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DC/Marvel Character Tourney – Winner of the Smallville Region!

The winner of the Smallville region is here!

The result is rounded to the nearest whole number, except when doing so would result in a tie.


Out of 905 votes, Thor killed Superman, 51% to 49%….


Wow–Thor fans, you finally pulled this one off! Well, I’m a Thor fan too, but not quite as passionate an advocate as some.

I’m just happy we aren’t seeing 4 #1 Seeds making it to the end!

Superman has a vulnerability to magic and Thor has a magic hammer. It’s just how the fight would turn out…yeah, I just like Thor more right now.

Surprising. Thor has never been one of my favorite Marvel A-listers. I do love Walt Simonson’s run, though.


March 31, 2012 at 2:39 pm

What? Seriously?

not surprised for given supermans other weakness is magic figured thor would take the match by using Mljnoir against supes

Also, Thor won last year’s bracket. He even defeated Batman. This shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise considering that.

Even worse: Superman got beat in the SMALLVILLE region. Not even any hometown love!

I’m surprised and quite pleased.

times like this are when i realize how different than the mass of comic book fans are. that this was even possible, that superman did not get 80+% of the vote makes me head shiver.
this is like giving a michelin star to a fast food establishment.

Thor had a pretty well-regarded movie out last year and plays a big part in a blockbuster this year. The last Superman movie was widely panned (although I liked it) and they’ve been working on the next one for almost a decade.

No surprises here.

Well, I guess this makes up for Power Girl beating Wolverine.

I am suprised, but satisfied. Never been a big Super-fan. All hail the thunder god!

Superman isn’t weak to magic, he just doesn’t have any defenses against it, like any other non magic based hero. Thor’s magic would have as much impact on Superman as, say, The Hulk. And yet everytime people envision a Thor/Hulk fight no one says Thor will win because of magic.

That’s probably because magic has often been written as an Achilles heel of Superman quite a few times over the years. Mixing it up a little instead of using Kryptonite all the time I guess.

Hulk OTOH, has no need of external vulnerabilities like Superman, as his stories have another dynamic to them.

Logically of course, both are equally vulnerable to magic, it’s just that the stories have not really reflected that for the above reasons.

You’re right, Captain. When the Thorites speculate that their guy could beat the Hulk, they don’t say it’s because he’s magic. They say it’s because he’s a god. With a hammer.

But yeah, magic doesn’t inherently weaken or harm Superman the way Kryptonite does. He’s just not invulnerable to it like he to most things.

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