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Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 11: Aquaman: Time and Tide #2

Every day this month, I will be examining the first pages of random comics. Today’s page is from Aquaman: Time and Tide #2, which was published by DC and is cover dated January 1994. Enjoy!

Hey, it's Bruce!

Aquaman: Time and Tide is the “Year One” Aquaman story that Peter David wrote before starting yet another ongoing starring the King of the Seas. It’s pencilled by Kirk Jarvinen, inked by Brad Vancata, colored by Tom McGraw, and lettered by Dan Nakrosis.

This first page is kind of dull, but it is leading up to a dramatic splash page, so perhaps we can forgive it. David, who never used one word when five will do (and I like David’s writing, mind you), gives us a lot of information, but Jarvinen doesn’t really have much to do. David gives us dolphin porn in the second panel, which is something, I guess. We also get to see the dolphins fight off a shark attack and David imply that the dolphins are like the Mafia (“Never go against the Family!”). Basically, this is the first page of a three-page biography of a baby dolphin which will lead to Aquaman’s first appearance in the comic, so David is doling out information in a not-particularly-interesting fashion.

Jarvinen does what he can, but really, the only thing of interest here is the fact that the panel borders are fluid because we’re under the ocean. That’s not unique, but it’s a bit clever. Jarvinen makes the dolphin lust as classy as possible, I guess, but when you’re drawing this script, there’s just not a lot to do. Does this page make anyone want to read on? I suppose if you’ve already gotten issue #1 and liked it (and it was certainly enjoyable), the fact that issue #2 begins rather dully won’t make much difference to you. If you missed issue #1 and grabbed this, dolphins screwing and then attacking a shark might not be enough to catch your interest. Peter David’s name might be enough to draw you in, I suppose. Still, not the greatest first page in history.

Next: VAMPIRES!!!!!


The dolphins are cuddling. I see no dolphin porn.

This is a fun column, but I have to say it’s about the worst title for a column I’ve ever heard of. Maybe you meant to say seismograph (more frantic lines), but that doesn’t help much.

Ganky: Thanks for the nice words, even though you made me sad by picking on the title of the column. It’s a Marillion lyric, so it’s not my choice of words, and I thought it sounded good because it implies drawing. I’m sorry you hate it, but I still hope you check out the posts!

No worries; I’m a-gonna keep readin’!

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