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DC/Marvel Character Tourney – Winner of the Gotham City Region!

The winner of the Gotham City region is here!

The result is rounded to the nearest whole number, except when doing so would result in a tie.


Out of 946 votes, Batman killed Nightcrawler, 64% to 36%….


Guess Nightcrawler doesn’t have Wally’s fans.

interesting though surprised for surely thought nightcrawler being able to teleport from place to place would be able to wind up beating batman but this shows that not even the x-men can beat batman

Why…why is Kurt’s…head, I guess…BULGING so much there? It looks so weird!

Wrong head, Travis

Whichever head it is, it looks wrong.

Maybe it’s Bastion’s arm sticking out of his chest.

Wait…isn’t thar Kurt standing between Cable and Emma, second from the right? Why is he looking at his own body? I mean, it’s a half-strength image of him so I guess it’s … metaphorical or something, but everyone else in that group was alive when Nightcrawler died so what’s that supposed to represent? If it was supposed to make it a surprise that he was the one who died in that issue (which the entire world had already guessed) that’s just silly; there were dozens of active X-Men at the time, we’re obviously not going to think anyone who isn’t among the seven onlookers on the cover must die in the issue.

If that’s not him, who is it?

ZZZ: I think the idea is that they didn’t want to telegraph on the cover who died in the issue. By putting every current member on the cover, they established that it could be anyone.

I can’t say I’m disappointed (or surprised) by the outcome, since Batman is still my favorite comic book hero. But it did kill me a little inside to vote against Kurt. I love me some Nightcrawler, just not as much as Batman.

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