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Flippin’ through Previews – February 2012

Are people really upset about that Wonder Woman cover? Really? If you don’t know already, see it on the latest Previews, #281, below!

It would, however, be a BILLION times better if she were smiling and winking

Dark Horse:

If you’ve been buying Dark Horse Presents, you can probably skip Resident Alien #0 (page 38), but if you haven’t, Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse’s story of an alien pretending to be a doctor in a small town who suddenly gets called in to investigate a death is a fun tale. Actually, I’m not sure if all of this was already printed in DHP. I suppose I’ll have to go check. Either way, it’s a pretty good story. (18 April)

I’m not all that interested in Alabaster: Wolves #1 (page 48), because I’ve never read Caitlín R. Kiernan’s books and it doesn’t look like my cup o’ tea, but Steve Lieber is doing the art, which is nice. Good for Lieber, getting paid and all! (11 April)

As you ought to know, I’m not a big fan of The Goon, but the cover of issue #39 (page 56) cracks me right the hell up. (25 April)

'Plots based on primary colors rule!'

Peter Bagge has a new book out on page 59 called Reset, about a guy who signs up to participate in a virtual reality experiment. If that’s your thing. (18 April)

Groo vs. Conan on page 60. Yes, it had to happen!!!!! I will, of course, wait for the trade, but man, does this sound perversely awesome. (18 April)


MarkAndrew is squealing like a school girl at a Justin Bieber concert right about now, because Larry Marder has a new volume of Beanworld out on page 61. It’s reprint stuff, but it’s newly colored by Marder and features some brand-new stuff in anticipation of new Beanworld stories that are coming out. Beanworld is … something, I’ll tell you that much. Here’s MarkAndrew himself writing about it. Caution: Contains Mark’s typically stream-of-consciousness style! (27 June)

Matt Kindt does it again, adding stories to a previously published graphic novel, and the result is 3 Story: Secret Files of the Giant Man on page 62. Considering that the original 3 Story was phenomenal, I’m on board with this, but I wonder why Kindt does this. From talking to him, I get the sense that he works really fast, so maybe he just can’t stop writing and drawing!!!! (18 April)

I own pretty much every Grendel story there is, but you can bet I’m picking up the Grendel Omnibus on page 65. It features the original Hunter Rose stuff and the two short story collections Wagner did with all those cool artists, and the entire thing is in black and white and red, and I’m sure it will be awesome. I’m very curious if Dark Horse will color the entire saga in black and white and red, because I don’t think that would work. We shall see, though. You really ought to own Grendel in some form or another. I haven’t read all of Mage, but based on what I have, Grendel blows it out of the water. Now I’m curious to see if the Batman crossovers will be collected in a second volume. Probably not, because it seems like this volume is all about Hunter Rose and the first one isn’t here, but that would be neat. (6 June)


So, Detective Comics #8 (page 90) and Batman’s girlfriend, Charlotte Rivers. In this new, Keepin’-Kontinuity-Tight DCnU, has any other Batman book made a reference to the fact that Bruce has a chippie on the side? I thought Danny D. and Geoffrey Johns (“Who could be scared of a Geoffrey?” “Geoffrey’s just this nice bloke from down the road!”) were making sure everything synced up, so can anyone tell me if Bruce is getting some in any other Batman book? (4 April)

I know that every single sentence in Previews is hyperbole, but did whoever writes the copy for Swamp Thing #8 (page 103) chuckle when he or she thought up, “Behold the terrifying true potential of the Swamp Thing – a form so fearsome we couldn’t put it on the cover!” I mean, really? I hope that it’s not obscured on the actual cover, so in early April, consumers’ screams ring out throughout the land as we see the scariest thing ever!!!!! (4 April)

Story continues below

Is that Amadeus Cho on the cover of Stormwatch #8 (page 110)?

Ambiguous gender alert!

Oh, those Asians – so good at the mathematics! (4 April)

DC offers more hardcover trades from the DCnU – Detective on page 122, Batwoman on page 123 – plus softcover trades for those books that don’t deserve hardcovers – Animal Man and Catwoman (page124), Green Arrow and JLI (page 125), and Stormwatch (page 126). The softcovers, it looks like, will be out about the time the 9th issues hit the stands, while the hardcovers will be out a month later. That’s not too bad, I guess.

On page 129, Batman: Prey is offered in trade. This collects Legends of the Dark Knight issues by Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy and features Hugo Strange, and they’re not bad. They’re not great, but they’re not bad. (30 May)

There’s a Challengers of the Unknown Ominibus by Jack Kirby hardcover on page 130. I don’t know if this any good, but it’s intriguing. (20 June)

Anthony Bourdain has a graphic novel coming out called Get Jiro! (page 136)? Really? Sheesh. (27 June)

Of course, DC is still slow in trades when it doesn’t involve their flashy new books. American Vampire #26 gets solicited on page 142, right next to the second trade, which collects through issue #11. Come on, DC! (25 April and 2 May)

I know that Ed Brubaker’s Deadenders isn’t the most fondly-remembered series, but DC is putting out the entire run in a nice volume for 30 bucks, which isn’t bad. Remember when DC hadn’t pissed off Ed Brubaker? Good times! (16 May)


Darwyn Cooke’s latest Parker adapatation, The Score, is offered on page 152. These are good comics. You should own them.

Roger Langridge is writing a new Popeye comic on page 159. I have never been a fan of Popeye, and Langridge is just okay, so I think I’ll skip this, but you might like it!

I guess it’s in the nature of modern writers to cast everything in a “fight for freedom” model even though it might not be historically accurate, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to skip Nevsky: Hero of the People on page 176 by Ben McCool and Mario Guevara. It seems like it’s more an interpretation of Sergei Eisenstein’s movie rather than any actual history, and I’m very curious about it. Who doesn’t love late medieval warriors slaughtering each other?

'I know - let's put some English letters backward to look Russian, because no one's ever thought of that before!'


Man, I’d say Jonathan Hickman was on a roll, but I’ll have to wait until some of his books come out (Feel Better Now was due in October and is nowhere to be seen). On page 180 he has America’s Got Powers, a mini-series about a TV show where super-powered teens compete against each other. Bryan Hitch provides the artwork, and the two pages of previews look better than a lot of what Hitch has done recently. (Issue #1 is due on 11 April, while issue #2 is due two weeks later) Then, on page 184, he has Secret with Ryan Bodenheim, which is an espionage thriller. Let us hope all his series come out in a timely fashion! [Well, crap. Two commenters pointed out that Jonathan ROSS, not Hickman, is writing America’s Got Powers, which messes up my whole argument. Well, except for the fact that Hickman does have three projects from Image in the pipeline, one of which was supposed to be out already but hasn’t shown up. Anyway, Ross wrote Turf, which was pretty good, and he’s done a lot of television work, so this seems right up his alley. My apologies!]


Is Alan Moore actually writing the new Supreme in 2012 (page 188), or is this some old treatment that the Image guys cobbled together into a script? I still have to get one of the two Supreme trades that Moore wrote years ago, but this is just … weird. It could be good weird, of course, but still. I’m just glad that Alan Moore is writing brand new characters that are in no way rip-offs of Superman and his supporting cast, because he would never, ever make a dollar off of someone else’s creations … (4 April)

Landry Q. Walker and Eric Jones, the creators behind some of the best Batman stories of the past few years (it’s true!), bring us Danger Club on page 194. It’s about superhero sidekicks needing to stop a cosmic menace because when the superheroes tried, they all disappeared. This could be awesome, mainly because the creative team is very good. (4 April)

Story continues below

Magic dude looks cool!

If you were waiting for 3-4 years for The Infinite Horizon to finish so you could get the trade, your wait is over! It’s offered on page 199, and I know it will come out because the book is actually finished! It’s a pretty good story, too, if that matters. (11 April)

I skipped The Strange Talent of Luther Strode in single issues, but the trade is out on page 202. I don’t know if it’s any good, but Tradd Moore’s art is superb. (4 April)


Is that a solicitation for the final issue of The Twelve on page 49? Why, I think it is! Holy crap!

Once again, the Hyperbole Express takes off: Wolverine & the X-Men #8 (page 55) promises: “Sabretooth vs. Beast in the most vicious fight set to paper!” I desperately want a job writing solicitation copy for Previews. I’d be THE BEST EVER at it!!!! See? I can do hyperbole too!

I’m sorely tempted by the Punisher by Rick Remender Omnibus on page 70. It’s 100 dollars, though, but I’m still sorely tempted.

I’m also sorely tempted by the Secret Warriors Omnibus on page 71, also clocking in at 100 bucks. I even own these issues and I’m tempted!!!!

My love for Dazzler means that I will probably buy the Beauty & the Beast hardcover on page 83. Yes, I’m weak. I don’t care – such is my love for Alison Blaire!!!!

Man, if Sienkiewicz had actually drawn this ...

I know someone who reads (or, at least, used to read) the blog is madly in love with Darkhawk (Our Dread Lord and Master would remember who it is), so I imagine life is good for him, as Darkhawk Classic volume 1 is offered on page 105. Calling Darkhawk comics “classics” might be pushing it a bit (in the same way that I own Dazzler “Essential” volumes which are probably not that essential), but that’s nice of Marvel to publish this. Hey, Danny Fingeroth wrote this AND Dazzler. Maybe it’s time for a Danny Fingeroth appreciation post at CSBG!

The back of the book awaits!

Markosia has a trade of The Boy Who Made Silence (page 230), which is unfinished (for now) but is absolutely brilliant, and I encourage everyone to check it out. I own all the issues and I’m going to get this. The fact that this is coming out gives me hope that Josh Hagler will actually finish the book, because I would love that.

Seriously ... it's excellent

Kelly T. has been drooling over Princeless, and now the first trade is out from Action Lab Entertainment on page 230. I’m very keen to check this out.

Antarctic Press has its usual assortment of comics (including Airboy by Chuck Dixon, which keeps changing publishers) but this T-shirt made me chuckle:

Oscar should look like that on Sesame Street, just to drive conservatives insane

It’s clever, but it also reminds me of my mini-vacation last week, when we drove around Palm Beach for a while. There is an actual “Occupy Palm Beach” movement – there are about 10-15 tents outside of City Hall. They looked so cute, protesting in the sun like that!

On page 253, Blank Slate Books has some interesting selections, including Departures, which looks at three characters struggling in the global recession. I’m sure it’s all just pinko propaganda, but I’ll still give it a look!

There’s a second Planet of the Apes trade from Boom! Studios on page 262. The first one was really good, far better than I expected, so I’ll be picking this one up, you betcha.

My past affection for Garth Ennis means I will give his new take on The Shadow from Dynamite, because I have a feeling this will be more like his excellent war stories rather than some of his other, more … gory stuff. I could be wrong, but I do so want to like an Ennis comic again, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Doesn't that scarf get moist from his breath?

Dynamite got the rights to Howard Chaykin’s Shadow mini-series from DC in the mid-1980s, and they’re reprinting the trade (page 275). I own this, and it’s … okay. The story has huge gaps in it that make no sense, but this is back when Chaykin was a good artist, so that makes up for the story problems.

Story continues below

For 30 bucks, Dynamite offers The Art of Ramona Fradon hardcover on page 283. That’s not a bad price for something like this.

Hey, check it out: There’s a new issue of Castle Waiting on page 302 from Fantagraphics. Will this be included in a new trade of volume 2? If so, I suppose I’m glad I didn’t buy volume 2 yet, because volume 1 is pretty darned good comics.

I read a preview of The Art of War last year, and it was quite good. Now the entire graphic novel is offered on page 305 from Harper Perennial. I don’t know if the creators will let me see the book before it’s published, but if they do, I’ll be sure to write about it. If they don’t, I just pre-order it like a sucker and review it that way!

An old Gray Morrow comic, Orion, is getting reprinted by Hermes Press (page 308). It’s 40 bucks, which is a bit dear, but I’ll probably get it anyway, because I like Morrow’s art and this sounds pretty keen.

He's a swashbuckling ballet dancer!

Well, shit. Alison Bechdel has a new book out on page 308 from Houghton Mifflin. Yeah, I’m going to have to pick that sucker up.

I’m not that fond of “deadly virus” stories, but The Girl Who Owned a City (page 311) from Lerner Publishing Group has one huge thing going for it: Joëlle Jones on art. Dang, I love Jones’s art. I’m going to have to think about this. (I haven’t read the original novel, so it will be new to me!)

Kicking ass and taking names!

Ted Naifeh brings back Courtney Crumrin in a full-color ongoing from Oni Press on page 316. I haven’t read the original stuff (I probably should), but this is tempting nevertheless.

Whoo-hoo! Chris Schweizer has Crogan’s Loyalty, the third book in his familial saga, out on page 318 (also from Oni). The first two books in the series were excellent, so why wouldn’t this one be?

It's on like Donkey Kong!

I’m not sure if I’m going to get Freedom, a new Revolutionary War comic from Potato Comics on page 322, even though it sounds interesting. It does annoy me that Jay Spence, who wrote the “Staff Picks” for this book, began his text with “History is … boring.” You know who finds history boring? Stupid people. Yeah, I said it.

Top Shelf is bringing Lost Dogs, Jeff Lemire’s first professional work, back into print (page326), and you know I’ll be all over that. On page 328 they offer The Pterodactyl Hunters (In the Gilded City), a story about dinosaur hunters in 1904 New York (why not?), and I may have to get that, too.

Well, I guess that’s as good a place to end as any, so I will. Have a blast zipping through your very own copy of Previews, because you never know what goodies you’ll find inside!


[…] Flippin’ through Previews – February 2012 – comicbookresources.com Are people really upset about that Wonder Woman cover? Really? If you don’t know already, see it on the latest Previews, #281, below! Dark Horse: If you’ve been buying Dark Horse Presents, you can probably skip Resident Alien #0 (page 38), but if you haven’t, Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse’s story of an alien pretending [… […]

haha what? Its Jonathan Ross writing America’s got powers, not hickman.

But when are they going to reprint the Andy Helfer/Bill Sienkiewicz/Kyle Baker Shadow series? That’s far and away my favourite one.

i’m buying planet of the apes # 12 from boom! studios and daredevil # 9 marvel

Greg, Thanks for the mention! Two thing: 1) please email me your mailing address and we will definitely mail you a galley copy of THE ART OF WAR! They are coming off the press in about 2 weeks. 2.) the hyperlink for the words “Harper Perennial” in the mention above leads to the wrong title – it should go here: http://www.harpercollins.com/books/Art-War-Kelly-Roman/?isbn=9780062103949

All the best!

Kelly Roman
Writer of THE ART OF WAR

Uh, on what planet is Langridge “just okay?” Not this one.

I don’t read The Goon, but your right, that cover is funny! Is it ironic that the issue with all the gimmicks is going to get me to try it out? …. even if it is tongue in cheek?

I’m also pissed about the American Vampire HC, trade program. I’m sick of having to pay so much for the HC (which is still about 8-10 months behind the single), or wait for a trade…. which is then another year! And its the only Vertigo title that does it! …. If their best seller, Fables get a trade first, why doesn’t this? Snyder, Berger? Fix this please!

How much is the The Infinite Horizon trade? I’m hoping you say $10! :) – I won’t get my Previews mag for another week.

Jonathan Hickman isn’t writing America’s Got Powers. That’s Jonathan Ross.

Jamie (and KG): Whoops, you’re right. I’ll go back and fix that. My bad!

buttler: Man, that would be nice, wouldn’t it? They obviously have the rights to one DC series, so maybe they’ll do that one, too.

Kelly: Thanks, sir. I’ll get on that!

Paul: Langridge’s Thor was very good, but I haven’t been too impressed with his Muppet Show stuff. So, yeah, “just okay.”

Faust: Sorry, The Infinite Horizon is 18 bucks. 6 issues, 3 bucks a pop … it adds up!

American Vampire is going to Hardcovers first and then to trades. The third volume, which collects 12-18 and the 5 issue mini-series spinoff just came out last week

Wow, that’s SO Amadeus Cho on that Stormwatch cover (you transposed the vowels, btw).

New Beanworld! Yay! Now I have to read my other volumes, and get v3.

Batman Prey is coming out because of ties to the movie.

Deadenders, cool. I have most of the singles, but since I haven’t found all of them, I might spring for this.

As I understand the Supreme stuff, they are working off the outline that Moore did (he apparently worked WELL ahead of how fast the Awesome guys could keep up). From something I saw Larsen say about the book, the version of Supreme that Moore did will meet up with the version that Liefeld started, so that might be interesting.

Man, I love this feature, but I miss all the boobies.

Tom Fitzpatrick

February 4, 2012 at 6:12 pm

Ever since I first read MAGE # 9, I was a fan of Matt Wagner.
I’ve read his GRENDEL series since then.
You should consider reading MAGE I and II, if you can get ahold of trades. There is two hardcovers that collects both 15 issues plus the two interludes. I think they’re out-of-print, but I’m sure you can locate on e-bay or ABE books web-site.

Whereas GRENDEL is Matt Wagner’s nightmare, MAGE is his dream.
You can’t read GRENDEL and not read MAGE.

Yonatan: Yeah, I saw that hardcover for American Vampire. Both DC and Marvel do the hardcovers first, but I just get annoyed that it takes so very long for them to come out. Oh well – I can wait!

Travis: If there are boobies, I will feature them. Sometimes, however, there just aren’t a lot in sync with what I want to write about!

Tom: I own the first giant hardcover of Mage, and it just didn’t wow me. I keep thinking I should get the other one, and maybe I will. I honestly don’t know why it doesn’t speak to me like Grendel does, but there’s something missing from it.

@Buttler: I thought I was the only one. So this is what is sounds like … when doves cry.

what did DC do to piss off Brubaker?

Garth Ennis is doing The Shadow!?!? This will be the first comic I’ve bought in five years.

$18 for the Infinite Horizon trade? Yeah, I dont think so. I’ll wait another year or so and I’ll most likely find the singles for a $1 each!

And yeah, what DID DC do to piss off Brubaker? He got to write their best character (IMHO) for a long period of time. He got to write his pet project, Gotham Central as a pretty much stand alone title – for which I am extremely grateful! :) And he got to do a handful of Vertigo titles…..


I cannot recommend Supreme highly enough. I’m pretty much an Alan Moore disciple, and I’ve ready pretty much everything he’s done except Bojeffries and Maxwell the Magic Cat, which I’ve never managed to get my hands on.

I would rank his initial 13 issue Supreme story, “The Supreme Story of the Year,” as Moore’s 4th greatest work, behind Watchmen, Swamp Thing, and Superman: “For the Man Who Has Everything.” (For those curious, Miracleman, Killing Joke, Captain Britain, Top Ten, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, and V For Vendetta would round out my top ten.)

Moore’s other Supreme stories (53-56, The Return 1-6; all reprinted in The Return tpb) are all good, but it’s those initial 13 issues (41-52A & B) that are truly amazing. Moore deconstructs the entire Superman mythos and DC’s Silver Age by handling one subject at a time, with amazing flashbacks handled by Rick Veitch. To my knowledge (and anybody/Brian correct me if I’m wrong), but this run was the first time flashbacks had been handled with artists trying to impersonate the look of the era the flashback takes place in. This later became common place in Bendis comics like Alias and New Avengers.

And I remain convinced to this day that All-Star Superman was Morrison’s attempt to apply “The Supreme Story of the Year” to the actual Superman mythos instead of an analogue. I wouldn’t go so far as to call All-Star an outright rip off, but I’d at least be willing to gamble that Morrison was more influenced by Moore’s Supreme work than he was by any actual silver age Superman stories. And I like All-Star Superman. I’m definitely not knocking it, but anybody that thinks All-Star Superman is one of the greatest superhero stories ever without having read Supreme Story of the Year is really doing themselves a huge disservice. It’d be like thinking Kingdom Come is the best apocalyptic super-hero story and not having read Watchmen or Dark Knight.

While Supreme doesn’t quite have the “sexiness” of Miracleman’s ridiculous legal entanglements and “lost masterpiece” reputation, I think it’s actually the slightly better of his two great forgotten works.

Bru’s mad at DC? That’s news to me.

Yeah, I don’t recall there being bad blood behind Brubaker leaving DC. Just Marvel making him a better offer.

I think Burgas was just trying to be flippant for Flippin’, and made it sound like things were worse than what they were. It seems like DC dropped the ball in not offering Bru a boatload of cash to make him exclusive, however.

And on Mark Evanier’s blog, I saw that Sergio Aragones has some back troubles, so Evanier made the decision to delay the rest of the Groo/Conan mini (past issue 1) to give Sergio time to recover. Given that it’s Sergio, I have no doubt that once he’s better, he’ll have no trouble hitting the deadlines on the book.

And Moore’s Supreme is pretty good stuff. I think Third Man isn’t quite right about Supreme being the first book to do flashbacks in period era style, but now I’m at a loss for what book might have done that before that. Hmm. Also, the Judgment Day epilogue book, with art completely by Gil Kane, is a pretty good book as well. The other cool thing about the Awesome stuff Moore did is that it pretty clearly led him to creating the ABC stuff, and that stuff is also awesome.

As long as Mister Brubaker keeps pumping out the best comics either of the big two produces (and Fatale) I’m happy. Although….I do prefer Sleeper to Incognito……but Criminal is better than either of the above!

I think a lot of people assume there must be some bad blood between DC and Brubaker because when Didio took charge, every one else who was at about Bru’s profile level was given an exclusive: Johns, Rucka, Winick…which I remember finding weird because he was easily the best out of all of them. But there’s always the possibility that DC actually did offer him an exclusive deal and that Marvel just topped it. I’ve never seen any statement from either side describing any animosity between the two so I think it’s all speculation at this point.

I have heard some very vague things about some minor bad blood between DC and Brubaker, but it could all be water under the bridge by now.

Tom Fitzpatrick

February 6, 2012 at 5:29 am

“I have heard some very vague things about some minor bad blood between DC and Brubaker, but it could all be water under the bridge by now.”

Unless Brubaker fancies himself to be the next “Alan Moore”. ;-)

@Tom Fitzpatrick

I’ve just copywrited the title ‘Before Sleeper’, so let’s just see them try

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