011 Cast is up today.  Head on over to CSBG and check it out! […]

Always wonderful to have Maddy on board. Starts the year off right!

great episode! i thought you said there was a new Batfight in this one, though, did i miss it…?
and of course thank you for the Shadoweyes In Love mention again! much appreciated. :)

Good choices all around.

Some of my other favorites were :

Scalped – Jason Aaron is one of the most versatile writers working in comics right now and Scalped has been brilliant from the first issue.

Journey Into Mystery- Gillen has been stellar on this title.

Thunderbolts and Hulk- Gabriel Hardman, Kev Walker and Jeff Parker come out with good issues every month.

Venom & Fear Agent & UXF- Remender , nuff said. His Secret Avengers with Hardman sounds like another winner.

Crossgen (Ruse and Mystic) – Wish the single issues did better. Hopefully the trades will push Marvel for more Crossgen.

FF & Fantastic Four- I am going to make the eventual omnibus of Hickman’s run mine.


DAREDEVIL – I wish you guys had picked it up and reviewed it. I don’t think Maddy and Sue are familiar with the man without fear, so it would have been interesting to see their take on Waid’s run so far.

I mentioned this on Sue’s blog but the first 2 arc ( 6 issues) are being collected in HC in Feb and paperback in August.


Time permitting for you gals, I would like to hear or read what you guys make of it.

If you are looking to jump on with this month’s issue 8, it is a 2 part crossover with Amazing Spider-man ( to boost diamond numbers I guess).

Part 1 is Amazing Spider-man 677 with art by Emma Rios !
Part 2 is Daredevil # 8 with art by Kano.
it is the first meeting of Peter and Matt post Shadowland.


Agree with your assessment of Remender’s UXF. Team books fail hard when you don’t get the distinct voices right and Remender does it with ease. I think it’s hard for writers to get wise crackers like Spidey or Deadpool.

Soooooew, there is apparently more to the theme song, and apparently it was made in 1981.




@Keith: Agreed!

@ross: Of course – SIL is well deserving of the mention. I cut out the little bit of the batfight we had…but most of the latest batfight happened the night before in prep, which I wasn’t recording. the way things have been going lately though, there will be no shortage of batfights!

@Maverickman874: Good picks. I am planning to catch up with Daredevil. I’ve already ordered the trade and I’m going to grab the latest couple issues so I can read it all in order when it shows up. I don’t know if Sue and Maddy will be reading it, but if it’s good I’m sure you’ll hear me talking about it. :)

I’m still catching up on Scalped (as well as DMZ).

Excited for Remender’s Secret Avengers, but I’m definitely going to miss Ellis’ run – it’s been brilliant.

I liked Ruse very much, but Mystic left me pretty cold.

@VichusSmith: The 3 Chicks Rap is an alternate opening that we used once before (for the best of 2010 cast I believe). It’s just a fun little every once in a while thing. I find it hilariously fun. Salt to taste I guess! :)



I just wanted to say that your work was great this year. Your best of year lists just added some indy books and GN I was unaware of to my shopping cart.

Your list of the best female creators for 2011 and their work was great and I liked that you went for new names and faces. Brilliant work and great mix from different formats and genres.

Congrats on finishing a draft of your novel as well. I hope that 2012 is rewarding both personally and professionally.

I finally reviewed this episode!

Here: http://nickmarino.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-review-of-3-chicks-review-comics-33.html

And, Kelly, I rated it this time… just for you!!!

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