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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – That Time Supergirl Made Out With Her Horse…

Every week, I will spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature.

Today, as suggested by commenter Jacob Levy, we take a look at 1963’s Action Comics #301, where Supergirl fell for a new man in her life…her own super-horse!!

After a preview in Adventure Comics #293, Comet the Super-Horse was introduced in Action Comics #292, with his origin revealed in #293 (both by writer Leo Dorfman and artist Jim Mooney)…

That’s creepy enough as it is, but whatever, Comet is now Supergirl’s horse.

So now, in Action Comics #301 (also by Dorfman and Mooney), Superman asks for Supergirl and Comet’s help with a problem on another planet…

After saving Superman’s alien friend, the fellow (who has magic powers) agrees to do Comet a favor…

While on the planet as a man, he saves Supergirl’s life…

They return to Earth, but not before the magician lets Comet know that anytime a comet comes by, Comet will become a human again. And sure enough…

Luckily, Comet heard from Supergirl about a place where Lex Luthor had clothes…

Supergirl then meets “Bronco Bill”….

I love that he does not tell her he’s Comet. Some bad guys see him turn into a centaur and try to capture him but then he turns into super-horse and he escapes (without Supergirl seeing it happen, of course).


Wow, there’s so much goofy stuff in this! Circe, later one of Wonder Woman’s worst enemies, is portrayed as a kind and loving sorceress! Supergirl’s space-suit has see-through legs so she can still show off her gams! People chuckle and sigh in their thought balloons! Awesome! Thanks, Brian!

(Chuckle!) (Choke!)

That’s an interesting point–even in this continuity-obsessed day and age, I’d bet there’s been no attempt in the comics to link the Wonder Woman depiction of Circe to the version that appears in Supergirl.

Good lord, no wonder DC killed Sugergirl off in Crisis. This chick likes to get freaky with her cousin, a super-powered cross-dresser and a horse!

And why the hell did Circe make a horse potion in the first place? That’s like offering a sick person both a penicillin shot and a needle filled with HIV tainted blood.

It should also be mentioned that Comet’s first appearance was in Adventure Comics #293, the formation of the Legion of Super-Pets. 8 months before he was introduced in Action Comics….Though he was just called Super-Horse.

Good point, Paul, I’ll add it in! Thanks!

How insensitive and condescending of Supergirl to keep calling him Comet even after he tells her his real name is Biron!

Also, it’s a bit ill-conceived that to make up for her mistake, Circe gives Biron immortality, so he’ll suffer being stuck as a horse FOREVER.

I can’t help but notice the similarities in Comet’s power source and Captain Marvel’s.


Surprisingly, there really wasn’t much of a Circe problem between Wonder Woman’s comic and Supergirl’s stories.

Circe was not used as a Wonder Woman villain until the early 1980s, so there was no conflict until then. Only in George Perez’s relaunch did Circe become one of Diana’s archenemies….and the Crisis that enabled the relaunch also wiped Comet and his origin from continuity.

Well, Circe did fight Wonder Woman in the late 1940s, but not nearly as the kind of recurring villain she’d become for WW in the 1980s (both pre- and post-Crisis), so the point is well taken. (And heck, that would have been the Earth-2 Circe anyway.)

Neptune has telepathic powers?

The Circe situation is more interesting when you consider that in Action Comics #243 it was revealed that Circe was a Kryptonian.

Yep, Comet had crushes two Kryptonian babes.

So I finally get to see THIS story! It’s one of the few Superman-related character origins I hadn’t! Thanks Cronin! It was pure Silver Age silly fun as I expected, and I enjoyed it that way. :D That’s not going to stop me from criticizing it, however! ;)

The fact that this Circe doesn’t fit in with the Wonder Woman’s doesn’t bother me much (it could just be a namesake- actual Greek Myth has many) thought it seems the writer confused “sorceress” with “alchemist”.

Funny that they didn’t include an origin for centaurs as well. Then again, in the original myths they were supposedly the offspring of a man and no, not a mare, but rather a duplicate of Hera created out of a cloud to by Zeus to test if this man lusted after his wife (gee, HE can lust after other people’s wifes but nobody else eh?) Don’t ask how the genetics of that works- Greek Myth could be just as weird as Silver Age comics! (Just not as funny. :P )

Instead of being a “consolation price” Comet’s powers could have been the result of Circe’s trying more potions on him to find something to fix him.

The part about Comet being freed *by Supergirl’s spaceship* seems not just contrived but unnecessary, he could have met her in other ways.

Wasn’t Zerox the home planet of Duplicate Boy (of the Legion of Super Heroes?) Yes I know its was a pun (on Xerox) and this is obviously not the same world, but still, you’d think someone would have caught that.

Speaking of the planet- wow, a world of magicians from under a Red Sun! Which means under brighter ones (like Earth’s) they would the same powers as Superman on top of magic! Imagine such a character, especially with Superman’s weakness to magic! But I guess this world was never revisited.

And why did Superman allow Linda -his underage cousin1- to go with Comet there? Exactly how useful was she going to be without her powers? Maybe if she’d promised to stay by Comet’s side all the time, but as we saw she didn’t!

In fact, this story puts her in very bad light. Supergirl (at this point in time anyway) made a very poor superhero; she FAINTS because she saw a man turn to gold, and she fails to recognize Comet in human form after seeing his birthmark! You’d think she would at least be suspicious? (BTW, is the Lena she mentions Lena Luthor, Lex’s sister who gained her ESP powers from one of Luthor’s experiment’s as a child?)

And hey! Cronin, you didn’t show Supergirl’s reaction to finding out the whole thing! What was up with that? It’s like a joke with no punchline!

“Why do we even have that lever?”

Knowing that Supergirl rides on the back of the guy she makes out with is creepy enough that it probably only has 135 web pages devoted to it. Desmond Morris had a theory about why girls like horse-back riding and Comet’s situation seems an offshoot of it.

been waiting for super girl and her time with comet the super horse to appear in this colum for one that has to be the most craziest thing ever added to super girl and creepy since comet wanted to be a human so he could romance super girl.

If the horse is in human form, does it still count as bestiality?

Sijo – “Circe’s trying more potions on him to find something to fix him.”
*snicker* In American slang “fixing” can also refer to gelding. ;-)

Sijo – “Wasn’t Zerox the home planet of Duplicate Boy”
That was Lallor. Zerox was the home of Legion villain Mordru the Merciless however.

Sijo – “a world of magicians from under a Red Sun! Which means under brighter ones (like Earth’s) they would the same powers as Superman on top of magic!”
Since Mordru never exhibited Superman-like abilities I wonder if TPTB forgot they’d established Zerox as being under a red sun or if they decided that magic negated those abilities?

Technically he’s a still centaur, though in horse form then in human form. Also she’s an alien. So that means, it’s all pretty messed up. That said, he’s a good looking man so maybe that makes it okay.

I’m surprised that the incident on Zerox wasn’t used by DC to have Supergirl obsess over blond archers and develop a crush on Green Arrow.

Since Comet’s powers are a sort of analogue to Captain Marvel’s, I’m getting this weird image of Ash from the third Evil Dead flick standing in a graveyard after consulting the “wizard”.

“Look, I remember your damn words…” “Sha… herizade!” “Sha-Na-Na!” “Sha-(mumble, mumble, mumble).” [Looks around suspiciously] Then a thunderbolt turns him into a horse.

Burn Notice should so use that in a dream sequence.

Comet loves to shoot the drinks out of people’s hands!

Thankfully Supergirl did not share the same fate as Catherine The Great. I remember reading this story as a kid when it came out and always thought it was weird and creepy

What a beautiful story of girl on horse love :choke:

I think I like PAD’s Comet the wonder horse better. :-)

randypan the goatboy

February 20, 2012 at 12:34 pm

So did he ask for everything to be human?….just thinking that if i was a horse and someone could make me a human i would request for at least 1 thing to remain horse sized…Supergirl would feel the same way…ask her. krytonite saddlesores

Whoever kept using the same transformation art over and over and over again must have come from the planet Zerox.

“Neptune has telepathic powers?”

Sure, it’s from Neptune that Aquaman got the ability to talk to fish. I think that once was p[art of an origin thread that was immediately forgotten.

If you think that is bad Lois Lane knew the truth and still wanted a relationship with Biron.

But anything with a red cape worked for her

The simplest way to explain Circe as villainess would be that she grew evil long after this. No idea how to work in the Kryptonian–perhaps explain that one as an imposter, the way the Maha Yogi wasn’t the real Merlin in the MU?

Well of course, any creature that isn’t a human would give ANYTHING to become one, right? Where’s your centaur pride, Biron?

It’s good to see that Superman has a policy of not getting personally involved in the internal political struggles of other planets…although sending his cousin to meddle is fine. And why is Zerox under a red sun anyway? If the inhabitants are all magic users, Superman’s powers aren’t going to do him a whole lot of good there anyway. That gold potion would have worked just as well on Supergirl under a yellow sun.

Most of all, I’m not buying Biron’s innate skill as a horseback rider. He was a centaur, then a horse…NEITHER of which species is renowned for being able to ride other horses gracefully.

I’m loving all of the strangeness you are finding Brian, but then back in the Silver Age there was a lot of it!

Besides all of the other reasons that make any relationship between them at least sligtly wrong, Brion looks like he’s 30 or damn close. Wasn’t Supergirl only 15 back then or would that not matter since he’s also over a thousand years old?

Things I never knew before:

1) People in Ancient Greece wore floor-length robes and had glass bottles.

2) Neptune was know for telepathy. Also, he was called Neptune by the Greeks, not Posideon. (Same with Jove and Mercury.)

3) All centaurs have the same star sign, regardless of when they were born.

4) If you can’t see a comet, that means it’s left the solar system.

Who says comics aren’t edumacational?

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I read Comet’s origin story as a kid (I’m gonna assume it was a reprint) and loved it. I always liked centaurs for reasons.

Now, if he speaks the magic word, ‘Jman!’ he becomes super-horse. And if he does it too many times on a hot day, he becomes super-hoarse.

Wait, Endor was the prince’s name? Ewok jokes away!
And he trusts a guy whose name is ‘demon’ backwards?

Also, you can’t blame Supergirl for any of this. She didn’t know he was a horse. (Though I am reminded of a line in Austin Powers: ‘Tell me something I don’t know.’ ~ I open-mouth kissed a horse once.)

I don’t think there was ever anything inherent to red suns that gave people latent Superman-like abilities. If I recall correctly it was just the Kryptonians and the Daxamites, and it was later explained that Daxamites were in fact genetically altered Kryptonians. The planet Lexor was under a red sun, but I don’t think it was ever implied that its inhabitants would gain superpowers under a yellow sun.

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