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DC/Marvel Character Tourney – Gotham City Region, Round 1 Winners!

The first round of results are here!

All results are rounded to the nearest whole number, except when doing so would result in a tie.


Out of 885 votes, Batman carved up Batwoman 83% to 17%…

Out of 886 voles, Kitty Pryde killed Punisher 69% to 31%….

Out of 866 votes, Red Robin defeated Guy Gardner 51% to 49%…

Out of 881 votes, Cyclops beat She-Hulk 55% to 45%…

Out of 876 votes, Nightcrawler took out Rogue 62% to 38%…

Out of 870 votes, Hal Jordan took care of Blue Beetle 58% to 42%…

Out of 878 votes, Doctor Strange defeated Beast 54% to 46%….

Out of 897 votes, Joker defeated Ms. Marvel 66% to 34%….


Kitty Pryde? Laaame.

Daniel O' Dreams

March 18, 2012 at 11:34 pm

Punisher? Overrated.

I like the covers showing the loser defeated, unconscious or dead. It seems there’s no shortage of that cover theme. Brian, did you have any trouble finding a cover for a particular character?

I can’t really stand Cyclops, so I’m disappointed to see him win. And I’m a big Beast fan, so I was pulling for him, too.

Kitty Pryde shouldn’t get far in this tourney, but she is easily a better character than Punisher. (How a character that just goes around shooting people keeps getting comics is beyond me…)

Guy LOST???? Arrgghhhhhhh! He’s Honor Guard for Pete’s Sake! I like Tim, but he’s a kid!

figured batman would have beat batwoman mostly due to being in the game longer. though surprised night crawler took out rogue and cyclops manage to take out she hulk.

I gotta agree with SallyP, Guy Gardner losing to Timmeh is an outrage.

Blue Beetle was the only one I voted for that lost…that’s a shame.

Brian, did you have any trouble finding a cover for a particular character?

I couldn’t find a defeated one for Darkseid, which is weird, since they’ve killed him off a number of times. Captain Marvel was tough, too. Note the one I used was him more stumbled rather than actually unconscious (there is a cover with Billy Batson in a coma, but I wanted one with Captain Marvel), but at least it was him stumbled with Wonder Woman over him, which worked very well.

Maybe the difficulty with finding a cover of Darkseid defeated is that he is the villain. You want covers with the heroes defeated to attract readers to find out how the hero was defeated. A reader expects the villain to be defeated in an issue.

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