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Nick Perks’ Take on Action Comics #1000

This past week of The Line it is Drawn, our artists drew your suggestions for anniversary issues that we’ll likely never see. Click here to see what they came up with.

_capedcrusader and Team_Hellions both suggested:

Action Comics #1000

Since there is a very good chance that we WILL see Action Comics #1000, I removed the option from the artists. Nick Perks, though, worked up a take on it as a bonus piece!

So read on to see Nick’s cover for Action Comics #1000…

(click on the cover to enlarge)

Here is Nick’s website.

Cool stuff, Nick!


Hey! He’s not wearing the Krypton armor costume! Everyone knows that’s a permanent change!

@P. Boz

“Shyeah, and monkeys might fly outta my butt.”

I like it. I like the different S shields on the chests.

But silly Brian, DiDio et al SAID they aren’t going back to the original numbering, so OF COURSE they won’t hit Action 1000. Not for another — lessee, carry the 4, do the square root…um, awhile.

Another 83 years or so. Assuming an unbroken monthly distribution.

Well unfortunately I don’t think that we’ll ever see an Action #1000. To me the only way that would even happen, is if they restarted with Action # 905 since the last issue was #904.

The (New 52) Action #1 IS #905 …#2 IS #906 …etc. At least it is by my numbering.

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