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50 Greatest Spider-Man Covers of All-Time: #40-36

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Spider-Man, we’re doing four straight months of polls having to do with Spider-Man, culminating with the release of the Amazing Spider-Man film in July. Future installments will deal with Spider-Man creators, Spider-Man characters and Spider-Man stories, but this month will be about Spider-Man covers.

You all voted, now here are the results! We’ll reveal five covers a day until the end of the month. Here is a master list of all the covers that have been revealed so far.


40. Amazing Spider-Man #28

Art by Steve Ditko

39. Amazing Spider-Man #40

Pencils by John Romita Sr. Inks by Mike Esposito. Touch-ups by Romita.

38. Amazing Spider-Man #229

Pencils by John Romita Jr. Inks by Al Milgrom.

37. Amazing Spider-Man #3

Art by Steve Ditko

36. Amazing Spider-Man #657

Art by Marcos Martin


ASM #657 is pretty good, but having the barcode in the middle of the page just ruins it for me. Couldn’t they have put that on the back?

I hope every Ditko cover appears on this list.

What’s weird for me is that I think the bar code would work fine in its standard spot in the bottom lefthand corner.

Stephen Wacker

March 24, 2012 at 5:39 am

Marcos asked for the UPC to go there. I see his point as it balances out the cover elements.

Putting UPCs on the back hasn’t been an option for the past few years. In fact putting UPCs. Anywhere BUT the. BOttom corners always gets dander up as that’s where retailers expect it.

Cool feature. Love the blog.


The problem with reading comics in trade is that you miss out on great covers. Even when the cover art is included, it doesn’t sink in as much when it’s the cover. Thus I feel I’ve never seen the Martin cover before despite having read the issue’s contents.

And thus no Martin covers made my list. An egregious oversight.

On today’s list, nothing but great covers. None I voted for, but all made or should have made my short list.

I am surprised Marcos asked for that spot for the barcode, but I gotta trust him, seeing as how we can’t see it any other way, his stuff is amazing. agree, Brian, would have worked fine in it’s normal spot. what happened in the issue? haven’t read it but that’s the pull of a great cover

interesting choices so far was wondering if issue 229 where spider man goes against the juggernaut would make the list and also want its ranking would be. plus also love the cover where spider man is standing over the green goblin.

I loved that Juggernaut cover when I first saw it! It was on my list.

Favorite thing about Amazing #40 is it reminds of Ali standing over Liston. It just makes him so badass.

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