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Comic Book Legends Revealed Addendum – More Aquaman II Goodness Plus Mutant Rights!

I recently did a Comic Book Legends Revealed (you can read it here) about how there was nearly a sequel to Neal Pozner and Craig Hamilton’s popular mid-80’s Aquaman mini-series. I totally forgot that Back Issue #46 had a story on the never-seen series (in a neat article written by Richard A. Scott). In the article, Richard featured some never-used pages drawn by Hamilton for the series. Read on to see the pages (plus an addendum to an old Comic Book Legends Revealed about Mutant Rights)!

You can click on the first image to enlarge it. Not the next two.

Cool stuff! Thanks, Richard!

For more never-published pages from Aquaman II, pick up a copy of Back Issue #46 from TwoMorrows Publishing here!

You can read more of Richard’s stuff at his website here.

Finally, my pal Loren wrote to me about a legend that I did a number of years ago (you can read it here) about how Marvel argued that its X-Men characters were not human (as part of an attempt to classify its X-Men action figures as “toys” which carried a smaller import tariff than “dolls,” which were classified as any toy that represented a human being).

Loren thought it worth noting that the great podcast RadioLab recently spotlighted this story of Marvel arguing with the government that mutants were not human. You can listen to it here. They even got Bryan Singer to weigh in on the subject! Very neat. Thanks, Loren!


And to think I spent my youth playing with non-human toys! I think I’m going to be sick…

I loved that Ponzer-Hamilton AQUAMAN mini. It is a genuine shame that they never followed it up. More amazingly, I do not think that it has ever been re-printed.

Ooh, that’s purty. I think Hamilton did an issue or more of Robinson’s Starman, but what’s he been doing since?


January 13, 2012 at 5:47 am

Obviously, Marvel’s higher-ups are mutant hating racists who think mutants are no better than animals. Magneto was right!

P Boz:

As opposed to your current MLP collection? :)

Thank you for the follow up! ~Blush~

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