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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – That Time Lois Lane ALSO Made Out With Supergirl’s Horse

Every week, I will spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature.

Today we take a look at Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #92 (written by Leo Dorfman and drawn by Curt Swan and Mike Esposito, not a pairing you normally see), where Lois Lane falls in love with Supergirl’s superhorse, Comet…

As established in the previous edition, when a comet passes by Earth, Supergirl’s superhorse, Comet, turns into a human being (after first turning into a centaur, which is what he originally was before taking a magic potion centuries ago, courtesy of some jerk named Malador).

Naturally enough, that is what happens in this issue (not before he first saves Lois Lane while as a superhorse – her incredulity at the existence of a superhorse is kinda cute), and (going by his real name of Biron) he gets work as a magician at a hotel Lois Lane is staying at…

They flirt a little and Biron uses his telepathic powers to save Lois’s life. Then he makes the big confession…

And she’s surprisingly cool with it…

They try something that you really have to wonder why Biron didn’t try earlier…

Uh oh!!!

The bad guy meets up with Lois and turns HER into a horse!!

She rescues Biron…

Then the comet finishes its journey and Biron becomes a horse again. He and Lois frolic together as horses…

Eventually Superman comes by and “saves” her…

Lois’ memory wipe doesn’t take away her knowledge of Biron’s secret identity, though (which makes you wonder why partially wipe her memory at all)…

That is quite a story! I think they should reveal that this is who Lois is dating in the new DC Universe.

Note: While I was always planning on featuring this issue as a follow-up to the Supergirl adventure, it is worth noting that a commenter named brian did mention this story the other day.


Wow, he’s a total whorse.

Biron the superhero who’s hung like a horse should so be a monthly book.

Man, but for someone who was already dating (and teasing!) the greatest hero ever, her ey could really wander.

And damn, Biron gets more action than I do! XD Wasn’t HE in love with Supergirl?

Also, this story is convoluted even by silver age standards! they even had Lois forget everything! Sheesh!

And you also need to cover how Comet ended being a Lesbian Angel post-Crisis, Brian! Just to complete the weirdness! XD

biron sure knows how almost get close to the ladies committing beastality with him even though tecnically lois was a horse also . still wonder what those at dc were thinking so it did not work out with supergirl lets try lois lane

Love this series! It’s always a head-turner.

Biron the Super-Horse…written by Garth Ennis. Make it happen, DC!

randypan the goatboy

March 2, 2012 at 7:58 am

Every time I think about how much I originally hated the new 52[ dcnu..whatever] I see a reason that totally makes sense why these comics have to change with the times and forget all of the silliness and stupidity from the previous generations. In june or july when i first heard of the change I was against it but it occured to me that I had become the fan that had grown up with curt swan as Superman’s artist and then had to suck it up in 1986 when DC had restarted their continuity the first time. i am sure that one day the new readers[if any] will have to take the same pill at some point in the future. I again see why the change was necessary….IF ONLY I COULD MAKE PEACE WITH THE CHANGES IN THE TEEN TITANS AND FLASH….if only

And here we have the difference between Supergirl and the Lois Lane of that era. Supergirl almost certainly would not have made out with him if she’d know he was her horse. Lois knows and just goes for it anyway. Silver Age Lois was kind of a psychopath, but that’s why we love her.

There’s a “can’t read an empty book” joke to be made here.

Stage Magicians In a universe full of super powered people and “real” Mages seems like a tough act. How would you “wow” people? “Look I pulled a rabbit out of a hat!” Meanwhile Superman is turning Lois into a centaur…
This is the creepy silly stuff from the Silver Age I don’t like. Overall I’m not a huge fan of the 52, but I see the need. Do the angry continuity folks consider this issue in continuity up to pre-Byrne Supes? If so *Ick*

Any reasonable person in the real world knows that stage magic is just tricks. The fun is in trying to figure out how the tricks are done, and the entertainment is in how well they are done.

Okay, there’s obviously a lot of goofy silver-age dialogue in this, but I can’t help but think that “Crawl back into your hole, and pull the hole in after you!” has to be one of the best shoot-downs I have ever heard a woman use on an unwanted suitor. If a girl shot me down with that, I think my disappointment would be overtaken by begrudging respect.

You’d pretty much have to just nod, say “Touche”, and walk away.

Awesome. Silver Age Superman always makes Melrose Place look tame.

Hi,brian at the bottom here-sorry if I made you put this one out of turn.

Pre original Crisis continiuty was always non-rigid -stories were written with no sense of legacy. Pillbox hat wearing Lois and Hippy,horse loving are only the same in name only.The amount of people who visited Jor-el in the last days of Krypton obvuiously meant he had no time to finish his rocket.Continuity raised it’s head occasionally.More and more as the years progressed
However after Crisis-continuity was king.Explaining Donna Troy had taken nearly all of the 25 years.And it did become inpenatratable and restricted good story-telling at times.

In recent years the Cartoon DC Universe stories have been for my money,the best fun about.YMMV

But that being said DCNu has not really grabbed me.

I always knew Lois Lane was a freak in her secret life. FREEEAAAAKYYY lol….

This is what the New52 needs, a womanizing Superhorse.

The best part is how, while Lois is in centaur form, her dress has turned into a bra.

Is this any different than Kelly from Misfits falling in love with a gorilla?

Every time I think about how much I originally hated the new 52[ dcnu..whatever] I see a reason that totally makes sense why these comics have to change with the times and forget all of the silliness and stupidity from the previous generations.

At this point, I don’t care about the New 52, but this story was never an issue. Even without Crisis or Man of Steel or whatever, stories like this are just fun larks that would never have been referenced again (unless you’re Grant Morrison). You didn’t need to reset continuity for something that Lois and most everybody at DC had forgotten anyway. Not saying they didn’t have other reasons to want to start fresh.

Googam son of Goom

March 3, 2012 at 2:29 pm

Who cares about continuity, that was one entertaining read.

The fights in the Kent household must have been fun….
“After all, Lois…..you got it on with a horse!”
“Well you did time with a fish, Clark!”
“Yeah?? At least Lori was only half fish!!”
“And Chiron was half horse…some of the time!!”
Then, of course, they’d kiss and make up. Clark would be a bit confused by the way Lois whinnied and neighed in her sleep and the fact she ate an entire bowl of uncooked oatmeal the next morning without using her hands.

Hah, I rarly bought a lois lane comic,but picked this one up off the satnds,the last 12 cent issue of the title.

Again…a great reason why I could care less about the DC revamp. Just tell good zany stories…continuity or not. Is this good? Well…it’s certainly different. Unique. Give me 50’s, 60’s, and a couple early 70’s years of almost ANY DC title any day of the week. “THE RED HEADED BEATLE OF 2000 BC” is the greatest single comicbook ever.


March 5, 2012 at 6:39 am

This is exactly why I love Silver Age DC, fun self-contained fantasy short stories devoid of angst or topical references.
At the same time, Marvel heroes were engaged in brawls based on misunderstandings and fake drama Stan Lee-style.

Chris P. Bacon

March 5, 2012 at 2:12 pm

I’d love to see a live-action version of this story, but that’s extremely unlikely. DC should consider this as an animated film.

In any case, Sarah Jessica Parker could play Lois Lane.

Christopher Stansfield

March 6, 2012 at 6:57 am

Was there ever a story where Comet romanced Catherine the Great?

Teresa, I was thinking something very similiar after viewing the first panel. Illusionists must not get much awe and amazement (not to mention employment) in the DC (or Marvel) universe. Chris Angel and his ilk must be flipping burgers there. Sure he can create an illusion that looks like he’s floating, but we already know that Superman can really fly. If you have someone that can actually fly in your world, how amazing is someone performing a trick that makes it appear they are?? Oh, look by using mirrors, I can make it look like I disapeared. Yeah, but the Invisible woman really can…..

[…] can read the entire Lois Lane comic here. Rate this: Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

Ras, I agree. Whatever the motivations for the new 52, they weren’t wiping out the Silver Age (that’s what Crisis was supposed to do, after all).
I don’t have a problem with magicians still drawing an audience. It’s not as if most people get to see super-heroes in person, and a good stage act, well done, is still entertaining even today (when what they do is tame compared to what people do with FX in film). More generally, you could just as easily argue that superheroes would kill all human achievement (weight lifting, running, outplaying a computer at chess) but by comics convention, they don’t. Otherwise it wouldn’t look anything like the world we know and I agree with Kurt Busiek that’s part of the DCU/MU charm.

Maldor, master of the dark arts! Time-travelling shape-shifter! Enemy of horses, pesterer of women! His sinister sorcery can only be undone by…uh, rainbows.

Dude, I wouldn’t invest in any horcruxes just yet.

“Comics have to change with the times and forget all of the silliness and stupidity from the previous generations .” ? I say all the big changes the folks at DC Comics made in their universe since 1985 are completely and totally unnecessary ! I believe comic book fans of the future should have the chance to know our comic book character exactly the way we knew them, so their mystique ( origin, powers, identity, attitude, etc . ) should never be changed . I know that doesn’t leave much room for experimentation, but our heroes were good enough for us, so they should be good enough for future generations . I’ll admit comic books during the 1960s left a lot to be desired, but the DC universe matured a lot in the early 1970s, Super — Horse and Beppo the Super — Monkey were “forgotten about”, and we had outgrown most of the things we criticize so harshly about the 1960s DC Universe . I think the DC universe should be a pastiche of the DC universe from 1970 — 1985, with the best elements of the 1960s thrown in .

One has to wonder: if Supergirl had been the one changed, would she have been a palomino?

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