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Evan-JOE-Lical Comics Club Part Three: The One After Part Two

Hello, and welcome back, sports fans. My of-uncertain-regularity posting of the reviews by “normals” of comics continues. I was away on an incredibly nerdy Weezer cruise a couple weeks ago, and my brain and body took until this week to recover from the nautical debauchery. There is a slight chance I am married to someone in Mexico; remind me to look into that.This happened.

But even if I wasn’t in international waters (where anything is fair game, you know), I would not have been able to post because my beloved, dear friends, are not always easy to prod into action. But today the lovely Nicole B sent in her review AND thoughts on the superhero floppy we’re still going to have a round-table for (spoiler alert: thought confusing at first, she ended up really enjoying it and wanting the next issues …this, I believe, is good news). Anyway, take it away, Nicky B, with Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Lost at Sea.

Name: Nicole Marie Balllost her picture from the comic shop

Age: 27

Occupation: Snowboarder

Place of Origin: The desert

Website/Project/twitter/whatever you’d like to plughttp://mehmoon.tumblr.com/

What sort of history do you have with comics? Did you ever read? Do you sometimes read?

I read Archie when I was little, but that’s about it. I have read The Watchmen and Scot Pilgrim, both BEFORE the movies came out. I also read normal people books.

What would you say you nerd out for in life? (Football, cooking, porcelain miniature houses) Any particularly nerdy lengths you’ve gone to/stories to tell?

Snowboarders are really cool, so I think I’ll skip this one.

(Actually, once I dressed up for Harry Potter movies, and once I went to a wizard rock show with Harry and the Potters and Draco and the Malfoys. It was free at the public library and they provided goldfish crackers, red licorice and juice. I was in college at the time.)  [Editor’s Note: I recall her also dressing up for Harry Potter The End Part I, but we didn’t end up getting tickets. Contraband in the park, shopping for goggles, and Japanese food ensued. Point being NICOLE IS A FUCKING LIAR.]

If you drank with us, what did you drink? a beer

What comic did you choose? Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Why did you choose it? I liked the Emo girl’s hair on the front cover initially, but I also recognized the author and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of his.

Now here is the meat of the piece, which I hope might involve some back-and-forth questioning. What did you like and what didn’t you like about:

the story

The story is about Raleigh, literally searching for her soul, which she believes to be trapped in a stray cat somewhere. She is a depressed, awkward and shy girl, stuck on a road trip with three peers she barely knows. She spends the trip almost entirely in her mind, ignoring her companions as she relives traumatic events and reflects on her life. She thinks her soul is trapped inside a stray cat. In the end, everyone survives.

I think I would have appreciated this book more as an angsty teen. I found it a little difficult to sympathize with Raleigh, her helplessness is frustrating. But as an adult, it definitely brought me back to being a confused and unnatural teenager.

the art

Really nifty, clean thick lines, and the characters always have such killer style.

the format

Fun to read, the panels made for a fun interplay between reality and the meanderings of Raleigh’s mind. Probably my favorite aspect of the book.

the dialogue

The banter between the teens was amusing, mixed in with these giant existential crises and big philosophical questions.

the characters

Super hip, not particularly lovable [Editor’s note: DO NOT POINT OUT GLARING IRONY TO NICOLE]

the concept

It was a little coming-of-age-y with the literal road trip to search the soul and all, but overall I enjoyed the journey.

etc etc etc

It has a recurring cat theme, which is always a plus. Would have enjoyed more sexual tension.

Would you want to read more from this writer? This artist? Of this book/story? Does this make you think of something else you’d want to try?

Yes, I would definitely pick up his next book, I seem to be getting older with his characters, so the next book will hopefully be more relatable to my life.

So we have yet another contributor who wants in for further comics. Since our trip to the shop, Nicole has enjoyed the Perry Bible Fellowship and started From Hell. Guys, I’m saving this industry one Brooklynite at a time. When my statue is built, I want it in iron, I think.

Suggestions? Comments? Concerns? Fan mail (for me)? (Or her I guess.)? Hope to have another entry up next week, and then we’re going back to the shop with some old favorites and newcomers who’ve begged to take part in this grand experiment. See you then!


i love y’all ;)

I just finished From Hell… as I had to because it could not make the plane trip.. I Loved it!! that being said, I would ship it to anyone that hasn’t read it.. any takers?

OK, Joe, are you one of the ones in the Mexican wrestling mask? Are you married to the other one? If you are in the mask, did you bring it on your own, or were you asked to wear one?

I like this feature, and this was a pretty neat discussion, but distrust, on general principle, anyone who refers to it as “THE Watchmen”. Grr.

Should I come up with some more punny title suggestions for this column? I’ll make like Peter David and shoot off a whole bunch of puns. In fact, I’ll use this as a launchPAD for puns! (See what I did there?)

It is rumored that I spent time as “Los Nueva York Yets” on the boat, and Blue Demon and I have been more than friends for ages.

And this column needs no more PADding.

Looks like Blue Demon forgot his sunscreen.

Looking forward to the round table discussion…perhaps a tie-in with mono-lagering is in the works?

One question for you Joe…do you buy the books for your friends or do they purchase them?


Wonderful Mono-Lagering idea …hope to put that in action.

Each friend picked their own book or three and bought them. I bought them the one floppy.

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