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Michonne, Misty Knight and Black Canary: Birds of Prey?

Michael “Mic?” Magtanong did not get a chance to submit a drawing for this week’s Line it is Drawn (the theme was “Draw What If…? scenarios”).

But now he has a piece! Read on to see how he drew dc2omniverse‘s suggestion of:

What If The Birds of Prey was a multiple company crossover title?

(click on the image to enlarge)

Great stuff, Mic?!

Here is Mic?’s website.


You have the wrong topic suggestion for the picture.

Most awesome. Great job mopping the “Charlie’s Angels” font, too.

Thanks, Brian, Rebis, & Mike D!

Glad you dig this one! :)


I like the execution a lot, but I’d also like to say that that would be an AMAZINGLY badass lineup.

Thanks, Sean, buttler, & John! :D


Great art, as usual from Mic, but who’s the chick with the sword?

Travis Pelkie

April 1, 2012 at 8:14 pm

Oh Sijo sijo sijo….

(It’s Michonne, as it says in the post title, and she’s a character from the Walking Dead. That’s a popular series about life after zombies that comes out from Image, written by Robert Kirkman. They’ve even done a TV show of the comic, and the big thing getting all the fanboys gushy is that Michonne is appearing on the show with season 3 this fall.)

(Sorry if I got a bit snarky, Sijo. Y’know I love ya!)

Thanks, Sijo!

As Travis mentioned, I chose Michonne from TWD to represent for Image Comics ‘cuz she kicks much culo.


Hell yeah! I definitely have a soft spot for both Michonne and Misty Knight (Black Canary and bad, either).

Great taste, TJ! ;)


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