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Quick Public Service Announcement

Real column follows tomorrow or possibly on Saturday, but I did want to remind everyone that…

…my middle-school Cartooning Class is appearing at the Emerald City Comics Convention all weekend, exhibiting in Artist’s Alley. We are at tables B-12 and B-13.

Actually, it's both Cartooning AND Young Authors.

Come see us and say hello! You might even want to buy one of the class fundraiser books…last year’s or this year’s.

The proceeds support not just our classes, but ALL the after-school programs– Dance, Drama, tutoring for students who need extra help with their studies, and even sports like track and girls’ basketball.

The girls really outdid themselves with this year’s alumni anthology, Drawn In, if I do say so myself.

This year, the training wheels were off. It's all them this time-- I just kibitzed a little with Katrina on the pre-press.

Or just pick up one of our FREE student books. Or just say hi and see the kids doing their thing. It’s shaping up to be one of the better shows we’ve done… and not just me, but my CSBG colleagues Greg Burgas and Sonia Harris will be lurking somewhere out on the con floor as well.

Hope to see you there!


Man, I’m so sad to miss it. My wife and I were planning to drive up from Orange County this week to attend (partly because its easier to get tickets to Emerald City than to San Diego, which is only an hour’s drive from my house) but some surprise health problems forced us to cancel our vacation. I’ve followed your class’ adventures over the years and was looking forward seeing you guys for myself. :/

Sorry to miss you, Seth. There will be other shows, though… The girls are tabling at SakuraCon next week — I can only wistfully look back on when I had that kind of energy– and we’ll be at the Olympia Comics Festival again in a couple of months, also.

Expect me to drop by for a bit–you’ll never know what I’ll be dressed as. I could be:
-A dog
-A brewski
-A gator gangster
-A pair of swim trunks
-A cat in sunglasses
-Spots in front of your eyes
-Death (from Family Guy)
-A fire hydrant played by Sylvester Stallone
-Harp-o Marx
-A take-out box full of wisdom
-A lava lamp
-A rocket too early for 4th of July, yet too late for New Year’s Eve
-A stogie
-The Empire State building with a bit of an itch to scratch

Connor Donovan

March 31, 2012 at 1:08 am

Damn shame. I really want to make it, but I’m broke.

I was the table yesterday, and picked up your art in words book, and your Drawn In. My fiance really likes the art in words because she is in her last quarter of masters in teaching, and will be teaching language arts in middle school.

I just wanted to let you know that she is really inspired by your students work, with regards to how she can inspire and encourage young people to be creative and learn.

Thanks Nick! We had a great show; I was worried about Young Authors being a little overshadowed but actually I think they got a better response than Cartooning, overall. I very much appreciate you supporting the kids!

DRAWN IN, I should point out, is actually an independent venture. The girls voluntarily donated some of the proceeds to the program and gave us a back cover ad but it’s actually their own private enterprise, that was THEIR table next to us. They were at Aki-con a few months ago and they’ll be at Sakura-con in just a few days. So those of you that decided on Sakura-con instead of ECCC, or who hit both but missed the kids (well, not kids, they’re actually young women now, but they’re still ‘our kids’ to me) you have another chance this weekend to see the work they’re doing.

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