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50 Greatest Spider-Man Covers of All-Time: #30-26

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Spider-Man, we’re doing four straight months of polls having to do with Spider-Man, culminating with the release of the Amazing Spider-Man film in July. Future installments will deal with Spider-Man creators, Spider-Man characters and Spider-Man stories, but this month will be about Spider-Man covers.

You all voted, now here are the results! We’ll reveal five covers a day until the end of the month. Here is a master list of all the covers that have been revealed so far.


30. Amazing Spider-Man #101

Pencils by Gil Kane. Inks by John Romita Sr.

29. Amazing Spider-Man #75

Art by John Romita Sr.

28. Amazing Spider-Man #68

Art by John Romita Sr.

27. Amazing Spider-Man #641

Art by Paolo Rivera

26. Amazing Spider-Man #97

Art by John Romita Sr.


Wow, these are all really great. I really love Romita Sr’s art. ASM #97 looks really cool.

I have a comment! While I do like these old Spider-Man covers and appreciate that the old fellow has hit a big anniversary, I think it would be cool to showcase some less well known covers. Perhaps like a Top 100 covers of the new millennium? Maybe with some commentary? That would be good.

While I’m on the topic, howzabout Top 50 new characters of this century so far? Or the Top 100 modern series? There’s a lot of recent comics history that needs celebratin’!

Picking up on Tim’s suggestions, it seems like almost all of the “A list” charatecters were crated prior to 1970. Frankly, other than Wolverine, and maybe Punisher and Venom (maybe!) I can’t think of any other true superstars who were created by either DC or Marvel after 1970. So, a suggestion would be the top 50 characters created since 1970.

I own Amazing 68. Didn’t expect to see it on the list, but I am happy about it. Also, #101 may have the finest pimp slap ever depicted.

interesting to see a cover from the one more day storyline was worthy to be on this list.

“Frankly, other than Wolverine, and maybe Punisher and Venom (maybe!) I can’t think of any other true superstars who were created by either DC or Marvel after 1970.”

Deadpool has a pretty strong following. Hard to count out John Constantine, either.

The #75 issue is my favourite – awesome cover; which gives you both front & back shots.

How about Dream of the Endless? Or perhaps Rorschach?

I have that Crisis on Campus book…got it in a quarter bin with a Kirby Black Panther and a Captain Victory.

I don’t think there’s been any major lasting superstars created by any company since Venom…and Deadpool…I guess. Spawn made a big splash, but doesn’t mean much anymore. Hellboy’s in his own little corner…Kirkman has his little universe…DC introduces new characters, but then they become the successors for one of the many legacies, so they all tend to blend together.


OMD and OMiT may have been horrendous stories but they did spawn some epic covers featuring Spidey and MJ. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a couple more in the Top 25.

Why does it need to be just Marvel and DC? Might as well recognise the role of places like Image, Vertigo, Wildstorm etc in creating some of the best, most valuable characters of recent decades. Yorick Brown, Jesse Custer, Jenny Sparks, Invincible, Spider Jerusalem, Promethea… Street Angel. They just keep coming! I think it would be an interesting list.

I think the key to recognizing good newer characters is realizing that most of them don’t come from the Big Two. At least they don’t come from people working in their super hero lines. This is ’cause the companies are interested in milking their proven properties. Think about how many Wolverine and Spider-Man comics there are. At the same time, most creators are saving their good stuff for creator-owned comics. It wouldn’t pay to just hand their good stuff over to Marvel or DC. I ain’t saying anything people don’t already know here.

Following on from what P. Boz said, I own ASM #101 and didn’t expect to see it, but I’m glad it’s here. Morbius really does have one helluva pimp slap. That cover needs a Power Man-style 70s quote: “Get back, Spider-Foo’!”

Progressing on Tim’s idea, the top 50 comic book characters created during the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and naughties could fill Brian’s schedule for the next five months. I would LOVE to hate some of the entries for the 90’s… and be surprised if 50 characters could be found for the ’00’s. Relevant or interesting ones anyway (and no Ultimate, Supreme, or Zombie-verse version of whoever). Please Make it so! Then you could have a run off of the top 10 of each decade, and finally prove the true decade of Marvel Excellence.

Love the Amazing Spider-man #101 cover but forgot to vote for it. Glad to see it make the list. I figured the Amazing Spider-man covers would dominate the list, but it’s a shame we’re probably not going to see any Spectacular Spider-man or Marvel Team-up covers.

“Deadpool has a pretty strong following. Hard to count out John Constantine, either”

Amongst comic book folks, that is probably true, but they’ve got no Q rating among the general public. Still, you may be right, which is why Brian should have that contest next!

“I would LOVE to hate some of the entries for the 90?s”

WackWally, you and me both!

I really like the idea of a Top 50 Characters created after 1970, actually, and not just because I was born in 1970. I imagine it would be pretty X-Men heavy, because the kids love the muties.

As for me, make mine ROM.

Sweet. Is Brian reading this? Can anyone bend his ear?

Buttler, Rom is cool but I’ll take Acroyear!

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