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Line it is Drawn Try-Out Month – Time to Vote!

You’ve seen five weeks’ worth of their drawings, now vote for which artist you’d like to see join The Line it is Drawn!

Here are their first two weeks’ worth of drawings.

Here are their week three drawings.

Here are their week four drawings.

And here are their week five drawings.

Now vote!

Your votes will be mixed in with votes from some judges of my choosing and I’ll combine them all to determine who joins The Line it is Drawn (the final decision rests with me, though)! The results will be revealed in Line it is Drawn #76!


Making us vote for only one is wrong. At least let us vote for our top three choices. >.>

Gah, this was far too hard. They’re all so good! Finally I had to make a chart of how many weeks each artist drew one of my favorites and go with the one with the most checkmarks.

So hard picking a favourite, especially when comparing week after week. Well done everybody! Used similar to buttler’s (ranked a top three each week and winner had best average).

In a similar style, picking my favorite three or four was still reasonably possible, and after some consideration managed to pick the one even though not voting on the second and third best was painful…

All of the artists did a great job…it’ll be a hard choice.

Every time I had settled, someone else did something that impressed me or made me grin like a maniac. Everybody in this competition has been doing great work.

I agree that this is a tough call. Can’t all of them keep going?

A little unsolicited campaigning: Axel is, in addition to being an insanely talented artist, one of the nicest, most humble people I have ever met. Just a truly good person you really want to se succeed. Anything, including voting on this, that gets this gets this guy a tiny bit of recognition is something than will put major karma in your court.

so I voted… but I seriously hope you consider keeping more than just one of these talented peoples… this is easily my favorite column on CSBG and I’d love to see more takes each week…

Lot of solid art produced for this, but Bill Walko ran away with it.

i will disagree with Mr. Trippe. out of the two or three candidates i had, Bill Walko–despite being an excellent artist–was not among them i’m afraid.

Do we vote here? There no instructions & i don’t see anyone’s vote in the comment section. Do we e-mail our vote to you? Vote here & have you remove our comment?

i’d like to vote, but i’m not sure what to do.

There’s a poll. You might not be seeing the poll. It is a javascript poll, and perhaps your computer blocks javascript.

The last five weeks of drawings were incredible. I’m sad it has to end and we have to vote for only one.

Thanks again for the opportunity, Brian! It’s been a great ride!

Wow, this is tough. There was at least one drawing by every single one of them that made me think “Ok, this is the one.” I think I have it narrowed down to my top 2.

Great work everyone!

Bill Walko’s work for the Aquaman Shrine has been amazing (see below) and he’s a favorite of our viewers — he gets the vote!


I second John. This has been a blast! Hope to do more.

I gotta go with Bill Walko for this one. I’m always excited to see a new piece from him.

See, the great thing is, no matter who actually makes it in, we all win anyway. Everyone did great work. Kudos to all.

Of course, I’m still voting for someone, mind you. But I won’t be overly disappointed if I don’t pick the winner.

Tales of the Boojum

January 28, 2012 at 8:40 am

So how about instead if “The Line it is Drawn” is a twice weekly feature? Blue Team Tuesday, Gold Team Thursday?

I vote Cynthia Rodgers.

This was tough! It was pretty much an even split for me between Daniel Cox and Jason Gonzalez. They are both amazing artists!! Keep ‘em both if you can.

All the artist are super talented but I have to say, for me it was between Axel & Bill Walko and Yukinori … but I finally decided. Like I said they’re all very talented … Steampunk Batman, Starfire burning her bra, the Namor/Archie parody, some great stuff. I would have liked to have voted for more than one but … yeah … if you get a couple that would be awesome.

I liked all of the artists, but I had to go with Gowdy. His style stood out to me.

I agree with MB in WV. Would you consider keeping more than one? Maybe 2 or 3? I’m sure there is extra work on your part editing etc., but we would really enjoy the extra input.

Too many good artists! You should go for a bigger feature, twice a week or maybe have artists alternating weeks.

That said, my vote is for Cynthia Rodgers.

since folks are revealing their votes, i will as well. in the end, i voted for John Trumbull. however, Cynthia Rodgers was a very close second.

Everyone seems across the board in our voting. It was a very difficult decision indeed!

Marco D’alfonso all the way… just think his stuff is always fresh and Monkey Loving Hillarious…

J. Gonzo is the only choice.

He`s got mad skills and his lines and strokes have got a crisp Silver Age pop to them that hasn`t been seen since Jack Kirby left us in the 90`s. This guy is special. I`d rather have his OA hanging on my wall than any other artist from the Modern and Post-Modern comics Age.

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